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I am Nanomat and I am interested in history, politics, economics, warfare, military equipment and weapons. I like video games like the Call of Duty series and used to identify weapon details from many COD games and now it is time for me to contribute to the articles here. I also run a wiki dedicated to documenting various military equipment and gear like uniforms and others, so I have a great deal of experience in researching information regarding military hardware.

Weapon Stuff

18th century Russian weapons:

Danish Military Model 1772 Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Holster Pistol:

Kavalleriepistole M 1798:

Österreich, Kavalleriepistole 1828:

German carbine:

Various flintlocks:

Gallery of interesting guns:

19th century guns:

AK 5.45x39mm magazine types:

Soviet prototype guns:

Japanese weapons:

Pistol gripping methods:

1752 Spanish Infantry Musket:

Flintlock guns:

Good flintlock gun replicas:

Gatling gun replica:

Sea Service Family:

New Land Pattern Cavalry Pistol:

AK magazines chart:

Medieval handgonnes:

Matchlock stuff:

Hanover flintlock pistol:

Bayonet origins:

AR chopped carry handle:

SOPMOD stuff:

Gonher of Spain:

  • Another antique gun replica maker similar to Denix and Kolser.

Austrian M1798 musket:

Deakin 16-Bore Howdah pistol:

Sengoku Japan artillery:

AK drums explained:

Napoleonic French marine pistol:

McCormick Horse Pistol (British derivative?):

Weapon accessories guide

A handy guide for ID-ing basic weapon accessories.


  • FA-14A (Early laser sight for the Uzi, 1980s)
  • SureFire Model 310 (The first pistol weaponlight, introduced in 1985)
  • SureFire Model 610 (Info, pic)
  • Makeshift weaponlight (Kinetics Super QXL dive light used as a makeshift weaponlight by Delta Force in Modelo prison raid, hose-clamped to the Model 723 handguard, Rangers and Force Recon taped a Maglite to M16A2 and carbines, first attempt at pseudo weaponlight at a time when proper weaponlights were just being introduced)
  • SureFire 6 series (SureFire 6C introduced in 1988, SureFire 6P introduced in 1989, comparison, it is flashlight not weaponlight)
  • SureFire 660 (Used in Mogadishu 1993, old gen common in the 90s)
  • PentagonLight MS3R-X-SR (Seen in MoH 2010)
  • Surefire M600V Scout Light (At least from 2016)

Laser sights

  • Imatronic LS45 (Introduced at SHOTshow (January) in 1987 or 1988, the earliest known example manufactured in February 1988, first appearance in Tango & Cash 1989, became popular in the early 90s but quickly faded out of fashion presumably due to the introduction of more practical devices like the AN/PAQ 4C in 1993, visible only)
  • Laser Devices, Inc. Model FP-6 He-Ne Laser Target Designator (On DEagle, at least from 1988)
  • AN/PAQ 4C (Produced in 1993-1999, IR only)
  • AN/PEQ-2 (At least 1998???, IR only, ref?, ref?)
  • AN/PEQ-2A (Same as AN/PEQ-2 but has a blue safety block to prevent dangerous high power mode, ref, ref)
  • AN/PEQ-5 (The visible laser version of the AN/PEQ-2, no IR laser, probably contemporary with the AN/PEQ-2)
  • AN/PEQ-10 (Appears to be an airsoft device)
  • ZenitCo Perst-4 (The main Russian laser sight, available at least from 2018, both IR and visible)
  • Laser Aim LA 1000 (Available from at least 1991 as seen in Double Impact, seems to be of the same gen as Imatronic LS45, ref & ref)
  • Eotech OGL (Eotech's entry into laser sights, seen from at least October 2022, introduced in January 2023)
  • Lot of early lasers info: info, info

Laser/light combos

  • Insight Technology Laser Aiming Module Phase I (Only 30 units delivered in September 1992, ref, ref, ref, ref, both IR and visible)
  • SureFire X400 Ultra WeaponLight (Introduced on February 12, 2008)
  • Viridian X5L Gen 1 (Introduced around 2008)
  • Streamlight TLR 2 (Available at least prior to 2011 as seen in MW3)
  • Sun Optics flashlight and laser (Available at least prior to 2020 as seen in MW2 Remastered)
  • Advantage Point AP9000 (Allegedly used by special forces in early 1990s)


  • Eotech holographic series (The common holo design, 1st gen "Bushnell" holo introduced in 1996, 2nd gen "Bushnell" holo introduced in 2000, Military Eotech introduced in 2001, became common in the 2000s, has many copies: ADCO HOSS, G&G 556, G&P 551, references: ref, ref, ref, ref, ref, ref)
Model Series Shroud Buttons Night vision Introduction
1st gen "Bushnell" HoloSight Bushnell (civilian) No Built in No 1996
2nd gen "Bushnell" HoloSight Bushnell (civilian) No Built in No 2000
Bushnell Holosight XLP Bushnell (civilian) Yes N/A No Between 2005 and early 2006
502 500 (civilian) No Built in No Before 2004, discontinued 2005
511 510 (law enforcement) Yes Made with rubberized buttons from 2004 No 2001
512 510 (law enforcement) Yes Made with rubberized buttons from 2004 No 2001
551 550 (military) Yes Made with rubberized buttons from 2003 Yes 2001
552 550 (military) Yes Made with rubberized buttons from 2003 Yes 2001
M40GL ??? ??? ??? Yes 2008

My sandbox for work in progress articles


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