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Cotton Comes to Harlem

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Cotton Comes to Harlem
Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Ossie Davis
Release Date 1970
Studio Formosa Productions
Distributor United Artists
Main Cast
Character Actor
Gravedigger Jones Godfrey Cambridge
Coffin Ed Johnson Raymond St. Jacques
Reverend Deke O'Malley Calvin Lockhart
Iris Judy Pace
Uncle Bud Redd Foxx
Calhoun J.D. Cannon

Cotton Comes to Harlem is a 1970 film directed by Ossie Davis and based on a novel of the same name by Chester Himes. Two NYPD detectives, Gravedigger Jones (Godfrey Cambridge) and Coffin Ed Johnson (Raymond St. Jacques) investigate the robbery of $87,000 of savings from poor Harlem families, stolen during a "Back to Africa" fundraising drive held by conman Reverend Deke O'Malley (Calvin Lockhart). Hidden in a bale of cotton, the money changes hands numerous times as the detectives, O'Malley and the gang of thieves that stole the money fight over it. Cotton Comes to Harlem is notable as one of the earliest Blaxploitation films and spawned a sequel, 1972's Come Back, Charleston Blue.

The following weapons were used in the film Cotton Comes to Harlem:


Colt Python

Coffin Ed Johnson (Raymond St. Jacques) uses a nickel-plated Colt Python as his main weapon throughout the film.

Colt Python with 4" Barrel and factory wood grips - .357 Magnum
Coffin Ed Johnson fires the Colt Python during the robbery of the money.
Coffin Ed holds the Python during a car chase.
The Colt Python is fired at the fleeing robbers.
Coffin Ed holds the Python in the finale.

Colt Detective Special

Gravedigger Jones (Godfrey Cambridge) uses a nickel-plated Colt Detective Special as his sidearm.

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with nickel finish and pearl grips - .38 Special
Gravedigger hands Coffin Ed his Colt Detective Special.
Gravedigger holds the Colt Detective Special while questioning Deke O'Malley's wife Iris.
Gravedigger uses his revolver to shoot away a hippie's hat.

Beretta Model 70

Gravedigger also fires a Beretta Model 70 during the car chase sequence.

Beretta Model 70 - .32 ACP

Colt M1911A1

Coffin Ed uses a M1911A1 pistol alongside his Colt Python during a shootout at Abe Goodman's junkyard, and later in the finale at the Apollo Theater.

World War II Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
Coffin Ed holds the M1911A1 during the junkyard shootout.
Gravedigger and Coffin Ed interrogate Iris.

Smith & Wesson M&P

Calhoun (J.D. Cannon) uses a Smith & Wesson M&P revolver to threaten O'Malley's wife Iris (Judy Pace).

Smith & Wesson Model M&P Revolver - .38 Special
Calhoun threatens Iris.
Calhoun holds the Smith & Wesson M&P.


Sawn-Off Double Barreled Shotgun

A sawn-off double barreled shotgun is used by Gravedigger during the finale.

Remington Spartan Sawed Off shotgun - 12 gauge
Gravedigger enters a safe room after using the sawn-off to shoot open the door.
Gravedigger holds the shotgun in the finale.

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun

NYPD officers including Sergeant Jerema (Dick Sabol) use Winchester Model 1897 riot guns while confronting protesters who want to free O'Malley from jail.

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun - 12 Gauge
Officers grab Winchester Model 1897 shotguns.
Sergeant Jerema holds a Winchester Model 1897.

Submachine Guns

Carl Gustaf M/45

The thieves use Carl Gustaf M/45 submachine guns while stealing the money from O'Malley's rally, and later during the junkyard shootout.

Swedish K / Carl Gustav M45 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm‎
A thief holds a Carl Gustaf M/45. Note the enlarged blank adaptor.
The thief opens fire.
A thief fires a M/45 during the junkyard shootout.

M1928 Thompson

One of Deke O'Malley's henchmen wields a M1928 Thompson during the shootout at the scrapyard.

M1928 "Tommy Gun" or "Chicago typewriter" with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP, made famous through countless classic gangster movies.
The henchman opens fire with the M1928 Thompson, which has an attached flashlight.
The henchman exchanges fire with the thieves.
The M1928 Thompson is sprayed wildly.


M1A1 Carbine

M1A1 Carbines are used by the thieves during the robbery of O'Malley's rally. Calhoun later uses a M1A1 carbine during the shootout at the junkyard.

M1A1 Carbine with original L style rear sights, and side-folding stock, often referred to as the 'Paratrooper' carbine - .30 Carbine.
A thief brandishes a M1A1 Carbine.
A thief holds a M1A1 during the car chase.
Calhoun holds a M1A1 Carbine.


An assortment of rifles can be found in a saferoom under the pulpit at O'Malley's church.



Vz. 30 Flare Pistol

Gravedigger uses a Vz. 30 Flare Pistol during the junkyard shootout to alert Coffin Ed and to shoot one of O'Malley's men.

Vz. 30 Flare Pistol - 26.5mm
Gravedigger holds a Vz. 30 Flare Pistol.
Gravedigger fires the Vz. 30 Flare Pistol.

Federal L-5 Gas Riot Gun

NYPD officers use the Federal Gas Riot Gun during a standoff with protesters outside the precinct.

Federal L-5 Gas Riot Gun - 37mm
NYPD officers hold Federal Gas Riot Guns.

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