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SeaQuest DSV

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DVD covers for season 1 and 2

SeaQuest DSV was a science fiction television series that aired on NBC from 1993 to 1996. For its first two seasons, Steven Spielberg served as one of the executive producers. For its final season, the show went through a major revamp and was renamed seaQuest 2032. The majority of the weapons used throughout the seaQuest universe are real weapons with some attachments. Most of the fictional weapons also have parts molded off real weapons.

The following weapons were used in the series SeaQuest DSV:


Glock 19

The Glock 19 was the standard pistol for UEO forces during season 1 and 2.

Glock 19
Crocker and Shan with Glocks
LT Brody with a Glock

Heckler & Koch USP

The Heckler & Koch USP was used a few times in season 2, most notably by Commander Ford and Chief Ortiz in "When We Dead Awaken". The USP had only been released in 1994 (the year Season 2 of the series premiered), making the appearance here one of the earliest of the weapon in a television series.

Heckler & Koch USP
CDR Ford with a Heckler & Koch USP
Guard with Heckler & Koch USP

Heckler & Koch VP70

A Heckler & Koch VP70 was used by Lenny Sutter (David Morse) and Frank Cobb (David McCallum) in the season 1 episode "SeaWest".

Heckler & Koch VP70
Lenny Sutter (David Morse) with a VP70
Frank Cobb (David McCallum) with a VP70

Ruger P90

The pistol carried by Milos Tezlof (William Shatner) is a Ruger P90. He handed it over to Capt. Bridger upon boarding the seaQuest in the season 1 episode "Hide and Seek".

Ruger P90
Milos Tezlof (William Shatner) with a Ruger P90 in the season 1 episode "Hide and Seek".

Beretta 92FS Two Tone

In the season 1 episode "The Good Death" The police officers of the Amazonian Confederation were armed with the two tone Beretta 92FS.

Beretta 92FS Two Tone - 9x19mm
Amazonian Confederation cop with two tone Beretta 92FS

FIE Titan

A FIE Titan with a Pearlite handle was carried up the sleeve of an assassin sent to kill Lieutenant Brody's mother in "When We Dead Awaken".

FIE Titan Pocket Pistol - .25 ACP
Pops out of sleeve like in "Wild, Wild West"
Being fired

Commander Fords Gun Collection

Commander Ford has a small collection of antique military pistols in his quarters consisting of several revolvers and a couple automatic pistols. Unfortunately the only ones clearly seen are a Luger P08 and a Mauser C96.

Dr. Wendy Smith in front of Fords collection
Dr. Smith in front of Fords collection, different angle

Luger P08

Ford is seen with the Luger P08.

Luger P08 circa 1917
Ford with his Luger P08

Mauser C96

A Mauser C96 is seen on a wall display.

Pre-War dated Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" Commercial Version - 7.63x25mm
Fords Mauser on the wall display

Claridge Hi-Tec S9

Claridge Hi-Tec S9s are used in in seaQuest as pulse pistols. Two different models are used in the season 2 episode "And Everything Nice", and Col. Manheim (Marc Macaulay) is also armed with one in "Alone".

Claridge Hi-Tec S9 - 9x19mm
Lucas' kidnapper with a Claridge Hi-Tec S9.
Claridge Hi-Tec S9 with cooling fin muzzle extension - 9x19mm
Thug with a Claridge Hi-Tec S9 with cooling fin muzzle extension.
Col. Manheim (Marc Macaulay) of "Section 7" with a Claridge Hi-Tec S9.

Machine Guns

Heckler & Koch HK94

The Heckler & Koch HK94 was a standard weapon for Amazonian Confederation Army personnel.

Heckler & Koch HK94
Amazonian Confederation Sergeant with Heckler & Koch HK94
Corporal with a Heckler & Koch HK94

Heckler & Koch MP5K

A group of eco-terrorists and mercenaries led by a rogue UEO Colonel take over seaQuest during the first season episode "Nothing But The Truth". The weapon carried by most of them is the Heckler & Koch MP5K, as well as Ford and Krieg who disarmed a couple of the mercenaries. The weapons were actually modified SP89s since converted SP89s were still very common in movie armorer inventories.

A "faux" Heckler & Koch MP5K - this is an original SP89 pistol converted to full auto fire by a Class III armorer.
Mercenary with a Heckler & Koch MP5K
Ford with a Heckler & Koch MP5K


Ruger Mini-14 in Muzzelite™ MZ14 Bullpup Stock

The Ruger Mini-14 in Muzzelite™ MZ14 Bullpup Stock with a flash suppressor and a flashlight attachment was the standard rifle for season 1 and 2. It could also be seen with a custom made (and presumably non-functional) under barrel grenade launcher similar in design to a M203 grenade launcher but with no visible trigger. It was modified for the last season, the Ruger and most attachments were removed and the clamshell covers were modified and used as Pulse Rifles by the Macronesian Alliance.

Ruger Mini-14 in a Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup stock
Shan with a Muzzelite that also has one of the custom grenade launchers attached
Muzzelite rifle being used by UEO Marines

Steyr AUG

The Steyr AUG is used by Montagnard Confederation (a unified Vietnam in the future) soldiers in the first season episode "Better Than Martians".

Steyr AUG - 5.56mm
Montagnards with Steyr AUG rifle

Remington 700

An assassin shoots at Lt. Brody's mother with a Remington 700 in "When We Dead Awaken".

Remington 700 .308 Winchester
Assassin with a Remington 700


In 2032, Ben Krieg and several other Macronesian refugees were armed with M16A2 Rifles in the episode "In The Company Of Ice And Profit".

M16A2 Rifle - 5.56x45mm.
Krieg (John D'Aquino) hands off the M16A2 Rifle

Ruger Mini-14

The Ruger Mini-14, sans Muzzelite™ MZ14 Bullpup Stock, was briefly seen in the hands of Macronesian refugees in the episode "In The Company Of Ice And Profit".

Blued Ruger Mini-14 Standard Model Semiautomatic Rifle (Pre-2005) with 30 round magazine - 5.56mm
Refugee with a Ruger Mini 14. Note it still has the flash suppressor from season 1.

Calico Weapons

Calico M100

The Calico M100 was used as a Pulse rifle in the second season of seaQuest. Most of the different Calico guns made an appearance at some point but this one was used the most in season 2.

Calico M100 Rifle
Brody with a Calico M100
Ortiz with a Calico M100

Calico M110

Calico M110s were occasionally used by the seaQuest crew in the second season.

Calico M110 Rifle
Henderson with a M-110
Picollo with a Calico M-110

Calico M900

The Calico M900 was also occasionally in season 2. While the M100 was seen to fire of individual shots for each pull of the trigger this one had a continues beam as long as the trigger was held. In the third season they added M951 style foregrips and modified the barrel and this was used as the standard pulse rifle until the end of the series.

Calico M900 - 9x19mm
Brody with a Calico M-900
Marine with a M-900
Calico M900 with M951 style fore grip
Brody with a modified M-900

Calico M950A

Calico M950As were used mainly in the background or by extras. These were the least used of all the Calico weapons on the show.

Calico M950 pistol
GELF (upper left) with a M-950
seaQuest security officer with a M-950


Mossberg 590

A New Cape Quest police officer with what appears to be a Mossberg 590 shotgun in "Special Delivery".

Mossberg 590.jpg
Cop with Shotgun

Grenade Launchers

DefTec 37mm gas gun

The DefTec 37mm gas gun was used as a grenade launcher in a season 2 episode where Lucas was kidnapped by Terrorists who were after the seaQuest.

DefTec Gas Gun
A terrorist shooting at Lucas with a DefTec Gas Gun
A terrorist with DefTec Gas Gun

Mk 19 grenade launcher

A Mk 19 grenade launcher was seen on top of a UEO Hummer H1 in "Daggers Redux".

Mk 19 grenade launcher 40mm in vehicle mounting
A marine manning a Mk 19 grenade launcher

Custom Weapons

Sonic Disrupter/Pulse Pistol

A Beretta M93R handle was molded and used to make the Sonic Disrupters in season 1, which were later modified for use as a pulse gun used by Police Officers and the Macronesian Alliance in seasons 2 and 3. Two versions were used in season 1, half way through the season a slightly more detailed black and silver version replaced the older all black design.

Beretta 93R 9mm
Older Sonic Disrupter from seaQuest DSV season 1
Dr. Westphalen with original Sonic Disrupter
Second version pistol from seaQuest DSV
Regulator with a stolen Sonic Disrupter
Sonic Disruptor modified for use as a Pulse Gun
New Cape Quest Cop with a Pulse Pistol

Pulse Pistol

One of the few weapons made entirely from scratch for the show the Pulse Pistol is a multi-setting weapon that was the main sidearm of UEO personnel for season 2 and 3, replacing the Sonic Disruptor of the first season. The settings are low stun, heavy stun, kill and the fourth setting is powerful enough to cause small explosions.

UEO Pulse Pistol
Ford with a Pulse Pistol
Picollo with Pulse Pistol

Abalons Energy Weapons

In the season 1 episode "Abalon" 2 guns of unknown power and type were seen being wielded by the cloned "children" of Abalon, a Geneticist played by Charlton Heston. It is assumed Abalon also designed the weapons. The pistol below was also used in the show Firefly in the episode "Trash" as the Lassiter, an ancient laser pistol.

Ford being held captive by one of Abalon's sons
One of Abalon's "sons" with the other type of weapon

"Sprinkler" Pistol

A gun made by a G.E.L.F. inmate in the season 2 premiere "Daggers" using a pipe, pulse sprinkler, CO2 Cartridge and some other odd bits.

Weapon made from common items

Laser Drill gun

In the third season 2 episode there was a riot at an undersea colony. Since there were no weapons Jim Huxley, being chased by rioters, converted a laser drill to be used as a pulse rifle, although it turned out the rioters were a hallucination.

Laser drill weapon

Tranquilizer Dart Gun 1

In "And Everything Nice" Lucas is kidnapped by this man after he shoots Lucas with two tranquilizer darts.

One of Dr. Kirby's thugs shoots Lucas with a Dart gun

Unusual Gun 1

A custom made gun used by one of the thugs and Sandra Kirby in "And Everything Nice".

Thug with the custom gun
Sandra Kirby with the gun

Tranquilizer Dart Gun 2

A custom made dart gun used in "Something in the Air".

Thug with the custom gun

Grenade Launcher

Likely a custom made prop, this grenade launcher was used during a prison break in "Daggers Redux".

Small enough to hide up a flight suit sleeve
Being fired


A custom made taser used by Mariah in "Daggers Redux".

Thug with the custom gun

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