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The Sky Slow-Mover (Nebesnyy tikhokhod)

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The Sky Slow-Mover
(Nebesnyy tikhokhod)
Nebesnyy tikhokhod Poster.jpg
Original Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Semyon Timoshenko
Release Date 1945
Language Russian
Studio Lenfim
Main Cast
Character Actor
Maj. Vasiliy Bulochkin Nikolai Kryuchkov
Sr. Lt. Semyon Tucha Vasiliy Merkuryev
Capt. Sergei Kaisarov Vasiliy Neshchiplenko
Valya Petrova Alla Parfanyak
Sr. Lt. Katya Kutuzova Lyudmila Glazova
Sr. Lt. Masha Svetlova Tamara Alyoshina

The Sky Slow-Mover (original title Nebesnyy tikhokhod) is a Soviet 1945 war comedy directed by Semyon Timoshenko. Major Bulochkin (Nikolai Kryuchkov), a Soviet fighter pilot, was wounded in air fight. Medics forbade him to pilot fighter planes so he is transferred to a position of commander of a reconnaissance squadron equipped with outdated and slow Po-2 biplanes and manned (to Bulochkin's great surprise) with female pilots. After many adventures Bulochkin and his two friends find their loves.

The following weapons were used in the film The Sky Slow-Mover (Nebesnyy tikhokhod):

MP40 Submachine Gun

Most German soldiers are armed with MP40 SMGs.

MP40 submachine gun - 9x19mm
German soldiers with MP40 guard the headquarters.
A German soldier with MP40 runs away during the air bombardment of ammunition depot.
German soldiers search for Major Bulochkin's plane after its forced landing in German rear.

Karabiner 98k Rifle

Several German soldiers are armed with Karabiner 98k rifles.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Barrels of two 98k rifles are seen next to driver.

ShVAK-20 Automatic Cannon

20-mm ShVAK-20 automatic cannons are primary weapons of Yak-9 and La-5FN Soviet fighter planes.

ShVAK-20 autocannon - 20x99 mm R
ShVAK-20 autocannon is mounted between the vee of the engine on Yak-9.
A close view of ShVAK-20 muzzle.

61-K AA Cannon

A 37-mm M1939 (61-K) AA cannon is seen during the attack of German planes on Soviet airfield.

37-mm M1939 (61-K) automatic air defense gun - 37×252SR
61-K AA cannon fires at German planes.

Tellermine 42

A Tellermine 42 is seen in one scene.

Tellermine 42
After a forced landing in German rear Major Bulochkin finds out that his plane landed on minefield.

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