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Talk:Alaska Kid

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Special Thanks

The idea and screenshots are provided by AVSniff, forum.guns.ru.--Greg-Z (talk) 09:04, 1 September 2019 (EDT)

Additional Images

Custom Nagant M1895

A one-eyed bandit (uncredited) attacks Kid and Shorty when they swim on a boat (Ep.2).
Another view of bandit's long-barreled Nagant. In next moment the revolver switches to Smith & Wesson Russian model (see below).
Alaska Kid-E5-CustomNagant-1.jpg
Conchita (Natalya Trubnikova), owner of the saloon, shoots a cardsharp who tries to throw a knife at Olaf (Ep.5). Note that the revolver lacks a wooden plating on one side of the grip; possibly the grip with both platings was too wide for actress' palm.
Stine and Sprague threaten Ellie Kincade in her house (Ep.6). Note that Sprague's revolver is the same gun with only one plating on grip.
Casino owner Cameron Brody (Boris Klyuev) fires in air to attract the attention of the crowd, mad about Kid's winning at roulette (Ep.7).
Shorty fires at empty bottles.
Kid with a Winchester and Shorty with a pair of long barreled Nagants confront escaped convicts.
Sheriff Clark (Pauls Butkevics) readies his revolver.
Frank holds his revolver during the bank heist.
Robert Somerset's manservant Chin (Seydulla Moldakhanov) holds a long-barreled Nagant, confiscated from Olaf.
Olaf holds a custom Nagant (Ep.12).
Stine aims his long-barreled revolver at hostages.
A good view of the wide grip of custom Nagant in holster of a bank security guard.

Winchester Model 1895

Chris Bellew (Mark Pillow) carries a Winchester in the scene on a steamer.
Labisquee (Natja Jamaan), the daughter of tribal chief, prepairs two Winchesters for Kid and Shorty (Ep.3).
Olaf (Craig Alan) holds a Winchester.
A close view of the barrel of Shorty's Winchester (in next moment the rifle switches to a double barreled shotgun due to continuty error) (Ep.5).
Shorty holds a Winchester during the hunt. This rifle, unlike other Winchesters in the series, has a deep blued finish of the receiver.
Residents of Squaw Creek aim their rifles at Kid, thinking him to be a bandit who killed their companion Joe Kincade. A bearded man at the right is self-proclaimed Judge Huddling (second role of Donovan Scott).
Ellie Kincade (Galina Polskikh), widow of murdered gold prospector, holds a Winchester (Ep.6).
A close view of Stine's rifle.
Gold prospectors with Winchester M1895 rifles (Pierre (Sergey Razhuk) at the foreground, Louis (Aleksandr Libakov-Livanov, credited as Alexander Liwnav) at the right).
Ellie Kincade fires at bandits.
Stine carries his rifle (Ep.7).
Kid reloads his rifle (Ep.7).
Gold prospector Eric Bunce (Eric Douglas) aims at Kid, suspecting him in affair with his wife Sally (Ingeborga Dapkunaite) (Ep.8).
Frank Reeves (Igor Volkov) and Duncan (Aleksandr Bureyev) with Winchesters (Ep.8).
Kid with a Winchester and Shorty with a pair of custom Nagants confront escaped convicts.
Sheriff Clark's (Pauls Butkevics) rifle.
Indian chief (Arkadiy Pyshnyak) fires a Winchester at Frank Reeves (Ep.10).
A police officer holds a Winchester when he finds a gold prospector, wounded by bandits.
Sprague reloads his rifle after he wounded his companion (Ep.10).
Kid and Charlie Hanson (Vladimir Soshalsky) with Winchesters (Ep.13).
A closeup of Sprague's Winchester (Ep.13).
Kid holds his Winchester and a dynamite stick. Sprague's empty Winchester is seen at the right (Ep.13).

Double Barreled Shotgun

A gold prospector on a steamer carries a shotgun (at the left).
A gold prospector in center holds a shotgun.
Gold prospectors' rifles and shotguns (a double barreled shotgun is seen over the pile).
A shotgun is seen on the wall in the house of Kid and Shorty (Ep.12).
Alaska Kid-E11-DoubleShotgun-3.jpg
A pair of shotguns is seen on the wall in Col. Bowie's (Robert Fuller) house.
A shotgun of an aged resident of ghost town Golden Gates (Ep.12)
A disassembled shotgun is seen on the table in the scene in Golden Gates.

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