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Special Thanks

The idea and screenshots are provided by AVSniff, forum.guns.ru. Greg-Z (talk) 07:18, 19 December 2018 (EST)

Addiional Images

Nagant M1895

Village blacksmith Semyon Nagorny draws a Nagant when Cossacks come to arrest him.
Cossack Platon Volokitin (Vsevolod Kuznetsov) holds the revolver, confiscated from arrested Nagorny.
An Anarchist (stunt performer Boris Vasilyuk) is shot during the assault of Chita treasury.
Another Anarchist fires his Nagant in same scene.
A White Colonel holds a nickel plated Nagant.
White Vakhmistr Bubenchikov (Aleksandr Demyanenko) holds a Nagant.
White Yesaul (Capt.) (Igor Dmitriev), commander of the punitive unit, fires at Severyan Ulybin.

Mauser C96

Lavrov holds his Mauser.
Lavrov draws his pistol from holster.
A Red Guard convoys arrested Lavrov.
Fedot Muratov holds a Mauser when he meets with Roman Ulybin.
Roman fires at Anarchists.
Fedot fires at Anarchists.
Roman Ulybin holds his Mauser during the encounter with Ataman Kargin.
Roman Ulybin carries his Mauser in holster.
Fedot Muratov's Mauser C96 and Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbine.
Red partisan Kuzma (Yuriy Dubrovin) holds a Mauser.

Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbine

A Cossack at the foreground holds a carbine during the wolf hunt. Another Cossack holds a "Frolovka" shotgun (see below).
Yepifan Kozulin with a carbine.
Platon Volokitin holds a carbine.
Roman Ulybin carries a carbine.
Kargin carries a carbine during the arrest of Semyon Nagorny.
A carbine is seen on the wall of the staff wagon of Chita Red Guards commander Vasiliy Andreevich Ulybin (Vasiliy Shukshin).
A Red Guard with a carbine.
Gerasim (Igor Milonov), a member of Roman Ulybin's Red Guards unit, carries a carbine.
Red Guards confiscate firearms from the Cossack armoury.
Mit'ka Kargin carries a carbine (at the right).
Village Cossacks carry carbines.


My guess about the second shotgun

It's only my guess, but I think, that it may be a Murata Rifle: it lacks barrel bands (while "Berdanka" has a single one), grooves on the stock (which has a Frolovka). In comprassion of this gun with the other screen appeared Muratas, it can be see, that has the similar position of the front sight and widing part of barrel. The rear sight is lack, so, this part may be brocken. It also appeared in at least one Soviet movie. I also found this site, which containe an imge of the Murata bolt, but it complitely in Japanese, so, I couldn't read it. Pyramid Silent (talk) 10:43, 19 December 2018 (EST)

The barrel leight

For comprassion.

The widing part of the barrel.

For comprassion.

The shape of the stock:

For comprassion
See several additional images of this gun:
A safety can be seen: it matches the one of Berdan (and of Mosin too)
The buttstock
The bolt handle

None of these features match Murata, as I think. Also note different receiver shape. Greg-Z (talk) 14:22, 19 December 2018 (EST)

I was wrong, sorry. It's absolutely not a Murata. The only differ reeses (from Berdanka) is the lacking of barrel band. Pyramid Silent (talk) 14:35, 19 December 2018 (EST)

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