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Munich bigearlyposter.jpg
Teaser Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Release Date 2005
Language English
Studio DreamWorks SKG
Universal Pictures
Amblin Entertainment
Distributor DreamWorks Distribution
Main Cast
Character Actor
Avner Kaufman Eric Bana
Steve Daniel Craig
Carl Ciarán Hinds
Robert Mathieu Kassovitz
Hans Hanns Zischler
Daphna Kaufman Ayelet Zurer
Ephraim Geoffrey Rush
Avner's Mother Gila Almagor
Papa Michael Lonsdale
Andreas Moritz Bleibtreu

The following weapons were used in the film Munich:



Beretta M1951

A Beretta M1951 is used by Avner (Eric Bana) and Steve (Daniel Craig) as their personal weapons throughout the movie. Robert (Mathieu Kassovitz) also uses a Beretta M1951 during the assassination of Abdel Wael Zwaiter in Rome, though he later switches to a Walther PPK. It should be noted that Avner is seen holding a Beretta 92F on the DVD cover, which would not have existed in 1972. In reality, the Mossad agents involved in the events portrayed in the film used suppressed .22 caliber Beretta Model 71 pistols.

Beretta M951 in 9x19mm Parabellum
Robert aims his Beretta M951 at Abdel Wael Zwaiter.
Avner prepares to shoot Zwaiter with his Beretta M951.
Steve brandishes his Beretta during the stand-off with the Palestinians in Athens.
Avner holds his Beretta while pondering his actions.

Walther P38

Walther P38 or post-war P1 pistols can be seen in the hands of Palestinian terrorists throughout the movie, most notably during the initial seizure of the Israeli athletes in Munich and later during a Mexican stand-off between the assassins and PLO operatives in Athens. It should be noted that in real life, the Black September terrorists used Tokarev TT-33 pistols rather than the Walther.

Walther P38 pistol- 9mm
Tony the Cowboy, second in command of the Palestinian terrorists, shoots Moshe Weinberg through the cheek with his P38.
A PLO terrorist aims his Walther P38 at Carl during the stand-off.

Walther PP

Walther PP pistols are used by members of Avner's team and by Palestinian terrorists, most prominently during the scene in Athens where the PLO operatives and Israeli assassins find each other sharing the same room. Later, Ali (Omar Metwally), uses a Walther PP during a shootout with Avner as the assassins try to flee the scene after killing Zaiad Muchasi.

Walther PP pistol.
Ali tells his comrade to put down his PP.
Ali is fatally shot by Carl as he attempts to stop the Israelis from fleeing.

Makarov PM

A Makarov PM is used by Carl (Ciarán Hinds) and Robert (Mathieu Kassovitz) during the scenes set in Athens, a curious choice considering the weapons used by his fellow team members. A Makarov is also carried by a KGB bodyguard that is watching over Zaiad Muchasi.

Russian Makarov PM 9x18mm Makarov
A Makarov PM lying by Carl's mattress.
Robert aims his Makarov at the surprised PLO terrorists.
Carl and Avner aim their pistols at the surprised PLO terrorists.
Carl shoots Ali through the window of the car as the Israelis flee the scene in Athens.

Beretta 950 Jetfire

Jeanette (Marie-Josée Croze), the Dutch assassin that the team hunts down after Carl's death, attempts to reach for a Beretta 950 Jetfire before being shot by Avner and Steve's zip guns.

Beretta Jetfire .25 ACP‎
Jeanette tries to reach for her compact pistol before being shot.

Submachine guns


Uzis are carried by the Israeli Sayeret Matkal forces during the 1973 Israeli raid on Beirut.

Uzi 9mm
An Israeli commando with an Uzi.
A commando with an Uzi checks the identity of one of the PLO leaders before killing him.
A commando provides covering fire for his teammates as they flee the building.


Norinco Type 56-1

Norinco Type 56-1 rifles, distinguished by their hooded sights and underfolding stocks, stand in for the AKS-47s that were actually used by the Palestinian terrorists during the hostage crisis at Munich. Israeli Sayeret Matkal commandos also use Type 56-1s their raid on the PLO compound in Beirut.

Norinco Type 56-1 with underfolding stock - 7.62x39mm.
A Black September terrorist loads his Type 56-1 before seizing the Israeli athletes.
The terrorists aim their Type 56s at an Israeli hostage. The hooded front sights are clearly visible.
A terrorist peers out the window.
An Israeli commando guns down one of the PLO leaders with his Type 56-1.
One of the terrorists shoots at the control tower when they are ambushed at the airfield.
Issa prepares to execute the hostages in the first helicopter.

Colt XM177 Commando

Colt XM177 Commando rifles are used by members of the Israeli Sayeret Matkal team in Beirut.

Commercial CAR-15 semiautomatic Rifle - 5.56x45mm.
Two Israeli commandos load their Colt Commandos before fighting Palestinian reinforcements in Beirut.


An Israeli-model FN FAL fitted with a scope is used by Avner (Eric Bana) and Steve (Daniel Craig) when they attempt to assassinate Ali Hassan Salameh in Spain.

Israeli FAL chambered in 7.62mm NATO
Two Israeli soldiers with non-Israeli FAL rifles (the scene was shot in Malta).
Steve climbs over the wall of the compound in Spain.
Avner searches for Salameh with his FAL.

Heckler & Koch G3A3

Heckler & Koch G3 rifles are used by the West German policemen that surround the apartments where the Israeli hostages are being held, and later during their botched hostage rescue attempt at the airfield. Though the rifles used during the hostage rescue attempt are modified to resemble G3A3ZFs with 4x scopes, the police marksmen in real life used G3 rifles without telescopic or night vision devices.

H&K G3 in 7.62 NATO
G3A3ZF with Hensoldt 4x24 optical sight - 7.62x51mm NATO.
A West German policeman prepares to fire his G3A3ZF at the terrorists holding the helicopter pilots hostage.
One of the marksmen ducks as a fusillade of gunfire hits the control tower.
A West German policeman with an older patterned G3.


Zip Guns

Zip Guns, disguised within bicycle pumps, are used by Avner, Steve and Hans when confronting Jeanette, the freelance Dutch assassin.

Avner and Steve prepare to fire their zip guns.
Hans fires his zip gun.

White Phosphorous grenade

WWII-era white phosphorous grenades are part of an explosive device assembled by Robert to kill Zaiad Muchasi in Athens. When the device fails to go off as planned, Hans (Hanns Zischler), the assassination team's document forger, uses another white phosphorous grenade to initiate the device, leading to a shootout between Muchasi's guards and Avner's team.

The device intended to kill Muchasi.
Hans pulls out a white phosphorous grenade.

F-1 Grenade

"Issa" (Karim Saleh), the leader of the attackers at Munich, uses a Soviet F-1 hand grenade to destroy one of the helicopters containing Israeli hostages after being ambushed by the West German police at the Fürstenfeldbruck airfield.

F-1 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
The F-1 grenade rolls between the hostages' feet before exploding.

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