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Lobo poster.jpg
Original poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Igor Negrescu
Release Date 1978
Language Russian
Studio Kievnauchfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sheriff Ned Morley Stasis Petronaitis
Joe Callon Vasiliy Styopkin
Harry Opossum Yuriy Dubrovin (III)
Lina Stone Elena Aminova
Tommy Valentin Karmanov
Josekiah Konstantin Artyomenko
Bartender V. Tkachenko
Nick Valerie Valeriy Shevchenko

Lobo (Russian: Лобо) is a Soviet 1978 western movie, directed by Igor Negrescu and based on the novel by Ernest Thompson Seton.

The following weapons were used in the film Lobo:


Nagant M1895 (Mocked up as Colt Revolver)

Numerous characters carry Nagant M1895s, visually modified to resemble Colt 1878 Double Actions. Most of the time, these guns are only seen in holsters.

A long barreled target version of Nagant M1895 - .22 LR
Nickel plated Colt 1878 Double Action w/ 7.5" barrel - .45 Colt
Sheriff Ned Morley (Stasis Petronaitis) carries a holstered revolver.
Joe Callon (Vasiliy Styopkin) puts his holstered revolver on the ground.
Joe Callon fires his revolver at a thrown cap to demonstrate his shooting skills.
Joe Callon holds the holstered revolver.
Harry Opossum (Yuriy Dubrovin (III)) carries a holstered revolver in the background.
Sheriff Ned Morley (Stasis Petronaitis) brandishes the Winchester and has a holstered revolver.
Josekiah (Konstantin Artyomenko) has a holstered revolver.

Izhmekh IZh-K

An Izhmekh IZh-K appears in the hands of several characters.

Izhmekh IZh-K - 16 Gauge
Nick Valerie (Valeriy Shevchenko) holds his shotgun.
Joe Callon (Vasiliy Styopkin) grabs the shotgun after hearing a strange noise.
A better view of Joe's shotgun.
Joe Callon raises his shotgun. The spur on the trigger guard is seen.
A good view of Joe's shotgun.
Nick Valerie aims his shotgun during the night shootout. Note the groove on the foregrip.
Joe Callon runs, shotgun in hands.
Joe Callon raises the shotgun. The shot is very blurry, but the groove on the foregrip is seen.
Joe's shotgun and Ned's Winchester are seen in the background.

Winchester Model 1895

Nearly all characters use Winchester Model 1895s. These are most likely Model 1895s manufactured for the Imperial Russian Army during World War I.

A Russian contract Model 1895 - 7.62x54mmR. Note the loading bridge over the receiver
Smiles (uncredited) puts his hat and Winchester on the table.
Bob (uncredited) carries his Winchester on a sling (pointed by the red arrow).
Numerous Winchesters are seen in the Sheriff's armory.
A farmer brandishes his Winchester.
Sheriff Ned Morley (Stasis Petronaitis) brandishes the Winchester and has a holstered revolver.
Harry Opossum (Yuriy Dubrovin (III)) holds the Winchester and carries a holstered Nagant.
The Winchester is seen in Ned's hands.
A closer view of Ned' Winchester.
A good view of the Winchester in a farmer's hand.
Harry Opossum (Yuriy Dubrovin (III)) and Lina Stone (Elena Aminova) both hold Winchesters minutes before a shootout with vigilantes takes place.
Josekiah (Konstantin Artyomenko) and most of his vigilantes are armed with the Winchesters.
A vigilante aims his Winchester.
Joe Callon (Vasiliy Styopkin) charges his Winchester after firing it.
Nick Valerie (Valeriy Shevchenko) holds vigilantes at gunpoint with his Winchester.
Josekiah runs, Winchester in hands.

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