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City of Life and Death

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City of Life and Death
Movie Poster
Country CHN.jpg China
HKG.jpg Hong Kong
Directed by Lu Chuan
Release Date April 22, 2009
Language English
Mandarin Chinese
Studio China Film Group Corporation (CFGC)
Chuan Films
Distributor Media Asia Distribution
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lu Jianxiong Ye Liu
Miss Jiang Yuanyuan Gao
Mr. Tang Wei Fan
Mrs. Tang Lan Qin
Sgt. Masao Kadokawa Hideo Nakaizumi
Osamu Ida Ryu Kohata

City of Life and Death is a 2009 Chinese historical drama. During the Second Sino-Japanese War, Lu Jianxiong (Liu Ye), a Chinese officer, puts up a valiant but futile defense of the city of Nanking from invading Japanese troops. When the city falls, the Japanese occupiers go on a brutal killing spree, leading to thousands of deaths in what would later become infamously known as the Rape of Nanking.

The following weapons were used in the film City of Life and Death:


Type 24 Zhongzheng

The Type Zhongzheng Rifle is used by Chinese Nationalist soldiers, including Lieutenant Lu Jianxiong (Liu Ye), in defense of Nanking.

Type Zhongzheng rifle - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Nationalist deserters try to escape Nanking, armed with Type Zhongzheng Rifles. Note the M35 helmets and Germanesque uniforms. This is historically correct, for Adolf Hitler sent advisors to train and equip the KMT in the 1930s, before allying with Imperial Japan.
Nationalist soldiers ambush Imperial Japanese troops.
A Nationalist fires his Type Zhongzheng.
Lieutenant Lu Jianxiong (Liu Ye) struggles with the bolt of his rifle.
Lu creeps forward with his rifle.
A Nationalist with his rifle.
Shunzi (Zhao Yisui) takes cover with his rifle.
Lu loads a 7.92x57mm Mauser into his rifle. There are several more rounds in his hand.

Hanyang 88

At least one Nationalist soldier carries a Hanyang 88 in battle.

Hanyang 88 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A Nationalist soldier carries a Hanyang 88.

Arisaka Type 38

The Imperial Japanese soldiers, including Kadokawa Masao (Nakaizumi Hideo), use the Arisaka Type 38 in the battle and occupation of Nanking. True to life, all the rifles are fitted with the Model 30 bayonet.

Arisaka Type 38 rifle with Type 30 bayonet - 6.5x50mmSR Arisaka
Imperial Japanese soldiers armed with Arisaka Type 38 rifles prepare to attack Nanking.
A Japanese soldier aims his Arisaka at an approaching car.
A Japanese soldier holds his rifle on John Rabe, a German businessman. In real life, despite being a Nazi Party member, Rabe used his connections to shelter approx. 200,000 Chinese from the Japanese during the massacre.
Japanese soldiers advance through the streets of Nanking.
Kadokawa Masao (Nakaizumi Hideo) takes cover with his Arisaka. Note the open bolt and the 6.5x50mm rounds in the chamber.
A Japanese soldier guns down a Nationalist.
Kadowaka with his Arisaka after the battle. Note the Rising Sun flag tied to the barrel.
Japanese Guards armed with Arisaka watch Nationalist prisoners.

Machine Guns

ZB vz. 26

The ZB vz. 26 is used by Chinese Nationalists in the defense of Nanking.

ZB vzor 26 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A Nationalist deserter holds a ZB26, sans magazine.
A ZB26 can be seen in the hands of a Nationalist soldier.

Nambu Type 92

The Type 92 heavy machine gun is used by Japanese soldiers to mow down Chinese Prisoners of War after the battle.

Nambu Type 92 - 7.7x58mm Arisaka
A Japanese Assistant Gunner loads a 30-round stripper clip into a Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun.
A Type 92 strafes a Nationalist defensive position.
The Type 92 firing. Note the empty stripper clip feeding out of the left side of the weapon.
Close-up of the ammunition belt firing.

Nambu Type 97

The Type 97 light machine gun is mounted on the Japanese Type 95 "Ha-Go" tanks used to bombard the city.

Nambu Type 97 - 7.7x58mm Arisaka
A Type 97 Light Machine Gun can be seen mounted on a Japanese Type 95 "Ha-Go" tank.

Nambu Type 99

Imperial Japanese soldiers use the Type 99 Light Machine Gun in the battle of Nanking and to massacre Chinese Prisoners of War. Note that this in anachronistic, as the Type 99 didn't enter service until 1939 and the Battle was fought in 1937. The Type 96 light machine gun would have been more accurate, but was probably difficult to acquire.

Nambu Type 99 - 7.7x58mm Arisaka
A Type 99 deployed on a sandbag during the battle.
One of the Nationalist reinforcements hoists a Type 99.
Close-up of a Type 99 barrel.
A Type 99 can be seen to the left of the frame.

Wz. 30 Browning

A Wz. 30 Browning is mounted on a Nationalist Vickers Mark E Type B that ambushes a Japanese column during the battle after pretending to be out of commission. This suggests that the tank was a Polish model, for the wz.30 was indeed fitted as a coaxial machine gun on Polish armor.

Wz. 30 Browning - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A Ckm wz.30 can be seen mounted on the turret of a Nationalist Vickers Mark E Type B tank.
The gunner opens fire with the wz.30.


Nambu Type 14

Lieutenant Ida Osamu (Kohata Ryu) uses a Nambu Type 14 in the film.

Late Nambu Type 14 - 8x22mm Nambu
Lieutenant Ida Osamu (Kohata Ryu) takes cover with his Nambu Type 14.
Osamu with his Nambu.
Note: This Type 14 is anachronistic as the larger trigger guard did not enter production until two years later in 1939.


Type 67 Stick Grenade

The Type 67 stick grenade is used by Chinese Nationalists, including Lieutenant Lu Jianxiong (Liu Ye). They are common stand-ins for the German Model 24 Stielhandgranate.

Type 67 Stick Grenade
An ammunition carrier dispenses Type 67 Stick Grenades to Nationalists soldiers.
A Nationalist soldier passes a Type 67 for his comrade to throw.
Lieutenant Lu Jianxiong (Liu Ye) readies a Type 67.
Lu holds a Type 67.
Shunzi (Zhao Yisui) pulls the pin on a Type 67.
Lu prepare several grenades. Note the numerous ejected brass on the sandbags are 7.62x39 M43/56s rounds typically used with modified prop guns.

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