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Darkman II: The Return of Durant

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The following guns can be seen in the movie Darkman II: The Return of Durant:

Darkman II: The Return of Durant (1995)


Early in the film, several gangbangers are involved in a high-speed pursuit/shootout, firing at each other from fast-moving cars with automatic weapons. One of them is armed with what appears to be an AKS-47 assault rifle fitted with an AKM-style slant muzzle brake. After fleeing the scene of the chase, he is confronted by Darkman/Peyton Westlake (Arnold Vosloo) and unloads an entire magazine from his AK at him, but Westlake holds up a manhole cover as makeshift body armor. He then knocks the gangbanger out by throwing the manhole cover at him.

The weapon is not a Norinco Type 56-1, a Chinese AKS-47 copy that is most commonly seen in American and European movies, because it has the U-shaped open front sight (as opposed to the full-circle "hooded" front sight of the Type 56) and a milled receiver (whereas the folding-stock Type 56-1 was only ever manufactured with a stamped receiver). However, since very few genuine Russian-made AK-47s were ever imported to the U.S. or Canada (where the movie was filmed), the rifle is most likely another Chinese AK derivative, a Poly Technologies Legend. The PT Legend was a very close replica of the original Russian AK-47, and was about the closest that Westerners could get to owning a real AK-47.

AKS-47 7.62x39mm
The gangbanger points his AKS-47 at a rival gangster.
Another shot showing the muzzle of the AK clearly, revealing the U-shaped front sight.

Mk II Hand Grenade

During the car chase at the beginning of the film, one of the gangbangers pulls out a Mk II hand grenade and uses it to disable the car driven by their rivals.

Mk II hand grenade.

The "Vigilante"

The plot of Darkman II revolves around a scheme by Westlake's nemesis, Robert G. Durant (Larry Drake), to manufacture and market a new type of sophisticated super-weapon. The weapon, which Durant refers to as the "Vigilante", is developed by Dr. Alfred Hathaway (Lawrence Dane), a scientist whom Durant breaks out of an insane asylum. It is described in the film as an air-cooled particle beam weapon that is initially powered by conventional electricity. It is later re-tooled to be powered by stolen Soviet plutonium supplied by Ivan Druganov (Rod Wilson), a former KGB agent now working for Durant. The Vigilante is quite obviously a prop made up completely for the movie; unlike some other science-fiction movie weapons, it does not seem to use any components borrowed from real-world firearms in the construction of the prop.

Durant's plan is to sell the Vigilante to a neo-Nazi vigilante gang being funded by a wealthy man named Mr. Perkins (James Millington), which wants to use the weapons to "take back the streets" from criminal gangs, at a cost of "five million dollars each, batteries not included". Durant plays along with their jingoism even though his actual motive is to sell them the weapons so that they can wipe out all of his criminal rivals. When Perkins witnesses a demonstration of the Vigilante, he remarks, "Mr. Durant, you have revolutionized the Right to Bear Arms." To which Durant replies, "In this case, the far right to bear arms."

Durant ultimately winds up using one of the Vigilante rifles through much of the climax, and nearly succeeds in killing Westlake with the weapon. Westlake is saved when Laurie Brinkman (Renée O'Connor) fires a captured Beretta 92FS at Durant's weapon, knocking out the plutonium canister and disabling it. Westlake mocks Durant by referencing his sales pitch to Perkins: "Batteries not included".

Dr. Hathaway next to an advertisement poster for the "Vigilante" particle-beam weapon he developed. In this shot, he is angry at Perkins for suggesting his weapon is "science-fiction", responding, "No, Mr. Perkins, this is science faction!"
A view of the prototype Vigilante.
Dr. Hathaway fires the prototype Vigilante at a tanker rail car, destroying it.
Durant aims one of the production-model Vigilantes at Westlake.
Durant, holding the Vigilante on Westlake, turns to look at Laurie just before she fires a Beretta 92FS at the weapon, disabling it.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3

When Durant breaks Dr. Alfred Hathaway (Lawrence Dane) out of an insane asylum where he is being held prisoner, one of his henchmen, Roy (Steve Mousseau), uses a Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 suppressed submachine gun to kill an orderly in Hathaway's cell. The weapon is fitted with a tactical flashlight under the barrel.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 9x19mm
Roy wielding an H&K MP5SD3 in the insane asylum when they break out Dr. Hathaway.

Taurus PT92

Durant's (Larry Drake's) sidearm throughout the movie is a two-tone Taurus PT92 9mm, which has a stainless frame and barrel, but a regular black slide. For some reason, whenever he fires his PT92, the gunshots are dubbed over with the sound of a suppressed pistol being fired, even though Durant's gun clearly does not have a sound suppressor attached.

Taurus PT92 (reverse two-tone) - 9x19mm
Durant fires his two-tone Taurus PT92 at a car that nearly hits him while he is chasing Westlake.
Another view of Durant firing his Taurus PT92, eyes closed.
"I knew you'd come after me. All I had to do was dangle the right bait in front of what's left of your nose."
Durant holds Laurie hostage with his PT92 to draw out Westlake.

Vz 61 Skorpion SA

Durant's henchman Ivan Druganov (Rod Wilson), a former KGB agent, carries a Vz 61 Skorpion SA as his weapon of choice throughout the film. When Westlake disguises himself as Ivan by putting on a mask of Ivan's face, he takes the Skorpion for himself, and later fires it at the windshield of Durant's new bulletproof limousine to demonstrate the windshield's strength.

Skorpion SA Vz 61 - .32 ACP
Durant and his men aim their weapons at Westlake. From left to right: Eddie with his VP70, Ivan with his Vz 61 Skorpion, and Durant with his Taurus PT92.
A close-up of Ivan's Skorpion lying on the floor before Westlake retrieves it.
Westlake (disguised as Ivan) demonstrates the windshield of Durant's bulletproof limousine.
Another shot of Westlake firing the Skorpion at the limousine's windshield.
The real Ivan fires his Skorpion at Westlake during the shootout at the site of the weapons deal.

Heckler & Koch VP70

Durant's henchman and "negotiator" Eddie (David Ferry) carries a Heckler & Koch VP70 as his sidearm throughout the movie.

Heckler & Koch VP70 9mm
Durant and his men aim their weapons at Westlake. From left to right: Eddie with his Heckler & Koch VP70, Ivan with his Vz 61 Skorpion, and Durant with his Taurus PT92.
Eddie firing his Heckler & Koch VP70 in the warehouse.
Eddie inspects what he thinks to be Westlake's dead body, his Heckler & Koch VP70 in hand.

Glock 17

Durant's henchman Roy (Steve Mousseau) carries a Glock 17 as his sidearm throughout the movie.

Glock 17 9mm
Roy holds his Glock 17 on Westlake.
Roy searches for Westlake with his Glock 17 at the ready.

Beretta 92FS

One of the Skinheads uses a Beretta 92FS during the final shootout at the site of the weapons sale, which he uses to kill Dr. Hathaway after Hathaway kills Mr. Perkins. Durant takes the Skinhead down with his Taurus PT92. Laurie Brinkman (Renée O'Connor) later picks up the Skinhead's Beretta, and uses it to shoot at Durant while he is pointing a Vigilante rifle at Westlake. Her shot knocks the plutonium "battery" of the Vigilante, rendering it useless.

It's hard to be sure due to lighting conditions, but it appears that the female gangbanger in the shootout at the beginning of the movie is also using a Beretta 92FS.

Beretta 92FS 9mm
A Skinhead is shot by Durant while holding his Beretta 92FS.
Laurie points the Skinhead's Beretta at Durant.

Mossberg 500

A pistol-grip Mossberg 500 is used by Dr. Hathaway (Lawrence Dane) in the climax of the film.

Mossberg 500 with high-capacity magazine tube - 12 Gauge
"Nazi bastard!" Dr. Hathaway with a Mossberg 500

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