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Armageddon (Armaguedon)

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Armageddon (Armaguedon)
Armaguedon Poster.jpg
Original French Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
ITA.jpg Italy
BEL.jpg Belgium
Directed by Alain Jessua
Release Date 1977
Language French
Studio Adel Productions
Filmes Cinematografica
Lira Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
Dr. Michel Ambrose Alain Delon
Louis Carrier Jean Yanne
Albert alias Einstein Renato Salvatori
Commissioner Jacques Vivien Michel Duchaussoy
Gisele Valin Marie Dea
Bob Michel Creton

Armageddon (Armaguedon) is a 1977 French-Italian-Belgian crime thriller directed by Alain Jessua. Louis Carrier (Jean Yanne), who has lived all his life in poverty and obscurity, suddenly inherits a great wealth from his late brother and tries to forcibly attract attention. Becoming mentally unstable, he sends numerous threatening messages, signed as Armageddon, that he has power over life and death. Police Commissioner Vivien (Michel Duchaussoy) who investigates the case seeks assistance from of his friend, the psychiatrist Dr. Michel Ambrose (Alain Delon).

The following weapons were used in the film Armageddon (Armaguedon):


Smith & Wesson Model 38/49

A hammerless Smith & Wesson Model 38/49 is a personal weapon of Police Commissioner Jacques Vivien (Michel Duchaussoy). It is seen only in distance that makes it difficult to determine the exact model, 38 or 49.

Smith & Wesson Model 49 - .38 Special
Vivien holds a revovler when the police break in the apartment where Carrier hides.
Vivien holds his revolver and Carrier's Beretta M1934.
Vivien's revolver is seen.
Vivien hands his revolver to another detective (Alan Rossett).


Beretta Model 70

The first of Louis Carrier's (Jean Yanne) pistols is a Beretta Model 70. It appears to be one of .22 caliber versions, likely Model 71 or 72.

Beretta Model 71 - .22 LR
Carrier loads the magazine during the opening credits. Note the small ammo, most likely .22 caliber.
Another view of the same scene.
Carrier holds the pistol and the magazine.
Carrier loads the pistol.
He holds the loaded gun. Another pistol, partially seen below the boxes of ammunition, appears to be a Llama (see below).

Llama Pistol

The second of Carrier's pistols is a compact M1911-style gun. What is seen of this pistol, allows to guess that it can be an early model of Llama Pistol Series, possibly Llama I or II. Due to a continuity error, this pistol replaces the Beretta Model 70 when Carrier makes a failed attempt on a minister.

Llama II - .380 ACP. Courtesy of Carbines for Collectors. Used with kind permission. Llama I has same outlook and differs only in caliber, being chambered for .32 ACP.
The pistol is partially seen below the boxes of ammunition.
Carrier draws the pistol during the failed attempt on a minister (when he prepared for the action, he took a Beretta Model 70).

Beretta M1934

The third and final of Louis Carrier's pistols is a Beretta M1934 (possibly a continuity error with his previous Beretta 70).

Beretta M1934 - .380 ACP
Carrier takes a Beretta M1934 from a drawer.
The pistol is seen on the table.
A close view of the pistol.
Commissioner Jacques Vivien (Michel Duchaussoy) picks up Carrier's Beretta and hands the gun to his partner (Alan Rossett).

MAB Model D

A MAB Model D (FN Model 1922 is possible but less likely) is seen in hands of unnamed Commissioner Vivien's partner (Alan Rossett).

MAB Model D Type I - .32 ACP
A police detective holds a MAD Model D.

SIG P210

A SIG P210 is seen on the background screen in the TV show during the interview of Dr. Ambrose.

SIG P210 (1950s Manufacture) - 9x19mm
SIG P210, MAT-49 and Gevarm Type D4 are seen on screen.

Submachine Guns


Police special unit personnel is armed with MAT-49 SMGs. A MAT-49 is also seen on the background screen in the TV show during the interview of Dr. Ambrose.

MAT-49 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm
SIG P210, MAT-49 and Gevarm Type D4 are seen on screen.
A MAT-49 is seen at the left.
Special unit personnel with MAT-49 SMGs in the night scene.
A policeman fires at the door of the apartment where Louis Carrier is hiding.
Police breaks in the apartment.
Special unit personnel with MAT-49 SMGs.


What appears to be a MAS-38 is seen in hands of a policeman (for proof see digitally edited screenshot on talk page).

MAS-38 - 7.65x20mm Longue
What appears to be a MAS-38 is seen at background right.

Gevarm Type D4

A Gevarm Type D4 SMG is seen on the background screen in the TV show during the interview of Dr. Ambrose.

Gevarm Type D4 - 9x19mm
SIG P210, MAT-49 and Gevarm Type D4 are seen on screen.


Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

Bolt action sniper rifles are used by police snipers in several scenes.

For comparison: Pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 - .30-06
Snipers ensure the security of the international conference in Paris.
Snipers of the special unit are seen in the night scene.

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