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Elusive Jan (Neulovimyy Yan)

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Elusive Jan (Neulovimyy Yan)
Neulovimyy Yan Poster.jpg
Original Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Isidor Annensky
Vladimir Petrov
Release Date 1942
Language Russian
Studio Tbilisi Film Studios
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jan Smudek Evgeniy Samoylov
Milcha Evgeniya Gorkusha
Jaroslav Yuri Alekseev-Meskhiev
Professor Georgiy Davitashvili
Drabek Konstantin Dobjinski
Gestapo agent Kote Daushvili
German army officier Anatoliy Smiranin

Elusive Jan (Neulovimyy Yan) is a Soviet B&W 1942 war movie, directed by Isidor Annensky and Vladimir Petrov. It is based on the real story of Czech resistance fighter Jan Smudek.

The following weapons were used in the film Elusive Jan (Neulovimyy Yan):


Korovin TK

Milcha (Evgeniya Gorkusha) owns a pocket pistol that appears to be a Korovin TK. A pocket pistol of similar outlook (probably same prop) is seen in hands of a Gestapo agent.

Korovin TK - .25 ACP
Neulovimyy Yan-Pistol1-1.jpg
Neulovimyy Yan-Pistol1-3.jpg
Milcha sleeps with a pistol in hand.
A Gestapo agent at the right holds a pistol that is supposed to be a TK.

FN Model 1903

An FN Model 1903 pistol appears in several scenes in hands of Gestapo agents. Jan Smudek (Evgeniy Samoylov) disarms an agent and takes his pistol. A single prop is reused, identified by visible lack of barrel bushing.

FN Browning Model 1903 - 9x20mm Browning Long
A guard of German labor camp executes a Czech.
A Gestapo agent at the right holds an FN Model 1903.
Jan disarms a Gestapo agent.
Jan fires the pistol. The lack of barrel bushing is seen.
A plainclothes Gestapo agent (Kote Daushvili) fires at a Czech waiter who helped Jan.
The lack of barrel bushing is seen.
Jan fires at pursuers.

Steyr M1912

A Gestapo agent (Kote Daushvili) is seen with a Steyr M1912 (later this character is seen with an FN Model 1903). A Steyr is also used by another Gestapo agent.

Steyr Hahn Model 1912 - 9x23mm Steyr
A Gestapo agent at the right holds a Steyr.
A Gestapo agent (Kote Daushvili) draws a Steyr.

Unidentified pistols

Two Gestapo agents hold pistols that can be FN Model 1903s or TT-33s.
One of abovementioned agents holds his pistol.

Submachine Guns

Suomi M31

When Jan Smudek (Evgeniy Samoylov) joins partsans in the final scene, he carries a Suomi M31 SMG.

Suomi KP/-31 - 9x19mm
Neulovimyy Yan-Suomi-1.jpg


Mosin Nagant Rifle

A Mosin Nagant Rifle of unclear model with makeshift attachment of bayonet sword is hold by Sturmabteilung (SA) soldier who pursues after Jan.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 - 7.62x54mm R
A pursuer aims at Jan.
He is shot and falls, dropping his rifle. The bayonet falls off.

Mauser Puška vz. 98/29

SA soldiers and guards in labor camps carry full-length VZ-98/29 Persian Mauser rifles. In the final scene Milcha (Evgeniya Gorkusha) carries one of these.

Czech Persian Mauser vz. 98/29 with VZ-23 bayonet - 8x57mm
Professor tries to stop a German SA soldier during the rampage in Charles University in Prague.
A buttstock of Mauser rifle is seen in same scene.
A guard in labor camp holds his rifle at the background.
Neulovimyy Yan-Mauser-6.jpg
An SA soldier holds a Mauser rifle with bayonet while escorting arrested Czechs.
Milcha carries a rifle. Note the shape of front sight and large sling swivel.

Wz. 29 Mauser

Some SA soldiers carry Polish Wz. 29 Mauser rifles.

Wz. 29 Mauser - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Neulovimyy Yan-Mauser-5.jpg
SA soldiers escort arrested Czechs.
A barrel of Wz.29 is seen in center.

Machine Guns

Unidentified heavy machine gun

A machine gun on tripod is seen in German labor camp.

The machine gun is seen at the right.

Unidentified light machine gun

In the final scene Czech partisans carry a light machine gun. A Polish Browning wz. 1928 is possible but too vague guess.

Polish Browning wz. 1928 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Neulovimyy Yan-MachineGun-2.jpg
Neulovimyy Yan-MachineGun-3.jpg



A guard in labor camp carries a revolver holster, possibly Nagant.
An SA soldier carries a Nagant holster (it is definitely empty).
A Gestapo agent at the left carries a TT holster.

Documentary Footage

Karabiner 98k

German soldiers carry Karabiner 98k rifles in the scene of parage in Prague.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Neulovimyy Yan-Chronicle-3.jpg
Neulovimyy Yan-Chronicle-4.jpg


An MG15 machine gun is seen mounted on He 111 bomber.

MG15 machine gun - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Heinkel He 111


Messerschmitt Bf 110
Heinkel He 111

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