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Zero Dark Thirty

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Zero Dark Thirty
Zero Dark Thirty (2012)
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Kathryn Bigelow
Release Date 2012
Studio Annapurna Pictures
Distributor Columbia Pictures
Universal Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Maya Jessica Chastain
Navy SEAL Justin Chris Pratt
Dan Jason Clarke
Navy SEAL Patrick Joel Edgerton
CIA Director James Gandolfini
George Mark Strong
Larry (CIA SAD) Edgar Ramirez
Hakim (CIA SAD) Fares Fares
Navy Seal Justin Chris Pratt

Zero Dark Thirty is the 2012 drama that focuses on one CIA analyst's involvement in the decade-long American manhunt to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden. The film was also one of the first to dramatize the raid on the Bin Laden's compound by US Navy SEALs in 2011. The film encountered controversy in regards to whether the filmmakers were given classified information about details of the Bin Laden operation and the film's original release date (October 2012) occurring so close to the US presidential election. The US release date was pushed back to a limited release on December 19, 2012 (with a wide release on January 13, 2013), only a month after the premiere of the similarly-themed television film SEAL Team Six: The Raid On Osama Bin Laden. Zero Dark Thirty was directed by Kathryn Bigelow (Point Break, The Hurt Locker), from a screenplay written by Mark Boal (Triple Frontier) and the cast includes Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Jason Clarke, James Gandolfini, and Chris Pratt. Several portions of Zero Dark Thirty were shot in India (standing in for Pakistan) as well as in Jordan.


The following weapons were used in the film Zero Dark Thirty:


Glock 17

CIA SAD Ground Branch operative Larry (Edgar Ramirez) carries a Glock 17 as his sidearm. The security contractor John (Scott Adkins) draws his Glock while in Camp Chapman. A man on a motorbike pulls a two-tone Glock 17 after blocking the van Larry is driving.

Glock 17 9x19mm
CIA SAD Ground Branch operative Larry (Edgar Ramirez) pulls his Glock.
The security contractor John (Scott Adkins) draws his Glock while in Camp Chapman.
Glock 17 (3rd Generation) with stainless steel slide - 9x19mm
The man pulls out a stainless Glock 17.
Closer shot of the Glock.

Beretta 92FS

A guard at Camp Chapman in Afghanistan draws a Beretta 92FS when he gets suspicious about Jordanian double agent Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
The guard in Afghanistan draws his Beretta 92FS.
The guard orders Balawi to show his hands.

SIG-Sauer P226

What appears to be SIG-Sauer P226 pistols are carried in the holster of a few members of SEAL Team Six.

SIG-Sauer P226 E2 - 9x19mm.
Justin (Chris Pratt) and a SEAL on the left carry SIG-Sauer P226 pistols in their holsters.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A2

A gunman fires a Heckler & Koch MP5A2 while ambushing Maya (Jessica Chastain) outside her home in Islamabad.

Heckler & Koch MP5A2 with "tropical" wide handguard - 9x19mm
A gunman fires a Heckler & Koch MP5A2 while ambushing Maya (Jessica Chastain).


Heckler & Koch MR556A1 (Mocked Up to Resemble the HK416D)

Members of SEAL Team Six including Patrick (Joel Edgerton) and Justin (Chris Pratt) are armed with Heckler & Koch MR556A1 carbines modified to resemble the Heckler & Koch HK416D with 10.4" barrels and a variety of accessories, including Advanced Armament Corp. suppressors, EOTech XPS2 sights, Magpul BUIS, Magpul CTR stocks, flashlights, various tactical foregrips and AN/PEQ-15 ATPIALs laser designators.

While the configuration of the weapons seen in the film closely matches those of the real-life operators’ weapons, there are some inaccuracies: (1.) in real life, the EOTech 551 was the EOTech model used at the time by DEVGRU, (2.) some of them had Remington RAHG handguards, and (3.) most of the real-life weapons were painted in digital AOR1 desert camouflage pattern to match the rest of the team’s gear.

Screen-Used Heckler & Koch MR556A1 (modified to resemble the HK416D) - 5.56x45mm
Production image shows SEALs armed with suppressed mocked up MR556A1s. Note that they appear to be wearing GPNVG-18's (L-3 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles).
A SEAL checks out his mocked up MR556A1 on the day of the raid.
Saber (Callan Mulvey) attaches a suppressor to his mocked up MR556A1, which has a Magpul CTR buttstock.
A SEAL disembarks from a specially-modified MH-60 Blackhawk while holding a mocked up MR556A1.
A SEAL opens fire with his suppressed mocked up MR556A1 during the raid.
A SEAL takes aim with his mocked up MR556A1 with the AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL activated. The IR laser is somehow emitting from under the suppressor instead of at the actual laser emitter on the PEQ-15.
Night Vision view of the SEAL with his mocked up MR556A1 just before taking the fateful shot.
The SEAL in the back has the mocked up MR556A1 slung. Note that the mag is missing and the rather concerning misalignment of the monocular pods on Justin's GPNVGs. The SEALs here are seen inaccurately wearing Crye Precision AC (Army Custom) combat shirts, instead of the Navy Custom combat shirt which was actually worn by the SEALs in real life.


SEAL actors familiarize themselves with the mocked up MR556A1s in a behind-the-scenes featurette from the DVD.

M4A1 Carbine

An operative at Camp Chapman can be seen with an M4A1 Carbine fitted with an M68 Aimpoint red dot scope. Another CIA officer is seen armed with a basic M4A1 Carbine while tracking Bin Laden's courier in Pakistan. Hakim (Fares Fares), a CIA SAD Officer who accompanies the SEALs as their translator during the Bin Laden raid, is armed with an Aimpoint-equipped M4A1.

Colt M4A1 Carbine with M68 Aimpoint reflex optic and Knight's Armament RAS railed handguard and vertical forward grip - 5.56x45mm
A guard at a CIA black site holds a M4A1 with a C-More sight while talking to Dan (Jason Clarke).
An operative at Camp Chapman can be seen with an M4A1 Carbine.
A CIA SAD officer aims a M4A1 when Larry's van is stopped by gunmen.
Hakim (Fares Fares) holds a M4A1 during the Bin Laden raid.


US Marines guarding the US embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan are armed with M16A2 rifles. The scene they appear in takes place in 2003, but they are equipped like early 2010s US Marines, wearing MARPAT LWH helmets and scalable plate carrier vests, the latter of which was not issued until 2008 and 2009. The LWH helmet did exist in 2003, but was not widely fielded yet, mostly in testing phases. MARPAT was only just being issued in 2002 and 2003, so these embassy Marines would have been more accurate wearing 3-color DCUs with IBA or PASGT vests.

M16A2 Rifle - 5.56x45mm. Select Fire rifle (Safe/Semi/3 round Burst Only).
US Marines guarding the US embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan are armed with M16A2 rifles.
A Marine holds a M16A2 while guiding Maya's car through the embassy checkpoint.

Heckler & Koch G36C

CIA guards at the Black Sites and at Camp Chapman can be seen wielding Heckler & Koch G36C carbines.

Heckler & Koch G36C with vertical foregrip- 5.56x45mm
On the right, an operative at Camp Chapman can be seen wielding the Heckler & Koch G36C carbine.

Zastava M92

A gunman fires a Zastava M92 during a 2004 terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda linked militants in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Zastava M92 - 7.62x39mm
The gunman holds a Zastava M92.
The gunman shoots at fleeing civilians with a Zastava M92, distinguishable by its handguard.


Pakistani police officers and a guard at the CIA Black Site in Poland carry AKMS rifles. Navy SEAL Patrick (Joel Edgerton) is also seen taking an AKMS that was mounted on a wall in Osama's bedroom after raiding the Bin Laden compound in Abbottabad. This is true to real life, as the weapon retrieved from Osama’s room in the Abbottabad compound was a Russian-made AKMS with counterfeit Chinese markings, rather than the AKS-74U that he routinely carried in propaganda videos over the years.

AKMS, stamped steel receiver w/ slant muzzle brake and under-folding stock - 7.62x39mm
Pakistani police officer carries an AKMS rifle.
A terrorist opens fire with an AKMS during a 2004 attack in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
A guard uses his AKMS rifle to exchange gunfire with gunmen who attacked Maya's car.
Patrick (Joel Edgerton) finds Osama's AKMS hanging above the bed. (Note: While an AKMS was in fact the weapon recovered from Osama's bedroom at the Abbottabad compound, most accounts of the raid suggest that it was found, along with a Makarov pistol, on a shelf above the door, not the bed.)
Patrick (Joel Edgerton) holds the AKMS.

MPi-KMS 72

An Afghan soldier guarding Camp Chapman can be briefly seen holding an East German MPi-KMS 72.

East German MPi-KMS-72 with sling and side-folding stock - 7.62x39mm
An Afghan National Army soldier guarding Camp Chapman can be briefly seen holding an East German MPi-KMS 72.
Afghan National Army soldiers hold MPi-KMS 72 rifles.

Fake Bollywood AK-47

Pakistani agents clad in burqas wield "AK-47" rifles while apprehending a terrorist suspect. In reality, the rifles are actually blank-firing replicas used because of strict firearms regulations that make it difficult to bring genuine firearms to India (where many of the Pakistan-based scenes were shot).

Blank-firing AK-47 replica, commonly seen in Bollywood productions.
Gunmen clad in burqas wield "AK-47" rifles during one scene set in Pakistan. The enlarged handguard is one indication that the weapon is not a genuine AK-series rifle.


A gunman fires a Hungarian AMD-65 rifle while attempting to kill Maya.

Hungarian AMD-65 - 7.62x39mm
An attacker opens fire with an AMD-65.
The gunman with the AMD-65.

Sniper Rifles

Heckler & Koch HK417

A SEAL uses a suppressed Heckler & Koch HK417 to cover his comrades as they raid Osama Bin Laden's compound.

Heckler & Koch HK417 with 12" barrel, scope, night vision adapter, Harris bipod and suppressor - 7.62x51mm NATO
A SEAL sniper sets up a HK417.

Machine Guns

FN MK 48 Mod 0

A FN MK 48 Mod 0 fitted with a suppressor is seen carried by a member of SEAL Team Six during the raid.

FN MK 48 Mod 0 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Production image shows a SEAL on the left with the machine gun.
Production image shows a SEAL in the center with the machine gun.
SEAL on the left with the machine gun.

Browning M2HB Heavy Machine Gun

The Browning M2HB heavy machine gun is seen mounted on a military Humvee.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
The Browning M2HB heavy machine gun is seen mounted on a Humvee.

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