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Iron Eagle II

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Iron Eagle II (1988)

Iron Eagle II is the 1988 sequel to Iron Eagle with Sidney J. Furie returning as director. Louis Gossett Jr. returns as USAF General Charles "Chappy" Sinclair, who leads a joint USAF-Soviet task force to take out a rogue Middle Eastern country's nuclear weapons lab. Like the first film, Iron Eagle II was made with the assistance of the Israeli army and air force, which provided real F-16s to the production in addition to F-4 Phantom II aircraft, modified to resemble Soviet MiGs.

The following weapons were used in the film Iron Eagle II:


IMI Galil

Both Israeli military personnel and members of the joint U.S./Soviet task force can be seen armed with Galil rifles during the film.

IMI Galil 5.56x45mm
Israeli military personnel brandish Galil rifles.
Brig. Gen. Sinclair (Louis Gossett Jr.) dismounts from a disabled BMP-5 armed with a Galil rifle.

M16A1 Rifle

USAF personnel can be seen armed with M16A1 rifles during the film.

M16A1 5.56x45mm with 30-round magazine
On the left, a USAF MP with an M16A1 rifle slung on his back


The enemy soldiers in the film can be seen armed primarily with both fixed stock AK-47 and folding-stock AKS-47 rifles, all of which have Israeli blank-firing adaptors.

AK-47 7.62x39mm
Enemy soldiers fire AK-47 rifles
AKS-47 7.62x39mm
An enemy soldier (left) armed with an AKS-47 rifle


Georgi Koshkin (Uri Gavriel) can be seen using an AIMS rifle (A Romanian AKMS clone), distinguished from the other AK's in the film by the stamped receiver, vertical foregrip integrated into the handguard, and side-folding wire stock. His also has an orange bakelite plastic magazine and the standard slant compensator replaced with an Israeli blank-firing adaptor. While it may seem strange for a Soviet soldier to use a Romanian AK clone, the Iron Eagle series is somewhat notorious for inaccuracies in depictions of military hardware.

Romanian AIMS 7.62x39mm
Georgi Koshkin (right) firing his AIMS
Closeup of Koshkin's AIMS behind MSG. Downs' head

Submachine Guns

Mini Uzi

At one point in the film, Chappy gathers the members of the task force together and challenges them to use a pair of Mini Uzis to shoot each other, though neither side is willing to do more than fire a burst into the sand, at which point Chappy informs them of the alternate plan to use nuclear bombers to destroy the target, fallout from which would kill hundreds of innocent civilians living nearby.

Mini Uzi 9x19mm
Brig. Gen. Sinclair challenges task force members to a shootout with twin Mini Uzis


Colt Python

Brigadier General Charles "Chappy" Sinclair (Louis Gossett Jr.) can be seen carrying a Colt Python as his sidearm during the film, first in a hip holster, then later in a shoulder holster.

Colt Python .357 Magnum with 6" barrel
Brig. Gen. Sinclair with his Colt Python in a hip holster
Brigadier General Charles "Chappy" Sinclair (Louis Gossett Jr.) with his Colt Python in a shoulder holster.


USAF Security personnel and Master Sergeant Neville Downs (Maury Chaykin) can be seen carrying M1911A1 pistols as their sidearms.

M1911A1 .45 ACP
USAF Security personnel with a holstered M1911A1

Walther PP

The Soviet members of the task force carry Walther PP pistols as their sidearms (due to its similarity to the Makarov PM). At one point, Koshkin uses his to shoot a basketball when the others are pestering him to play a game while he's trying to eat.

Walther PP
"Shoot the ball good?" Koshkin pulls the Walther when asked how to shoot a basketball.

Machine Guns


Later in the film, Technical Sergeant Hickman (Jason Blicker) can be seen armed with an FN MAG 58 machine gun, abandoning it when he makes a run to set off bombs planted at the base of an enemy bunker.

FN MAG 58 7.62x51mm NATO
Technical Sergeant Hickman (Jason Blicker) fires his FN MAG 58.

Heavy Weapons

M61 Vulcan

The M61 Vulcan cannon appears in the film as the secondary armament of F-16C Fighting Falcons flown by the US pilots and F-4E Phantom II's (standing in for MiG-29 Fulcrums) flown by the Soviet pilots in the film. As in the previous Iron Eagle film, acetyline-firing mockups are used to simulate the actual M61 Vulcans in closeup shots of the weapon firing.

M61 Vulcan - 20mm
The F-16's gun is seen being fired. Here the weapon is an acetylene-firing mockup.

DEFA Cannon (mockup)

As in Iron Eagle, the enemy "MiG-23" fighters in the film (in reality Israeli-built Kfirs) can be seen armed with DEFA cannons as their secondary armament.

DEFA cannon 30mm in twin mount
The enemy "MiG-23" fires its cannon. Just as with the M61's on the F-16's, acetylene mockups are used for closeup shots when the weapons are fired.

Browning M3 Aircraft

When it starts to look as if the task force might fail their mission, nuclear bombers are sent as a contingency plan, including a B-52D Stratofortress armed with four Browning M3 heavy machine guns mounted in the tail.

Browning M3 Heavy Machine Gun .50 BMG
The tail-end of a B-52D Stratofortress bomber armed with four Browning M3 heavy machine guns



There are two appearances of the M72 LAW, both seen in the hands of enemy soldiers. The first one is used to knock out one of the task force's BMP-5 armored personnel carriers (in reality, mocked-up M113 armored personnel carriers). The other is fired at Hickman in an attempt to kill him as he's making his run for the bunkers, but misses.

M72 LAW 66mm
An enemy soldier fires an M72 LAW at the BMP.

M18 Smoke Grenade

Near the end of the film, Tech. Sergeant Hickman can be seen carrying an M18 smoke grenade strapped to his chest.

M18 smoke grenade
Tech. Sgt. Hickman with an M18 smoke grenade strapped to his chest

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