Mr. Freedom

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Mr. Freedom
French theatrical poster
Country FRA.jpg France
Directed by William Klein
Release Date 1969
Studio O.P.E.R.A.
Main Cast
Character Actor
Mr. Freedom John Abbey
Dr. Freedom Donald Pleasence
Marie-Madeleine Delphine Seyrig
Dick Sensass Jean-Claude Drouot

Mr. Freedom (1969) is a French movie written and directed by William Klein. Mr Freedom (John Abbey) is an agent of Freedom Inc. His boss, Dr. Freedom (Donald Pleasence), sends him to France to deal with the increasing communist influence, and to avenge the death of Captain Formidable (Yves Montand), who was killed by Red Chinaman. The french however, are not into Mr. Freedom's agressive methods, and so he decides, that it's better to destroy France, than let it fall into the communists' hands.

The following weapons were used in the film Mr. Freedom:


Mle 1892 Revolver

One of Mr. Freedom's agents, as well as several red agents, who attack Freedom's base carry Mle 1892 Revolvers.

Mle 1892 Revolver
An agent makes a report to Freedom.
The communists attack the Freedom base.


Mr. Freedom always has an M1911A1 pistol on his side, and at one point, he even has two (although he still has only one holster).

Mr. Freedom attacks the looters during the riots.
Mr. Freedom sleeps with his Colt.
Freedom forces the communist agent to eat the poisoned eggs.

Luger P08

The agent, who brings Moujik Man's (Philippe Noiret) message to Freedom has a Luger P08 on him. Agent 88 also has a Luger during the fight with the reds.

Luger P08
Moujik Man's agent talks to Freedom.
Agent 88 shoots one of the reds.

Czech VZ-24 Mauser

During the chaotic training of the Freedom agents, one of them is carrying a VZ-24 Mauser, with bayonet.

Czech VZ-24 Mauser

M1 Carbine

The policemen and the national guardsmen at the beginning of the movie carry M1 Carbines with 30 round magazines. When Freedom arrives to the hotel in Paris, he has a vision of the late Captain Formidable, who has an M1 too. One of the marines at the US embassy also has an M1.

M1 Carbine
The national guardsmen on the left has an M1 Carbine.
The policemen try to keep order during the riots.
The ghost of Captain Formidable appears to Freedom.
The marine on the left has an M1 Carbine on his shoulder.

M1A1 Thompson

Mr. Freedom has an M1A1 Thompson submachine gun. When Freedom escapes from Moujik Man's hideout, the Thompson just appears, even tough he didn't had it with him before.

M1A1 Thompson
The Thompson inside Mr. Freedom's secret cabinet.
Freedom shoots Marie-Rouge (Catherine Rouvel).

Freedom shoots at the people on the streets as part of his campaign of psychological warfare.

Gevarm Type D4

Most of Mr. Freedom's agents, as well as most of the communist agents, have Gevarm Type D4 submachine guns.

Gevarm Type D4
The guard in the middle has a Gevarm Type D4.
Mr. Freedom attacks on of the reds.


Monsieur Drugstore (Serge Gainsbourg) has a MAT-49 submachine gun, which however he never uses. Some of the Freedom agents also have MAT-49s.

Drugstore makes a propaganda broadcast. Note the folded magazine of the MAT-49.
The agent operating the transporter on the left has a MAT-49.
The guard on the left has a MAT-49.

Sten Mk II

As part of the training of the Freedom agents, one of the trainees shoots at the others with a Sten Mk II submachine gun. One of the red agents attacking the Freedom base also has a Sten.

Sten Mk II


Some of the Freedom agents have MP-40s.

The agent on the right has an MP-40.

Browning M1919

At the beginning of the movie, the jeep carrying the national guardsmen has a Browning M1919 machine gun mounted on it.

Browning M1919
The Browning M1919 mounted on the national guard jeep.

M9 Bazooka

Marie-Madeleine (Delphine Seyrig) has an M9 Bazooka in her apartement. One of the Freedom agents also has one.

M9 Bazooka
The Bazooka at Marie-Madeleine's apartement.
The guard on the left is with a bazooka.
A closer look at the guard with the bazooka on the right.

F1 Grenade

There are a few F1 hand grenades inside Mr. Freedom's secret cabinet. Captain Formidable also has an F1 grenade, as well as the marines at the US embassy.

F1 grenade
The grenades inside Mr. Freedom's cabinet.
The ghost of Captain Formidable Yves Montand appears to Freedom.
The marines at the embassy.

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