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Chained Heat 2

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Chained Heat 2
DVD Cover
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
CAN.jpg Canada
Directed by Lloyd A. Simandl
Release Date 1993
Language English
Studio New Line Cinema
North American Pictures
Distributor Columbia TriStar
Main Cast
Character Actor
Magda Kassar Brigitte Nielsen
Franklin Goff Paul Koslo
Alex Morrison Kimberley Kates
Carla Markéta Hrubesová
Rosa Schmidt Jana Švandová
Stefan Lotsky Marek Vašut

The following guns were seen in the film Chained Heat 2:

Swiss Schmidt 1882/29 Ordnance Revolver

Franklin Goff (Paul Koslo) takes a Swiss Schmidt 1882/29 Ordnance Revolver from a holster in addition to some cash from a safe.

Franklin Goff (Paul Koslo) handles a Swiss Schmidt 1882/29 Ordnance Revolver - 7.5mm

Walther P38

Stefan Lotsky (Marek Vašut) carries a Walther P38 early in the film and uses it to rescue a girl.

Stefan Lotsky (Marek Vašut) carries a Walther P38 in a dark stairwell - 9mm
The clear shot of it being a P38 is clear when it is fired.

CZ27 Pocket Pistol

Czech CZ 27 Pistol - 7.65mm
Franklin Goff (Paul Koslo) points a CZ 27 Pocket Pistol at Magda Kassar (Brigitte Nielsen) - 7.65mm
Franklin Goff (Paul Koslo) fires his CZ 27 Pocket Pistol - 7.65mm
Franklin Goff (Paul Koslo) holds a CZ27 Pocket Pistol in his left hand and a cigarette lighter gun in his right hand.

Sa 25

Sa 25 - 9x19mm
A girl fires her Sa 25 down a stairwell where a bunch of guards are lying wounded - 9mm. The Sa 25 is carried by nearly all combatants in the film.
A monstrous fireball from the 9mm Blanks used in the film.
Prison guards run out and fire their Sa 25s - however the man in front may have an Sa 26 judging by the forward sweep of the magazine well.
More hot girls firing Sa 25s. In the context of the film, they are untrained escapees who were just handed the guns with no training whatsoever.
Guard reacts to being shot while he fires his Sa 25 - though the gun may be a Sa 26 judging from the forward slant of the magazine well.
The last 20 minutes of the film is a virtual montage of pretty girls firing submachine guns against similarly armed men.

CZ70 Pistol

  • A CZ70 pistol is used by Stefan Lotsky (Marek Vašut) briefly during the final battle.
Stefan Lotsky (Marek Vašut) carries a Czech CZ70 pistol in his belt - 32 ACP
Stefan Lotsky (Marek Vašut) aims his Czech CZ70 pistol - 32 ACP


MAS-38 Submachine gun - 7.65mm
Left: Prisoner celebrates with her MAS-38. Right: Kassar plays with her MAS-38 as she watches two women fight each other.
Magda Kassar (Brigitte Nielsen) aims her French MAS-38 Submachine gun at Alex Morrison (Kimberley Kates) - 7.65mm

Czech BRNO VZ24 Mauser

Handing out BRNO VZ24 Mausers to all.
Prisoners set down their Mausers after the prison rebellion ends - 7.92mm

F-1 Grenade

An F-1 is thrown by a girl at the feet of a soldier, however in this shot, the spoon is still in place.

Unknown Hand Grenade

To the lower left, Alex Morrison (Kimberley Kates) hands out frag grenades, but there are larger unknown grenades (most likely Phosphorous or other incendiary type) in the crate.

RPG-NH-75 Rocket Launcher

RPG-NH-75, open - 68mm
An escaped prisoner aims her RPG-NH-75 launcher at a bunch of panicking prison guards - 66mm. However it looks as if the launcher is backwards.
As the crouching woman destroys a truck behind, it is confirmed that the launcher is being aimed backwards.
"Oh Crap!" ... she later kills the men with a frag grenade.

Sporterized VZ24 Mauser

Carla (Markéta Hrubešová) aims a sporterized VZ24 Mauser - 7.92mm
Carla (Markéta Hrubešová) fires her sporterized VZ24 Mauser - 7.92mm

Continuity Break

Before the scene with the Czech Mauser, Carla is actually carrying a Sa.24 in the battle.

Carla (Markéta Hrubešová) carries an Sa.24 prior to the continuity break with the VZ24 Mauser.

Silver Lighter Pistol

  • Franklin Goff (Paul Koslo) and Alex Morrison (Kimberley Kates) fight over a silver pocket pistol on a table, however it is a ruse. Goff knows that it is just a pistol shaped cigarette lighter and he shoots her with a real pistol he has hidden in his jacket.
Shots of the silver pocket pistol - later revealed to be just a cigarette lighter.
"It's a Lighter, dumb bitch!"

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