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Gangsters of the Ocean (Gangstery v okeane)

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Gangsters of the Ocean (Gangstery v okeane)
Gangstery v okeane DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Flag of the United States.jpg USA
South Korean flag.jpg South Korea
Directed by Stepan Puchinyan
Release Date 1991
Language Russian
Studio ASK
Gorky Film Studios
Hong-Jong Corporation
Main Cast
Character Actor
Gennady Aleksandr Mikhaylov
Anna Anna Samokhina
Stuart Donald Peteris Gaudins
Ivan Vasilyevich Armen Dzhigarkhanyan
Boatswain Lev Durov
Sobakin Leonid Kuravlyov
Wilkey Sergei Krylov
Mesoto Oleg Li

Gangsters of the Ocean (Gangstery v okeane) is a 1991 Soviet-American-South Korean action movie directed by Stepan Puchinyan. An American cargo ship is sunk by unknown submarine near Philippines. The crew is saved by a Soviet cargo ship which is in turn hijacked by pirates, disguised as Phillipine border guards. The sailors of both crews have to make their way to freedom and find out who stands behind all these events.

The following weapons were used in the film Gangsters of the Ocean (Gangstery v okeane):



M1911A1 pistol is seen in hands of the American shipmaster Stuart Donald (Peteris Gaudins) in the scene of the sinking of his ship. Mesoto (Oleg Li), the chief of the pirates boarding group, carries an M1911A1 in holster. Later Gennady (Aleksandr Mikhaylov), Soviet chief mate, disarms Mesoto and gives the pistol to Soviet shipmaster Ivan Vasilyevich (Armen Dzhigarkhanyan).

World War II Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
Donald holds his pistol against the backdrop of the raging flames.
Donald aims.
Mesoto, disguised as a Filipino border guards officer, carries a pistol in holster.
Gennady handles the pistol to Ivan Vasilyevich.
Ivan Vasilyevich with M1911 in hand.

Baby Browning

When the American sailors capture the pirates boss Mr. White (Laimonas Noreika), Wilkey (Sergei Krylov) takes White's pocket pistol that appears to be a Baby Browning.

Baby Browning - .25 ACP
Wilkey disarms White.
White manages to retrieve his pistol back, and now he holds Wilkey at gunpoint.
White threatens American sailors.

Assault Rifles


Most pirates carry AKS-74U short assault rifles, sometimes with removed flash hiders. Captured AKS-74Us are used by American and Soviet sailors.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
A pirate with AKS-74U, disguised as a Filipino border guard. His gun lacks the flash hider.
A close view of the business end is seen when Donald (Peteris Gaudins) threatens White.
Dustin (Ovanes Vanyan), an American sailor, holds an AKS-74U.
White (Laimonas Noreika) with two AKS-74Us (one in hands and another one on sling).
Sobakin (Leonid Kuravlyov), a Soviet sailor, disarms White.
Price (Dalius Mertinas), another American sailor, holds an AKS-74U.
Gennady (Aleksandr Mikhaylov) holds an AKS-74U. Note the lack of flash hider.
A pirate with AKS-74U in the wheelhouse of the Soviet ship.
Donald fires an AKS-74U.
A pirate carries an AKS-74U while manning the SPG-9 recoilless rifle.
A pirate fires at a US Navy helicopter in the final scene.


Some pirates are armed with AKS-74s.

AKS-74 with Bakelite magazine - 5.45x39mm
A pirate with AKS-74, disguised as a Filipino border guard.
A pirate at the right aims his AKS-74 at Gennady.

Sturmgewehr 44 (visually modified)

Some pirates are armed with Sturmgewehr 44s visually modified to resemble Armalite rifles (M16s or AR-10s for example). A captured gun is used by the Soviet boatswain (Lev Durov). Such movie props are often seen in Soviet movies of 1970s-90s.

Sturmgewehr 44, visually modified to resemble an Armalite rifle - 7.62x39 blank
A pirate at the left aims his StG 44 at Gennady.
A pirate with StG 44 guards the hijacked Soviet ship
The boatswain takes the gun from incapacitated pirate.

Machine Guns


Pirate boats, disguised as Filipino patrol boats, are armed with NSV machine guns in twin Utyos-M turret. Each boat carries an Utyos-M on the bow.

Tripod-mounted NSV heavy machine gun with ammo box and belt - 12.7x107mm
An Utyos-M turret on the bow of the pirate boat.
A close view of the barrels.

Other Weapons


In the final scene a pirate boat attacks escaping Soviet ship with SPG-9 recoilless rifle, mounted on the stern.

SPG-9 recoilless rifle - 73mm
Pirates man the SPG-9.
They fire at Soviet ship.


Project 1400M patrol boat (also known as Zhuk-class) appears as a pirate boat.
In the final scene three Mi-8 helicopters appear as US Navy helicopters.
Each helicopter carries two B8V20-A pods, each with twenty 80-mm S-8 rockets.
Fire! A helicopter attacks a pirate boat.

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