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Navy SEALs

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Navy SEALs
DVD Cover
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Lewis Teague
Release Date 1990
Language English
Studio Orion Pictures
Distributor Orion Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
LTJG Dale Hawkins Charlie Sheen
LT James Curran Michael Biehn
Claire Varrens Joanne Whalley
James Leary Rick Rossovich
Homer Rexer Cyril O'Reilly
Floyd "God" Dane Bill Paxton
William "Billy" Graham Dennis Haysbert
Ramos Paul Sanchez
Ben Shaheed Nicholas Kadi
Capt. Ryan Dunne Ronald G. Joseph

Navy SEALs is a 1990 action film starring Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, and Dennis Haysbert as members of a SEAL team tasked to recover a cache of stolen shoulder-fired missiles which has fallen into the hands of a Middle Eastern terrorist. The film was directed by Lewis Teague and was co-written by Chuck Pfarrer, a former Navy SEAL who later also became the screenwriter of such films as Hard Target and Virus.

The following weapons were used in the film Navy SEALs:



Beretta 92SB

Beretta 92SB pistols are the sidearms of the SEAL team members in the film, although in reality the Beretta M9 was issued during the time the film was made. The Beretta 92SB was in fact issued to the United States Air Force until the M9 replaced that role as well.

Beretta 92SB (note rounded trigger guard and flat bottom magazine) - 9x19mm
Lieutenant Junior Grade Dale Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) plays with his Beretta 92SB. Despite being a well trained operative, he is toying with a loaded firearm, safety off, and finger on the trigger.
Lieutenant James Curran (Michael Biehn) with his Beretta 92SB drawn in the final mission.
Ramos (Paul Sanchez) with a Beretta 92SB.

Beretta 92SB (Chrome)

Ramos (Paul Sanchez) carries a chrome-plated Beretta 92SB as a secondary weapon during the first raid. Somewhat unlikely since a SEAL team member would not carry a weapon that's so reflective.

Beretta 92SB with wood grips - 9x19mm
Ramos wields a chrome-plated Beretta 92SB in addition to his MP5SD3.

Beretta 92F

During a night raid, Ramos (Paul Sanchez) is seen using a Beretta 92F as noted by its squared trigger guard. This could be standing in for a standard-issue M9.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm
Ramos armed with his Beretta 92F.

Ruger MkII

LT Curran can be seen with a suppressed Ruger Mk II in a holster while being carried by Hawkins.

Ruger Mk II pistol with professional Ciener Suppressor - .22 LR. This is a classic Silenced Pistol and this pistol has been seen in several motion pictures
Curran's Ruger is seen holstered as he's carried by Hawkins.

SIG P210

A terrorist (Vic Tablian) uses a SIG P210 pistol to execute a hostage.

SIG P210 - 9x19mm
Close-up of the SIG P210 in the terrorist's (Vic Tablian) hand.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3s are used by the SEALs throughout the film. They appear to be older model MP5SDs as noted by their smaller ribbing on the handguards.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 - 9x19mm
LT James Curran (Michael Biehn) aims his Heckler & Koch MP5SD3.
Graham (Dennis Haysbert) fires his Heckler & Koch MP5SD3.
LTJG Dale Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) fires his Heckler & Koch MP5SD3. Note that the suppressor fails to suppress the flash coming from the muzzle, as is usual of Hollywood films.

Heckler & Koch MP5K

A Heckler & Koch MP5K is used by at least one of the SEALs during the hostage rescue mission, and later during a live fire training exercise.

Heckler & Koch MP5K with SEF trigger group - 9x19mm
A SEAL member (Randy Hall, credited as "Navy Seal #8") armed with a Heckler & Koch MP5K during the hostage rescue.
Heckler & Koch MP5Ks are obvious in the hands of several SEAL team members. In reality no SEAL team would ever conduct a 'surprise' live fire exercise around a civilian - It would not be tolerated by the US Navy.

Sa vz. 61 Škorpion

A terrorist on the merchant ship holds a woman hostage with an Sa vz. 61 Škorpion submachine gun, though it is never fired.

Sa vz. 61 Škorpion - .32 ACP (7.65x17mm)
A terrorist wields an Sa vz. 61 Škorpion. Note how the bolt is locked back, presumably as a safety precaution for holding the weapon on an actor.


Remington 870

LTJG Dale Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) uses a pistol-gripped Remington 870 Police Magnum shotgun as his backup weapon and door breach gun. This shotgun has the stock removed and is fitted with a 12.5" barrel.

Remington 870 Police Magnum with folding stock - 12 Gauge. The gun in the film has stock removed and 18" barrel sawed down to 12.5".
A good shot of the pistol grip on the Remington 870 shotgun.
Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) blows the hinges off a door with his Remington 870 shotgun.
Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) firing his Remington 870.

Assault Rifles / Carbines

Colt Commando

In several scenes some of the SEALs are seen carrying XM177E2 and XM177 carbines, notably during a training exercise and during the mission where Graham (Dennis Haysbert) is killed. Some of them are seen fitted with M203 grenade launchers. This movie is one of the very few films where we see an actual XM177 or GAU-5/A rifle (or a very close copy, being that the sound suppressor/flash-hiders of the original XM177 were not good for blank firing guns, so many times an existing M16 rifle was custom modified to resemble the XM177. In the 1980s there were a slew of various aftermarket XM177 style flash hiders - some were very accurate, some were not.) At any rate, this is one of the most accurate portrayals of an XM177 in modern U.S. Cinema. The weapon is prominently displayed on an alternate movie poster in the hands of LTJG Dale Hawkins (Charlie Sheen), fitted with an M203, although he never uses one in the film.

Colt Model 610 aka The USAF GAU-5/A - 5.56mm. The USAF used the first pattern slab side carbine for many years, and was the reason why shows depicting the U.S. Airforce like Stargate: SG1 utilized modified Colt Sporter Carbine (as well as other manufacturer's carbines) to create XM177 style rifles.
Leary (Rick Rossovich) fires an XM177 carbine during a firefight in a training exercise.
Graham (Dennis Haysbert) fires an XM177 carbine - fitted with an M203 - during a firefight in a training excercise.
LT James Curran's (Michael Biehn) XM177 carbine. It is the first model XM177, with a 10" barrel, first pattern handguard ring and a first model M16/SP1 style receiver.


Ben Shaheed's (Nicholas Kadi) militia use what look to be original AK-47s in the film. Many of them appear to be milled receiver AKs with Russian front sights and double tang back ends with the typical 'drop down' angled buttstock (with unique Type II Pattern stock mounting bracket) and the swivel sling on the body, not the stock. They could have been Poly-Technology Legend series of AKs that were imported during the 1980s (this movie was shot in 1989 and released in 1990). Since the sequence that was supposed to be Beirut was shot in Spain, the production could have used weapons provided by European Armorers (who at the time had no restrictions on acquiring Soviet/Russian guns).

Milled Type III AK-47 (Poly Tech Legend) - 7.62x39mm.
Type II AK-47 - 7.62x39mm
A terrorist gunned down by the SEALs drops his AK-47. Note milled receiver and receiver mounted sling swivel.
Terrorists fire their AK-47s at the SEALs as they escape into the ocean. Note how the front two guns have stock mounting brackets and stock mounted sling swivels, while the back gun has a receiver mounted stock and sling swivel.
A terrorist stands next to Shaheed while holding an AK-47.


An AKS-47 (also sometimes referred to as the AK47 Type 3B; Type 3 indicating type of receiver and B indicating folding metal stock) is used by the Christian Lebanese boy during the mission in Beirut. The underfolding AKS-47s in the movie are milled receiver Russian type guns, one of the few times we actually see real AK-47s (or really close copies) in a U.S. made film. Some of the SEALs' guns change from AKMS's into AKS-47s due to continuity error.

AKS-47 Type III Pattern - 7.62x39mm.
Christian Lebanese Boy fires his AKS-47.
LT Curran (Michael Biehn) falls through the floor and we see a close up of his AKS-47, which changed from an AKMS due to continuity error.


Some of the terrorists in the film are seen using AKM rifles in the film. There are also some Navy SEAL operatives using the AKM when playing the role of an opposing force during the training sequence.

AKM - 7.62x39mm.
A terrorist armed with an AKM is destroyed by a .50 caliber round from Dane's (Bill Paxton) rifle.
A Navy SEAL playing an opposing forces soldier fires his AKM during a training exercise.

AKM (mocked up as AK-74)

A terrorist is briefly seen using an AKM fitted with an AK-74-style muzzle brake and using a bakelite magazine in an attempt to turn the weapon into an AK-74.

Maadi ARM - most of the AKMs seen in movies during the 1980s were imported ARMs that were legally converted to full auto fire. This image is of an actual movie gun. The laminated buttstock was replaced with a hardwood one when the original stock was broken during a stunt. This example is also loaded with a 30-round bakelite plastic magazine - 7.62x39mm
Norinco Type 56 Mocked up to resemble AK-74 - 7.62x39mm
A terrorist prepares to kill LT Curran (Michael Biehn) with a 'faux' AK-74 (a mocked up AKM) before being killed by Dane (Bill Paxton).

Norinco Type 56

Ben Shaheed (Nicholas Kadi) is briefly seen firing a Norinco Type 56 (the Chinese version of the AK-47) from one of the buildings.

Type 56 assault rifle aka M22, early milled receiver model without under-folding ("pig sticker") bayonet - 7.62x39mm
Shaheedis fires a milled receiver Norinco Type 56 from a hole in a building.


AKMS's are used extensively during the Beirut Mission by both the SEALs and the Opposition Force fighters, the AKMS is the underfolding version of the AKM rifle. These could be converted Maadi ARM/MISR rifles imported into the U.S. or real Russian rifles provided by European Armory houses for the filming in Spain.

AKMS, stamped steel receiver w/ slant muzzle brake and under-folding stock.
LTJG Dale Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) fires his AKMS in a Beirut night battle.
LTJG Dale Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) fires his AKMS in a Beirut night battle.
Rexer (Cyril O'Reilly) holds his AKMS.

Norinco Type 56-1

LTJG Dale Hawkins' (Charlie Sheen) AKMS changes to a Norinco Type 56-1 (the Chinese version of the AKMS) when he and the SEALs steal a citizen's Mercedes Sedan.

Norinco Type 56-1 - 7.62x39mm.
LTJG Dale Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) points his Norinco Type 56-1 at a citizen. While the weapon is fitted with an AKM-style ribbed receiver cover, it clearly has a hooded front sight.

Machine Guns

FN Minimi

During the HALO insertion mission, Ramos (Paul Sanchez) is seen armed with a FN Minimi. The weapon seen prior to the jump is an unusual variant featuring a FN Minimi Para body and stock and a full length barrel. However, in a continuity error, after the jump his weapon changes to a standard Minimi Para.

Standard full-size FN Minimi with 200-round ammo drum - 5.56x45mm (note 90-degree carry handle and flash hider design)
Ramos (right) is seen armed with the FN Minimi in this studio image. Note the unusual full length barrel.
Ramos (right) is carrying the FN Minimi to the C130.
FN Minimi Para with 100-round camo cloth ammo bag - 5.56x45mm
Ramos has his weapon on the ready as he hides from a 'midnight stroller'. Note the Minimi Para short standard barrel.

DShKM Heavy Machine Gun (Browning M2 mockup)

A gunboat is seen firing twin DShK heavy machine guns on the Navy rescue helicopter at the film's beginning. These are most likely mocked up Browning M2's.

A Russian DShKM in 12.7x109mm on Tripod
A gunboat is seen firing twin DShK heavy machine guns on the Navy rescue helicopter at the film's beginning. These are most likely mocked up Browning M2's.

Browning M1919A4 Machine Gun

Browning M1919A4 machine guns are twin-mounted on the BTR-152 that pursues the SEAL team through the streets of Beirut.

Browning M1919A4 - .30-06.
Closeup of the twin M1919A4's
the M1919A4-armed BTR-152 chases the SEALs through Beirut

Chinese NMD-83

In the 1980s, there were two Chinese imported versions of the RPK (none of which looked very good).

Not to be confused with the Yugo RPKs imported by Mitchell Arms or the Maadi RPK clones, nor the Norinco NHM-91 which was a post 1989 import gun with a thumbhole stock and no barrel threads.

One of the pre-1989 ban guns was the NMD-83 - it had a 21" barrel, a standard AK stock and a muzzle brake (none of which was accurate for the RPK). They also imported a second RPK clone called the AK-47 Match or more commonly called in the U.S, the Norinco RPK 86S-7 Semi Auto, that had a Chinese style club foot stock but placed the bipod BEFORE (!!) the front sight, not after it, affixed to a long muzzle brake. This also looked atrocious and not many were sold. As for the Chinese RPK clones, since they didn't sell very well because they were so different than the real battlefield tested RPK.

In the film, Leary (Rick Rossovich) carries what is supposed to be an RPK light machine gun. It appears to be a modified NMD-83 rifle converted to full auto fire. The barrel was lengthened from 21" to 23.25" which is more correct and the muzzle brake was removed. The short bipod was removed and a longer (though tubular, not rectangular) Chinese Bipod was attached (see pic). The Chinese Style front sight with the enclosed top hood was still used. Errors in the gun's modification are (a) the barrel is not an RPK heavy barrel but a long standard AK barrel, (b) The front foregrip is still a standard AK, in fact it's a Chinese Type 56 style, with the slot for the pig sticker bayonet, which is wrong, (c) the buttstock is the Chinese style clubfoot stock, not the thicker, more angular Russian RPK stock and (d) the receiver appears to be a standard Type 56 stamped receiver without the reinforcing bar of the RPK.

RPK with cleaning rod removed, folded bipod and 40-round magazine - 7.62x39mm
Leary (Rick Rossovich) carries a fake RPK, most likely a converted Chinese NMD-83 rifle - 7.62x39mm
Detail shot of the front sight of the fake RPK, most likely a converted Chinese NMD-83 rifle.


FIM-43 Redeye

The film's plot involves the theft of Stinger missiles, which in the film are in reality FIM-43 Redeye launchers. Hawkins is seen trying to destroy a cache of the launchers with an M67 hand grenade at the beginning of the film (despite established doctrine dictating the use of C4, AN/M14 incendiary grenades, or other such explosives for the destruction of compromised weapons or equipment). Later in the film, the SEALs are seen retrieving one in Beirut which Leary uses to take out a BTR-152 armored personnel carrier pursuing the SEALs. While a Redeye is theoretically capable of doing so-it will track anything hot-there is no way to be sure what you're actually locked onto, and locking onto a random fire or reflected sunlight is entirely possible.

FIM-43 Redeye - 70mm
The launcher as seen in the case.
Leary takes aim at a pursuing BTR-152 with a Redeye launcher

Barrett M82A1

A Barrett M82A1 is used by Dane - call sign "God" (Bill Paxton), the SEAL team sniper to engage four targets during the hostage rescue mission and again during the Beirut mission. The weapon is outfitted with a combination Thermal Imaging Sight and Star Light Scope and second early type muzzle-brake (not removed as previously mentioned, see the image below). The weapon is in the same configuration seen in Predator 2, filmed in the same year (where coincidentally also starring the actor Bill Paxton), so this may be the same weapon. This could very well be the first film to feature the M82A1 model, as previous films had only utilized the original M82, such as RoboCop.

Barrett M82A1 with magazine removed - .50 BMG. One of the first version adopted by U.S. forces in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield. Note the muzzle-brake.
Dane (Bill Paxton) fires his Barrett M82A1.
Dane (Bill Paxton) uses his Barrett M82A1 to shoot an attacking terrorist. The weapon is portrayed in the film as a ridiculously powerful cannon capable of punching "pizza-pie" holes in walls and launching people off their feet.
A good side shot of the Barrett M82A1 when Dale (Bill Paxton) uses it to save LT Curran (Michael Biehn) from a terrorist.
Ramos (Paul Sanchez) uses Dane's Barrett M82A1 to kill a well-covered terrorist in one of the buildings. Good view of the muzzle-brake.


RPG-7s are used by the terrorists during the mission in Beirut. The rockets show two distinct paint schemes, a darker green paint job, flaking off showing the original yellowish/OD Russian paint underneath.

RPG-7 - 40mm
A terrorist aims his RPG-7 at the SEAL team as they attempt to drive away in a stolen Mercedes.
A terrorist fires his RPG-7 with a Chinese sling and iron sights.

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