Invisible Dr. Mabuse, The

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The Invisible Dr. Mabuse
(Die unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse)
Die unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr Mabuse Poster.jpg
Original German Poster
Country GER.jpg West Germany
Directed by Harald Reinl
Release Date 1962
Language German
Studio CCC Film
Distributor Constantin Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Joe Como Lex Barker
Liane Martin Karin Dor
Commissioner Brahm Siegfried Lowitz
Professor Erasmus Rudolf Fernau
Dr. Krone / Dr. Mabuse Wolfgang Preiss
Dr. Bardorf Kurd Pieritz
Clown Bobo / Martin Droste Werner Peters

The Invisible Dr. Mabuse (German title Die unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse ("The invisible claws of Dr. Mabuse")) is a 1962 German B&W crime thriller directed by Harald Reinl. This is the third installment in the Dr. Mabuse film series by CCC Films. An FBI agent is murdered in a theatre in Germany when he follows a mysterious invisible person who stalks the acclaimed dancer Liane Martin (Karin Dor). His colleague Joe Como (Lex Barker) and German Police Commissioner Brahm (Siegfried Lowitz) hold the investigation. Meanwhile the archvillain Dr. Mabuse is also after the invisible man, wanting to obtain his secret.

The following weapons were used in the film The Invisible Dr. Mabuse:



NHM Model 9 Revolver

NHM Model 9 revolvers are used by FBI agent Joe Como (Lex Barker), Police Commissioner Brahm (Siegfried Lowitz), Dr. Mabuse and Dr. Krone (both Wolfgang Preiss), Mabuse in Dr. Bardorf's mask (Kurd Pieritz), clown Bobo (Werner Peters), and a number of Mabuse's henchmen and police officers.

NHM Model 9 Type 1 blank-firing revolver - 9mm K
Snub nose revolvers are seen in hands of FBI agent Nick Prado (Alain Dijon) and Bobo in the opening scene.
Mabuse in the mask of Dr. Krone fires the revolver.
Bobo waylays Joe.
Bobo's revolver on the floor.
Joe Como picks up Bobo's revolver.
Commissioner Brahm fires at Bobo.
Another view of Brahm's revolver.
Police officers fire at Mabuse's henchmen during the shootout on the airfield.
Real Krone fires at Mabuse in the final scene.
Joe aims his revolver at Mabuse.

Walther PPK

Martin Droste (Werner Peters) holds a Walther PPK when he ambushes Joe Como in the warehouse.

Walther PPK - .380 ACP. Note the ring just behind the magazine.
Droste hides in the dark warehouse.
Another view of the pistol.
He holds Joe at gunpoint.

Luger P08

Uniformed police officers carry holsters for Luger P08 pistols. Small parts of the pistol grips can be seen sometimes.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
A police officer carries a Luger holster. The small part of the grip can be seen.
Police officers carry Luger holsters in the final scene. The small part of the grip can be seen.

Dreyse Model 1907

In one scene Mabuse's henchman Max (Hans Schwarz Jr.) pistol-whips Joe. Max's pistol is seen only partially but its general appearance allows to identify it as a Dreyse Model 1907.

Dreyse Model 1907 - 7.65mm Browning
Max's pistol is seen partially.
Another view of the pistol.

Other Weapons

Hafthohlladung Anti Tank Mine (Mockup)

In the final scene police use mockups of Hafthohlladung Anti Tank Mines to break the armored door of the laboratory.

Hafthohlladung H3.5
Police officers with mockup Hafthohlladung mines. The mockups are very simplified, but the way they are used certainly shows what kind of weapon is meant.
They plant the magnetic mines on the door.

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