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Inside the Mafia

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Inside the Mafia (1959)

Inside the Mafia is a 1959 American crime film based loosely on the the 1957 American Mafia conference known as "the Apalachin meeting". The film details the plans of a rogue Mafia faction, led by Tony Ledo (Cameron Mitchell) to kill Johnny Lucero (Grant Richards), the Mafia leader, as he returns from Italy from 10 years of exile to preside over an all-Mafia conference at a vacation lodge in the fictional "Apple Lake" in Upstate New York.

The following guns were used in the film Inside the Mafia:


The primary firearms used in the film are revolvers, almost all of them snub-nosed, and many difficult to identify due to distance and low resolution.

Colt Detective Special

Several of the gangsters appear to use Colt Detective Special revolvers as their main weapon.

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen - .38 Special
Inside the Mafia - barber revo.jpg
Inside the Mafia - two snubs.jpg

S&W revolvers

The police officer, and later the New York State Police, appear to be carrying S&W revolvers, possibly K-frame.

Ledo disarms Capt. Doug Blair (James Brown).
Note tear gas gun with trooper behind car (see below).

Submachine Guns

Thompson M1921

The Thompson M1921 submachine guns makes only one appearance, in a gunfight between two cars on a rural highway; the "chopper" is later referenced but not seen, as a gangster carries it in a suitcase to a planned ambush. In the car scene, note both Thompsons have their buttstocks removed, and the cylindrical compensator (likely the 1921C model) may be seen in some shots.

Inside the Mafia - tommy load2.jpg
In the Mafia - Tommy reply.jpg
'Chins' Dayton (Richard Karlan): "He won't have a chance, not with the chopper."


FedLabs 1.5" riot gas gun

The 1.5" FedLabs gas gun plays a key role at the end of the film, when the State Police employ a pair of the gas guns to launch shells into a house.

Federal L-5 Gas Riot Gun - 37mm
Inside the Mafia - FedLabs run.jpg
The second gas-gunner may be seen in the background just right of the muzzle of the foreground gunner.
The gas shells impact inside.

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