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A Star Called Wormwood (Hvězda zvaná Pelyněk)

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Hvězda zvaná Pelyněk
Wormwood PCA.jpg
Cinema poster
Country CZE.jpg Czechoslovakia
Directed by Martin Fric
Release Date 1964
Language Czech
Studio Filmové studio Barrandov
Main Cast
Character Actor
Tonka Jirina Bohdalová
Hilda Vlasta Matulová
Pvt. František Noha Rudolf Deyl
Pvt. Červenka Jirí Sovák
Cpl. Vodička Radoslav Brzobohatý
Pvt. Lojzík Jan Tríska
Pvt. Koval Martin Ruzek
Capt. Dicker Jaroslav Rauser

A Star Called Wormwood (Original title: Hvězda zvaná Pelyněk) is a 1964 Czechoslovak war drama directed by Martin Fric and inspired by the real historical events - rebellion, which occurred in 7th Infantry regiment of the Austro-Hungarian army who was located in Rumburk at the end of the WWI. Starring Jirina Bohdalová, Rudolf Deyl, Radoslav Brzobohatý, Cestmír Randa and Jan Tríska.

The following weapons were used in the film A Star Called Wormwood (Hvězda zvaná Pelyněk):

FN Model 1910

FN Model 1910 is used by Austro-Hungarian officers at the end of WWI as their sidearms.

FN Model 1910 - .380 ACP
FN Model 1910 is also a sidearm of 7th battalion commander.
7th battalion commander Capt. Dicker (Jaroslav Rauser) (left) holds his gun in hand.
František Noha (Rudolf Deyl) along with command functions also received the gun.

Steyr Mannlicher M1895

The standard weapon of Austro-Hungarian soldiers was the Steyr Mannlicher M1895 short rifle.

Karabiner-Stutzen M1895/30, System Mannlicher - 8x56mmR Steyr
Pvt. Koval (Martin Ruzek) (left) and Cpl. Vodička (Radoslav Brzobohatý) (in the background) with rifles over their shoulders.
File:Jan Tríska-Manlicher M1895.jpg
Pvt. Lojzík (Jan Tríska) with a rifle on his back has the order to guard the arrested rioters.
File:Jaroslav Mareš-Mannlicher95.jpg
The soldiers refused to to comply with an order of fw. Klozberg and put bayonets on rifles.
Pvt. Kolarík (Gustav Heverle) cleans his Steyr Mannlicher M1895.
File:Jirí Sovák-Mannlicher95.jpg
Soldiers Červenka (Jirí Sovák) (left) and Werner (Jaroslav Mareš) (right) did arrest battalion staff.
Pvt. Pelnář (Josef Vetrovec)(left) with his rifle stops a train at the place of the last battle.
The firing squad executes the judgment of the military court martial over the leaders of the rebellion.

Schwarzlose M1907/24

In the movie is a Schwarzlose M1907/24 heavy machine gun used by both sides.

Schwarzlose-Janeček vz. 07/24 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Also Schwarzlose Machine Gun Model 07/12 looted the soldiers in the military arms depot.
The rebellious soldiers celebrating in controlled the town. Weapons are ready to square. Note the protected front sight; a feature of the vz. 24 variant.
The Austrian-Hungarian army troop is trying to stop rebels by several machine guns.
František Noha (Rudolf Deyl) and Lojzík (Jan Tríska) fire a machine gun during their first and also last fight.


To equipping of Austro-Hungarian infantrymen belongs also to the Zeitzünderhandgranates.

Zeitzünderhandgranate Modell 1914
The rebels soldiers looted a warehouse of weapons, include Zeitzünderhandgranates.
File:Jaroslav Mareš-Stielhandgranate.jpg
Older soldier (Ladislav H. Struna) (left) and Werner (Jaroslav Mareš) with grenades at their belts.

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