Baikal IZH-81

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Baikal IZH-81 in typical hunting configuration - 12 Gauge
Baikal IZH-81 "Fox Terrier" - 12 gauge
Baikal IZH-81 "Jaguar" with a pistol grip - 12 gauge

Baikal IZH-81 is a Russian pump-action shotgun. It was developed in 1993, based on the earlier IZH-80 pump-action shotgun. IZH-81 was serially produced by the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant from 1994 to 2000. The later Baikal MP-133 was based on the design of this shotgun.

The original IZH-80 shotgun could use two type of magazines: under-barell tube magazine, and the additional detachable box magazines (at its junction, the feeding began to go out of it). In the 1996, this version was "rediscovered" as the IZH-82 shotgun (also known as the "Baikal MP-131k"). The MP-131k also featured the choice of feeding system, is carried out with selector on the detachcable magazine.


IZH-80: Late 1980s - 1993 (?)
IZH-81: 1993 - 2000
IZH-82: 1996 - 2000

  • Type: Shotgun
  • Country of Origin: USSR/Russia
  • Caliber(s): 12 gauge (12/70, 12/76)
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs (2.8 kg) to 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg)
  • Length: 47.2 in (120 cm) (with 700 mm barrel and fixed stock); 31.5 in (80 cm) (with 560 mm barrel and folded stock)
  • Barrel Lengths: 22 in (56 cm) 23.6 in (60 cm) 27.6 in (70 cm)
  • Feed System: 4 round tube (up to 7 rounds with extension); 4 round (IZH-81K) or 5 round (IZH-81KM) detachable box magazine; 4 or 7 round tube & 4-round detachable box magazine (IZH-80 and IZH-82)
  • Fire Modes: Pump action

The Baikal IZH-81 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Ghoul (Upyr) Aleksey Serebryakov Vampire Hunter "Jaguar" 1997
Igor Shibanov Mafia Boss
Dead Man's Bluff (Zhmurki) Sergey Makovetskiy Koron "Jaguar" 2005
Aleksey Panin Sergey
Winter of the Dead. Meteletsa Khan bodyguards "Fox Terrier" variant 2012
Zombie Fever Alexander Levenchuk Pyotr "Fox Terrier" variant, used standalone and taped to an AKMS 2013

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