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Avatar: The Way of Water

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Avatar: The Way of Water
Avatar The Way of Water poster.jpg
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by James Cameron
Release Date 2022
Studio Lightstorm Entertainment

TSG Entertainment

Distributor 20th Century Studios
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jake Sully Sam Worthington
Neytiri Zoe Saldana
Kiri Sigourney Weaver
Ronal Kate Winslet
Colonel Miles Quaritch Stephen Lang
Parker Selfridge Giovanni Ribisi
Norm Spellman Joel David Moore

Avatar: The Way of Water is the 2022 science fiction adventure sequel to 2009's Avatar. The sequel was once again co-written and directed by James Cameron and the cast includes Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver (in a different role), and Zoe Saldana with Stephen Lang and newcomers Cliff Curtis, CCH Pounder, and Kate Winslet. The feature film sequel was released to theaters on December 16, 2022.

The following weapons were used in the film Avatar: The Way of Water:


Machine Guns


The AVR-30 Machine Gun is seen in the hands of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and other loyal Avatars to the Na'Vi in his retelling of the ending of the the first film. The machine gun was previously used as a door gun on the SA-2 Samson tiltrotors, and as an assault rifle by the ten-foot-tall Avatars but seems to have been replaced by the MBS-9M .50 Caliber "Hydra" Tri-Barreled Machine Gun now as the main door guns of the newer SA-9 Kestrel Gunships and by the Recom M69-ARs for the Avatars / Na'Vi.

The weapon was built around an M60 machine gun, sheathed within CNC machined alloy housings (as well as assorted add-ons), and the end product still bears a close resemblance to the M60. It uses a side-mounted detachable drum magazine (very closely resembling a conical MG42 or MG3 magazine) instead of an ammo belt.

M60 machine gun - 7.62x51mm NATO

MBS-9M .50 Caliber "Hydra" (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun)

The MBS-9M "Hydra" Tri-Barreled Machine Gun returns from the first film now appearing to be the standard door guns on the modern Aerospatiale SA-9 Kestrel Gunship and now also as a portable squad automatic weapon with a bipod and ammunition box with a feed chute (in similar configuration as Blaine's M134 hand held minigun in Predator) carried by Project Pheonix member Mansk (Kevin Dorman). A few MBS Hydra machine guns are also seen as emplacements on board the CetOps S-76 SeaDragon mothership, Matador and Picador boats.

The MBS-9M "Hydra" is a Tri-Barreled Machine Gun that fires .50 Caliber Uranium "Needle" Rounds, resembling the General Dynamics GAU-19/A however the three barrels on the Hydra do not spin like a GAU, but all three barrels fire in full-automatic simultaneously.

GD GAU-19/A on door gun mount - Image for reference of inspiration - .50 BMG.


SN-9 WASP (Custom Break-open Revolver)

A WASP revolver returns once again as the sidearm of Col. Quaritch (Stephen Lang) carried in a cross draw leather leg holster like he did in the first film and uses 9mm hypervelocity sabot rounds. Because of Quaritch's duplicated consciousness was put into a 20-year-old Recom under Project Phoenix, the revolver appears to have been enlargened to fit in scale with the Colonel's Avatar hand.

The revolver is said to have been based on the Russian revolver MP-412 REX which it also bears resemblence to but the original prop was actually assembled around a Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum using CNC machined alloy housings over top of the real weapon. Hammer tang was cut off meaning it could only be fired double action and the prop was designed to appear as though it has a break-open action, however it retains the "flip-out" cylinder of the donor weapon (at some considerable technical effort) in order for it to be able to be loaded and fired (blanks). There was only ONE hero prop, and at least one stunt prop (distinguishable by the back of the trigger being filled in as in pic below).

MP-412 REX - For reference of inspiration - .357 Magnum
Ruger GP100 - For reference of assembly - .357 Magnum
WASP handgun.


GS-221 Base Carbine unit (Standard Issue Rifle)

The RDA SecOp soldiers on Pandora use the fictional GS-221 BCU modular rifle. The props, realized by Weta Workshop, have been built in at least 2 primary variants: the Standard Issue Rifle GS-221 and the Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) variant with a shorter barrel. Max Patel (Dileep Rao) is seen briefly carrying a GS-221 Base Carbine in Jake's retelling of the ending of the first film. In the final battle a majority of RDA SecOps and CetOps operatives use the rifles against the Sully's.

The Crye Precision MR-C (Modular Rifle - Caseless) the weapon resembles
Stainless Steel Ruger AC556 Carbine with Factory Folder Stock - Rifle unit used underneath prop shell - 5.56x45mm
Ruger AC-556K - Rifle unit used underneath prop shell - 5.56x45mm
Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup - Image used for reference - 5.56x45mm

Recom M69-AR

The Recom M69-AR or Skei M69-AR is a large frame assault rifle standard issue and specifically designed for the RDA SecOps EXO-32 Light Mobility Platform aka "Skel Suit" operators and also used by members of the Project Pheonix Recom Avatar unit under Quaritch's (Stephen Lang) command which he carries as well due to their appropriate frame scale design. The Na'vi including Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) himself also use captured rifles as their standard assault rifles, with Jake’s rifle modified with a wood buttstock. Manufactured by Freeborn Ballistics boasting with the firepower of a Browning machinegun, the rifle is chambered in .50 caliber BAT (12.7x76mm) to allow effective firepower in the hands of a Skel Suit operator. The heavy calibre rifle appears to have been based on the Magpul Masada and/or Remington ACR, mostly on part with the rear end part of the upper and lower reciever, pistol grip, fire selector, buttstock (that’s fixed and not foldable) and cheek pad with a Vltor Modstock like retractable buttstock, with other weapon inspired elements such as a magazine channel similar to the Thompson Submachine Gun and a thumb hole foregrip much like the FN P90 and/or Magpul PDR. When Jake cleans his rifle, it is seen assembled much like ACR and/or Colt M16 rifle family, even pivoting open before Jake closes his gun up.

Magpul Masada - 5.56mm/7.62x39mm
Remington ACR-E with 10.5" barrel, 5-sided handguard, and adjustable folding stock - 5.56x45mm NATO


Combat Shotgun

Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore) is briefly seen armed with a CARB Combat Shotgun in Jake's retelling of the ending of the first film. Upon the humans eventual return to Pandora, a RDA SecOps soldier in a flameproof suit carries a Combat Shotgun. In the final battle a majority of RDA operatives use the shotgun. The live fire props were based on Norinco HP9-1/Norinco Hawk 982 shotguns.

Hawk Pump-Action Bullpup Shotgun - Shotgun unit used underneath prop shell - 12 Gauge


Bush Boss FD-11 (Flamethrower Unit)

RDA SecOps soldiers are seen using Bush Boss FD-11 (Flamethrower Unit) in the start of the film upon retelling to Pandora.


The Chunker is an automatic grenade launcher used by the CetOps operators on board the Picador boat for hunting the Tulkuns and for self-defence purposes against attacking Na'vi or marine creatures from Pandora. The automatic grenade launcher appears to have been inspired and based on the Mk 47 Mod 0 Grenade Launcher but seemingly enlarged, including it's grenade belt rounds which are 90mm (3.5") depth charges fed from the left side.

Mk 47 Mod 0 "Striker 40" automatic grenade launcher - 40mm

GAU 33-K Stub Wing Gun

The GAU 33-K Stub Wing Gun is the main nose auto cannon on the Aerospatiale SeaWasps and the SA-9 Kestrel Gunships. The tri barreled auto cannon appears to be based on the General Dynamics M197 Vulcan.

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20x102mm

GAU-90 30mm Autocannon (Fictional Heavy Cannon)

The GAU-90 30mm Autocannon is brefly seen carried at the start of the film by RDA Sec Ops soldiers in AMP suits upon returning to Pandora.

Gatling Guns

Gatling-style Guns resembling the M61 Vulcan are seen on General Frances Ardmore's (Edie Falco) Dragon gunship.

GE M61 Vulcan Cannon - 20mm

Multi-rocket launcher

The Dragon Assault Ship, in line with modern-day gunships also is seen equipped with multi-rocket launchers on it's wings.

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