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Blood Brothers (Blutsbrüder)

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Blood Brothers (Blutsbrüder)
Blutsbruder German Poster.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country GDR.jpg East Germany
Directed by Werner W. Wallroth
Release Date 1975
Language German
Studio DEFA
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jack Birge aka Harmonica Dean Reed
Hard Cliff Gojko Mitic
Fawn Gisela Freudenberg
Joe Jörg Panknin
Big Fred Cornel Ispas
Grey Moose Toma Dimitriu
Bill Simmons Iurie Darie

Blood Brothers (original title Blutsbrüder) is an East German 1975 Western movie directed by Werner W. Wallroth and starring Dean Reed as a former US Army cavalryman who became a friend of Cheyenne war chief Hard Cliff (Gojko Mitic).

The following weapons were used in the film Blood Brothers (Blutsbrüder):


Reichsrevolver M1883

Reichsrevolver M1883 is Harmonica's (Dean Reed) personal weapon. Some US Cavalrymen also carry Reichsrevolvers.

Reichsrevolver M1883 - 10.6x25R
A cavalry officer holds a Reichsrevolver during the night attack on the fort.
Harmonica throws his revolver in air and catches it.
Harmonica holds his revolver
Harmonica's revolver is seen in holster.
Hard Cliff grapples with a soldier for a revolver.
Harmonica holds his revolver in the final scene.
Harmonica fires his revolver.

Single Action Army

In the opening scene a cavalryman loads his Single Action Army Quick-Draw model revolver.

Colt Single Action Army with 4.75" barrel, case colored and blued, referred to as "Quick-Draw" or "Civilian" model - .45 Long Colt

Various revolvers

Revolvers in holsters are seen in several scenes. The shape of the grips match Single Action Army or Colt 1851 Navy.

Colt Single Action Army "Cavalry" model - .45 Long Colt
Colt 1851 Navy - .36 caliber
Big Fred's (Cornel Ispas) revolver in holster.
Lieutenant's (Alexandru Manea) revolver in holster.
Saloon patrons carry revolvers in holsters.
Bill Simmons (Iurie Darie) carries a revolver in holster and an unknown rifle in saddle holster.
Saloon patrons carry revolvers in holsters in another scene.
Joe (Jörg Panknin) (at the right) carries a Colt in holster. Harmonica carries his Reichsrevolver.


Winchester Model 1892

Harmonica (Dean Reed) carries an out of time Winchester Model 1892 carbine throughout the movie. In the final scene he gives the rifle to Hard Cliff (Gojko Mitic). The rifle has a sling swivel below the magazine so it's not a Saddle Ring carbine.

Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine - .44-40
Harmonica in ambush.
A side view of Harmonica's rifle.
A view at the barrel. The sling swivel is seen.
A close view at the muzzle.
A close view at the receiver. The position of screws matches Model 1892 perfectly.
Hard Cliff holds Harmonica's Winchester in the final scene.
Hard Cliff with Winchester and Harmonica with Reichsrevolver in the final scene.

Karabiner 1888

Out of time and out of place Karabiner 1888 are used by Cheyennes. Some carbines have straight bolt handles, like full-lenght Gewehr 88 rifles. Possibly this is a result of a repair when the bolt of the carbine was replaced with the one of infantry rifle.

Karabiner 1888 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A Karabiner 88 is seen on the riverside after Big Fred killed Cheyennes woman and boy. The rifle appears from nowhere as none of Cheyennes was seen armed in previous moment.
A Cheyenne warrior carries a Karabiner 88 when he pulls captured Harmonica on a lasso.
A Cheyenne in center carries a Karabiner 88 on sling.
In the final scene Cheyennes arm themselves with guns, taken from slain soldiers. Some of Karabiner 88s have straight bolt handles.

Martini Rifle

Big Fred (Cornel Ispas), a soldier who guards arrested Harmonica and Joe, is armed with a Martini rifle. It has a full-length stock. Some Swiss Martini rifles have same configuration.

For comparison: Swiss military style Martini Schuetzen rifle by Schlaepfer - .41 Swiss RF
Big Fred holds his rifle.
A close view at the barrel of Fred's rifle.
Typical Martini breech is seen.

Martini Schuetzen Rifle

Some of US Cavalrymen and Cheyennes are armed with single shot Martini Schuetzen rifles, popular German target and hunting guns.

German manufactured Martini Action Schuetzen Rifle
Cavalrymen fire at Cheyennes during the night attack on the fort. The rifle in center is Martini, and the top one is a Schuetzen of unknown model.

Kessler Schuetzen Rifle

Kessler Schuetzen rifles are also seen. Kessler system was an improved version of Martini.

German Kessler Schuetzen rifle
Big Fred (Cornel Ispas) holds a Kessler rifle when he kills Cheyenne woman and boy.
A Kessler rifle is seen in Hard Cliff's teepee.
Hard Cliff holds a Kessler rifle when returning from the hunt.
A soldier, convoying Cheyennes on their way to reservation, holds a Kessler rifle.

Aydt Rifle

Many Cheyennes and some of US Army cavalrymen are seen with Aydt rifles.

German Aydt Schuetzen rifle - 8.15x46R mm
Cavalrymen fire at Cheyennes during the night attack on the fort. The bottom rifle is an Aydt.
A Cheyenne warrior at the background fires an Aydt rifle.
A Cheyenne warrior at the right fires an Aydt rifle.
A soldier at the right holds an Aydt rifle.

Various Schuetzen Rifles

Some Schuetzen style rifles of unclear models are seen.

Hard Cliff (Gojko Mitic) holds a rifle, taken from a slain sentry during the night attack on the fort. It has the lever, similar to Aydt model, but the receiver looks different from both Aydt and Martini systems.
Hard Cliff hands a rifle to another Cheyenne warrior.
A Schuetzen rifle of unidentified model is seen at the right.
A Cheyenne warrior at the left holds a Schuetzen rifle of unclear model.

Mauser Schebenbüchse Rifle

A Schuetzen bolt action rifle is used by a Cheyenne warrior during the attack on the fort. It appears to be a Mauser Scheibenbüchse, bolt-action target rifle based on Mauser Gewehr 1871 system. Same looking rifle is seen in hands of a cavalryman in the opening scene.

Mauser Schebenbüchse target rifle - 9.3x57R
A soldier examines the bore of his rifle prior the attack on Cheyenne village.
A Cheyenne warrior reloads a bolt action rifle during the attack on the fort.
A straight bolt handle can be seen.
Another view at the same rifle in the light of muzzle flash.

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