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The Mexican

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The Mexican (2001)

The following weapons were used in the film The Mexican:


"The Mexican"

Jerry's mission is to transport the film's titular weapon; a legendary Mexican pistol manufactured in the 1800's, known as "The Mexican" to a criminal named Arnold Margolese (Gene Hackman). Jerry picks the pistol up from Beck (David Krumholtz) upon his arrival in Mexico. Sam (Julia Roberts) holds the firearm on Bernie Nayman (Bob Balaban) during the finale.

Beck shows Jerry "The Mexican".
An 1800s flashback featuring the pistol.
Jerry wraps the Mexican up in a shirt.
Sam hides the Mexican under her skirt.
Sam nervously holds the Mexican on Bernie, unsure if it can fire.
The Mexican in its case at the end.

Colt Detective Special

Ted Slocum (J.K. Simmons) carries an older, nickel Colt Detective Special while in Mexico.

Colt Detective Special (Nickel) - .38 Special
Ted checks his Detective Special.
Ted holds his revolver in Joe's face.

Colt Detective Special (3rd generation)

Throughout his time in Mexico, Jerry Welbach (Brad Pitt) carries a third-generation Colt Detective Special, which he uses to kill Winston.

Colt Detective Special 3rd Gen - .38 Special
Jerry loads up his Colt DS before entering the Mexican bar to find Beck.
Jerry's Colt Detective Special hid in a compartment in his car.
Jerry threatens one of the Mexicans who stole his car.
Jerry realizes the man is wearing his sunglasses.
Jerry, out in the desert, aims at the Mexican's foot.
Jerry shoots the Mexican's foot.
Jerry, appropriate to the film, keeps his gun "Mexican-style" in his pants.
Jerry complains to Ted about his predicament.
Jerry and Winston face off.

Browning Buckmark

Winston Baldry (aka "Leroy") (James Gandolfini) uses a suppressed Browning Buckmark when he retrieves Sam (Julia Roberts) from the real Leroy (Sherman Augustus) in a bathroom on the road to Vegas.

Browning Buckmark - .22 LR.
Winston shoots Leroy.
Winston throws away his Browning Buckmark.
A promotional image with James Gandolfini.

Llama XV

Winston Baldry (aka "Leroy") (James Gandolfini) uses a .32 ACP two-tone Llama XV (not a Llama Micromax, as previously mentioned), the .22 caliber version of the Llama III-A, to kill the real Leroy (Sherman Augustus) in a Vegas hotel room and later draws it on Jerry in the Mexican desert. Gun is identifiable by small bore and thin long ejector (model III-A has wider ejector). When the gun is on the table, Llama old-style grips and ribbed barrel are clearly visible. The caliber of this pistol is .32 ACP judging by bore size.

Llama XV - .22 LR
Winston shoots Leroy "for Frank".
Winston stares at his gun.
Winston pulls his XV on Jerry as he fixes the car tire.
Jerry and Winston face off.

Smith & Wesson 4506

The real Leroy (Sherman Augustus) carries a Smith & Wesson 4506 when he attempts to kidnap Sam and during his brief shootout with Winston in the Vegas hotel room.

Smith & Wesson 4506 .45 ACP
Leroy prepares to kidnap Sam.
Leroy hears someone enter the bathroom.
Leroy enters the hotel room.
Leroy holds Sam hostage, again.

Star Model BM

Bernie Nayman (Bob Balaban) carries this pistol during the "Mexican standoff" in the finale, pointing it at both Jerry and Sam.

Star BM Pistol - 9x19mm
Bernie points his gun at Jerry.
Bernie holds his gun on Sam when he opens the trunk.
Bernie watches Sam but keeps his gun trained on Jerry.

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