Silent Hill (1999)

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Silent Hill
SH1 boxart.png
Game Box Art
Release Date: 1999
Developer: Team Silent
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Series: Silent Hill
Platforms: PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita
Genre: Survival Horror


Smith & Wesson Sigma

At the beginning of the game, protagonist Harry Mason receives a Smith & Wesson Sigma semi-automatic pistol from police officer Cybil Bennett in the Café 5 to 2. The handgun has a magazine capacity of fifteen rounds and is an overall very effective weapon. Anachronistic, as Silent Hill is set in 1983. One must also wonder why a small town cop is carrying two full sized pistols.

A Smith & Wesson Sigma SW9F.
"Handgun received from Cybil. Holds up to 15 rounds."

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Towards the middle of the game, a sawed-off double barreled shotgun can be found in the Otherworld Midwich Elementary School. The double-barrel shotgun somehow holds 6 rounds before reloading, has a wide blast radius and is extremely powerful. Ammo is very scarce however and should be saved mostly for bosses and tougher enemies.

Sawn-off Baikal shotgun, similar to the one in-game.
"Fires in a wide radius. Holds up to 6 rounds."

Winchester Model 70

Towards the latter half of the game, a Winchester Model 70 bolt-action rifle can be found leaning against the wall of a dirt pit near the Silent Hill Town Center. The gun is called "Hunting Rifle" in the game and it has a magazine capacity of six rounds. The gun is extremely powerful but ammunition is the most scarce and should be used only for bosses, tougher enemies, or if absolutely necessary.

A Post-1964 Winchester Model 70.
"Holds up to 6 rounds."

Ruger Blackhawk

One of the other main characters, Dr. Michael Kaufmann, appears to carry a Ruger Blackhawk as his primary self-defense weapon. He can be seen firing it in various cutscenes.

Silent hill revolver 1.jpg
Dr. Michael Kaufmann fires his revolver to threatens Harry Mason.

Hyper Blaster

A bonus weapon unlocked after getting the UFO ending. The gun is powerful, has an infrared scope and unlimited ammunition.

Hyper blaster SH.jpg

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