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Territory (2020)

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Territoriya 2020 poster.jpg
Original poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Language Russian
Creator Igor Tverdokhlebov
Genre Mystery
Broadcast 2020
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 7
Main Cast
Character Actor
Nikolay Andrey Merzlikin
Yegor Chudinov Gleb Kalyuzhnyy
Nadya Anastasiya Chistyakova
Murzin Aleksey Rozin
Tanya Kseniya Otinova
Witch Shura Klavdiya Korshunova
Chigarkov Nikolay Shrayber
Permyak Sergey Kolesov
Six-Fingered Evgeni Mundum
Vova the Lame Aleksey Korsukov

Territory (Russian: Территория: Territoriya) is a 2020 Russian mystery horror TV-series.

The following weapons were used in the television series Territory:

SPOILERS.jpg WARNING! Major spoiler


Makarov PM

Policeman Murzin (Aleksey Rozin) carries his duty Makarov PM throughot the TV series and fires it many times.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Murzin with the holstered PM (Ep. 01).
Murzin brandishes his PM after firing it (Ep. 03).
Murzin aims the PM (Ep. 04).
Murzin pulls his PM at vigilantes (Ep. 05).
Another view of the same scene. A double barreled shotgun is seen aimed at the left (Ep. 05).

SPSh Flare Pistol

Murzin found SPSh Flare Pistol at the criminal's base at the episode 4 and fires it several times.

Russian SPSh Flare Pistol - 26.5mm.
The flare pistol is seen on the table (pointed by the red arrow).
Another view of the same gun.
Murzin fires the flare pistol in the air.


Izhmekh IZh-K

An Izhmekh IZh-K is the Six-Fingered's (Evgeni Mundum) firearm of choice. At least one vigilante briefly holds similar looking shotgun, which is the same movie prop.

Izhmekh IZh-K - 16 Gauge
Six-Fingered holds the IZh shotgun (Ep. 02).
The exposed hammer of Six-Fingered's IZh is seen (Ep. 03).
The groove on the stock and spoor on the trigger guard is perfectly seen (Ep. 03).
Vigilante (at the left) holds the shotgun (Ep. 04).
Six-Fingered holds his IZh during the raid on the criminal's base (Ep. 04).
Six-Fingered with the IZh shotgun, Mosin-Nagant and Vepr (Ep. 05).
Six-Fingered holds his IZh shotgun after he is attacked by vigilantes (Ep. 05).
Lopoukhiy (Kirill Lepekhin) aims the IZh, captured from Six-Fingered (Ep. 05).


Several vigilantes were armed with theTOZ-63s at the episode 5.

TOZ-63 - 16 gauge
Vigilante at the left carries a double barreled shotgun (pointed by the red arrow), while vigilante at the right carries a Mosin-Nagant rifle.
The double barreled shotgun is seen at the background.
Another vigilante unslings the shotgun...
...and grabs it.
A slightly other view of his shotgun.
Double barreled shotgun is seen. Vigilante (a third from the left) carries Mosin-Nagant rifle on the sling.
Vigilante (at the left) aims a double barreled shotgun, while two vigilantes (far left and right) aim a Mosin-Nagants.
Vigilante unloads the shotgun. Another vigilante (at the left) holds the Mosin-Nagant.

Saiga-12K Tactical

Criminal Kalina (Konstantin Itunin) uses Saiga-12K Tactical. Six-Fingered (Evgeni Mundum) captured this gun.

Saiga-12K Tactical - 12 gauge
Kalina unsling his Saiga...
...and aims it (Ep. 03).
Another view of the same scene (Ep. 03).
The front and rear sights of Kalina's Saiga are seen. Nikolay aims Mosin-Nagant at the background (Ep. 03).
Kalina aims the Saiga (Ep. 03).
A good view of Kalina's Saiga (Ep. 03).
Kalina holds his Saiga after firing it (Ep. 04).
Six-Fingered with the IZh shotgun, Mosin-Nagant and Saiga (Ep. 05).


Mosin Nagant M91/30

A Mosin Nagant M91/30s is most popular firearm in this movie, which appeared in the hands of numerous characters.

Full-length, Soviet Mosin Nagant M91/30 - 7.62x54mm R
Vigilante aims the Mosin-Nagant. The barrel of Six-Fingered's IZh is seen at the right (Ep. 03).
Nikolay (Andrey Merzlikin) aims Mosin-Nagant (Ep. 03).
Another view of the same scene (Ep. 03).
Criminal Khor (Oleg Yagodin) aims the Mosin-Nagant at Nikolay (Ep. 03).
Khor fires his Mosin-Nagant (Ep. 04).
Six-Fingered with the IZh shotgun, Mosin-Nagant and Vepr (Ep. 05).
Several vigilantes are armed with the Mosin-Nagants (Ep. 05).
Vigilantes chase Six-Fingered, the one (second from the left) holds Mosin-Nagant, while vigilante at the center holds double barreled shotgun (Ep. 05).
Witch Shura (Klavdiya Korshunova) aims her Mosin-Nagant (Ep. 06).
Chigarkov (Nikolay Shrayber) carries Mosin-Nagant on the sling (Ep. 06).
Murzin with the Shura's Mosin-Nagant on the sling (Ep. 07).
Murzin aims the Mosin-Nagant (Ep. 07).


What appeared to be TOZ-11 can be seen at the episode 7. Murzin toked this rifle for himself.

Sinlge-shot TOZ-11 - .22LR
The rifle is seen at the background, left (pointed by the red arrow).
Another view of the same rifle (pointed by the red arrow). Chigarkov's Mosin-Nagant is hanged on the wall at the center.
Murzin grabs the TOZ among with two Mosin-Nagants.
Murzin aims his TOZ.
Another view of the TOZ bolt (pointed by the red arrow).
Murzin holds the TOZ in his right hand and Mosin-Nagant in his left hand.


Yegor Chudinov (Gleb Kalyuzhnyy) found numerous AK-74M rifles at the criminla's base at the episode 4.

AK-74M - 5.45x39mm
Yegor opens the box with AK rifles.
Numerous AK rifles...
...can be perfectly seen.

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