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Talk:Tanfoglio TZ-75

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Additional Images

Tanfoglio TZ-75 "Pre-88" with Hogue grips - 9x19mm
Tanfoglio TZ-75 "Pre-88" with chrome finish - 9x19mm
Tanfoglio TA-90 "Baby" - 9x19mm
Tanfoglio TZ-75 Custom 90 - 9x19mm.


TZ-75 / TA 90 difference?

Does anybody have any idea what the difference is between a TZ 75 and a TA 90? For example, if you compare this to this, the pistols are pretty much identical, yet one is marked as a TZ 75 and the other a TA 90. I used to think that the difference was in the shape of the trigger guard, but this is clearly not the case as both of the previous examples have straight trigger guards, and here are pics of both a TZ 75 and a TA 90 with the rounded bottom to the trigger guard. I have read that the difference between the TZ 75 and TA 90 is purely that it was called the former when imported by F.I.E. and the latter by Excam, but I am not 100% convinced by this as the markings appear like Tanfoglio factory ones rather than importer ones, and on none of the pistols pictured above are their any markings for the importer so I don't really know what to think. I would also guess that with the shape of the trigger guard changed with time, with early guns being flat bottomed and latter ones curved, but I don't know. --commando552 (talk) 09:59, 31 August 2014 (EDT)

I found out only the difference between TZ 75 and TA 95: the latter has a strengthened construction for using such powerful cartridges as 9x21 mm and 10 mm Auto. When I identified the movie pistol as TZ 75, I based on the shape of the front part of the slide, TZ 75 was the only CZ-75 style pistol that had sloped line while all other version, including TA 90, had vertical. But now I see that TA 90 also have sloped front of the slide. So I have no guess about the difference. Greg-Z (talk) 12:08, 31 August 2014 (EDT)
The thing about a version being strengthened that i heard was that it was for .41 AE, and the Series 88 was the strengthened version. This is why this version introduced the full length rails and had less material removed at the front of the slide and frame. At the same time they took the opportunity to change the safety design as this was the major gripe with the TZ-75. Whatever the TA-90 is, I believe that its design pre-dates the Series 88 as although it has the same trigger guard, it lacks a number of improvements such as the full length rails, strengthened slide/frame, and the enlarged magazine release. Similarly, you then had a "Series 88" type for the TA 90, which was marked as the "Combat" model, both in full size and compact (The latter of which is an exact match for the TZ-75 Government model).
I think the first guns that had the vertical rather than slopped step at the front were the more "custom" type guns like the Mossad, Combat Shooting Cohai and Custom 90. The first major variant that had the vertical step at the front was, I think, the T95, which is what was imported as the EAA Witness.
The whole thing is all very confusing as due to the fact that they were seemingly imported under different names it is hard to tell if you are looking at different variants or the exact same gun, which is made even harder considering that it seems that even on the exact same model you will have different trigger guards, slide releases, safety catches and hammers depending on (I assume) when they were made. --commando552 (talk) 13:17, 31 August 2014 (EDT)

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