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Japan's Longest Day

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Japan's Longest Day
Nihon no ichiban nagai hi
Movie Poster
Country Japan.jpg Japan
Directed by Kihachi Okamoto
Release Date August 12, 1967
Language Japanese
Studio Toho Company
Distributor Toho Film Distributing Co. Ltd.
Main Cast
Character Actor
Minister of War Korechika Anami Toshiro Mifune
Prime Minister Kantarō Suzuki Chishu Ryu
Hiroshi Shimomura Takashi Shimura
Minister of the Navy Mitsumasa Yonai Sō Yamamura
Shigenori Tōgō Seiji Miyaguchi
Emperor Hirohito Matsumoto Koshiro VIII

Japan's Longest Day, also known as The Emperor and the General is a 1967 Japanese movie directed by Kihachi Okamoto that describes the events of the Kyūjō incident. After the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese cabinet decided on August 14, 1945, to surrender completely. However, there is resistance in the military against the settlement of the hostilities, which is perceived as a shame. A group of officers and soldiers wanted to stop the broadcast of the radio speech by Emperor Hirohito on August 15.

The following weapons were used in the film Japan's Longest Day:


Nambu Type 14

Many Japanese officers are seen with Nambu Type 14 pistols.

Late Nambu Type 14 - 8x22mm Nambu
Officers fire their Nambu pistols.

FN Model 1910

The FN Model 1910 pistol is also used by Japanese officers including Major Kenji Hatanaka (Toshio Kurosawa), one of the chief conspirators in the Kyūjō incident.

FN Model 1910 -.380 ACP
Japanese officer on the left holds his FN pistol.
Major Hatanaka points his pistol at the NHK studio radio moderator's head.
The same situation during another scene.
Close-up of the trigger guard. Note the FN emblem on the right
After the failed coup, he takes his FN to his head
Moments before pulling the trigger.


Arisaka Type 38

All Japanese soldiers seem to be armed with Arisaka Type 38 rifles.

Arisaka Type 38 - 6.5x50mmSR Arisaka
A guard presents his Arisaka to an officer.
Coup members hold their rifles at disarmed guards.
A 5-round 6.5x50mmSR stripper clip is inserted by a soldier in a close up.
A view of two Type 30 bayonets.
A marching column in the background with shouldered Arisakas.

Machine Guns

Nambu Type 96

Japanese troops use Type 96 light machine guns.

Nambu Type 96 (minus magazine) - 6.5x50mm Arisaka
Two gunners open fire at a Minister's house.
Closer view of one of the Type 96.
Another close-up.

Nambu Type 92

Type 92 heavy machine guns are also used by Japanese soldiers.

Nambu Type 92 - 7.7x58mm SR
Coup members getting the Type 92 in position.
The prepared machine gun.

Mounted Weapons

Type 97 Aircraft

Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" fighters are armed with Type 97 aircraft machine guns.

Type 97 aircraft machine gun - 7.7x56mm R
A box of a Type 97 can be seen in the cockpit.

Type 99 20 mm Cannon

Wing-mounted Type 99s can be seen on the same aircraft.

Type 99 cannon aircraft variants, top an earlier Type 99 Mark 1 Model 3 - 20x72mm RB, bottom a later Type 99 Mark 2 Model 3 - 20x101mm RB

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