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The Eagle Has Landed

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The Eagle Has Landed
The Eagle Has Landed poster.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country UKD.jpgUnited Kingdom
Directed by John Sturges
Release Date December 25, 1976
Studio ITC Entertainment
Distributor Columbia Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Oberst Kurt Steiner Michael Caine
Oberst Max Radl Robert Duvall
Liam Devlin Donald Sutherland
Molly Prior Jenny Agutter
Capt. Harry Clark Treat Williams
Col. Clarence E. Pitts Larry Hagman
Joanna Grey Jean Marsh
Heinrich Himmler Donald Pleasence
Lt. Frazier Jeff Conaway
Sergeant Major Brandt Siegfried Rauch

The Eagle Has Landed is a 1976 WWII thriller based on the Jack Higgins novel of the same name and stars Michael Caine as a German officer who is part of the German High Command's elaborate plan to capture Winston Churchill and bring him to Germany using what remained of a detachment of elite Paratroopers. The Eagle Has Landed was director John Sturges forty-fifth, and last, movie.

The following weapons were used in the film The Eagle Has Landed:



Colt Commander

Colonel Pitts (Larry Hagman) carries a Colt Commander as his sidearm. He is seen with the pistol when he searches Joanna's house. A Colt Commander is also seen briefly being used by a Ranger during the church battle. This was probably a stand-in for the regular Colt 45, the Colt Commander itself wasn't introduced on the market until after World War II.

Colt Combat Commander - .45 ACP
Colonel Pitts (Larry Hagman) searches Joanna's house with his Colt Commander at the ready. The slide length is shorter than an M1911A1, but it doesn't have the typical "Commander"-style hammer.
Lt. Frazier (Jeff Conaway) is seen taking cover while he holds a Colt Commander.

Luger P08

Sergeant Major Brandt (Siegfried Rauch) is seen with a Luger P08 pistol during a confrontation with regular German troops at the train station.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm.
Brandt (Siegfried Rauch) can be seen holding a Luger P08.

Walther P38

Carried by Steiner and his second-in-command Von Neustadt (Sven-Bertil Taube) sidearm is a Walther P38 pistol.

Walther P38 with black grips - 9mm
Von Neustadt (Sven-Bertil Taube) with his Walther P38 pistol drawn during the train station confrontation.
Colonel Steiner (Michael Caine) is in German uniform with a Walther P38. Note that his jacket is a Luftwaffe Pilot Jacket that was not issued to paratroopers.

Walther PPK

Liam Devlin (Donald Sutherland) appears to carry a Walther PPK as a sidearm. The pistol is found by Arthur who shows it to Molly Prior (Jenny Agutter). Oberst Max Radl (Robert Duvall) is seen relinquishing his sidearm, a Walther PPK, when he is arrested by the Gestapo.

Walther PPK - 9mm Kurz aka 9x17mm (.380 ACP)
Liam's Walther is found by Arthur who shows it to Molly Prior (Jenny Agutter).
Colonel Radl seen unholstering his sidearm, a Walther PPK.
Max Radl (Robert Duvall) pauses for a moment before relinquishing his PPK.

Colt Official Police

Joanna (Jean Marsh) is seen using what appears to be a Colt Official Police revolver.

Colt Official Police - 5" Barrel
Joanna (Jean Marsh) fires her Colt Official Police.
Joanna holds her Colt Official Police revolver.

Webley Mk. VI

Maj. Corcoran (Maurice Roëves) is seen with a Webley Mk VI.

Webley Mk. VI - .455 Webley
Maj. Corcoran (Maurice Roëves) is seen with a Webley Mk VI.

Submachine Guns

Sten Mk. II

Oberst Kurt Steiner (Michael Caine) and his men from the 12th Fallschirmjaeger Abteilung all carry Sten Mk II submachine guns on the mission when they are disguised as Polish Paratroopers.

Sten. Mk II - 9x19mm.
Hauptmann Von Neustadt (Sven-Bertil Taube) and his Sten Mk. II submachine gun disassembled and attached to his chest harness ready to parachute into the UK (All Steiner's men parachuted with their Sten guns in this way). Note the two-finger salute. This was (and is) the actual Polish military salute.
Steiner (Michael Caine) stands outside the church with his Sten Mk. II submachine gun
Steiner (Michael Caine) and Sergeant Major Brandt (Siegfried Rauch) holding their Sten guns after firing at the approaching Rangers.
Steiner's men disguised as Polish Paratroopers firing at Army Rangers with their Sten Mk. II's.
Brandt smashing out a church window with his Sten Mk. II.

M3 "Grease Gun"

A Ranger is seen using a M3 "Grease Gun" during the assault on the church.

M3 "Grease Gun" .45 ACP.
The Ranger on the right holds his M3 "Grease Gun".


A German soldier at the train station is briefly seen carrying an MP40.

In the center, German soldier at the train station is briefly seen carrying an MP40.

Rifles & Carbines

M2 Carbine

Colonel Pitts (Larry Hagman) and most of his Rangers, including Captain Clark (Treat Williams), are equipped with anachronistic M2 Carbines fitted with curved 30 round magazines instead of the more historically accurate straight 15 round magazines. Several of the Rangers' magazines are seen taped together "Jungle Style" for faster reloads. Neither the M1 nor M2 Carbine was ever issued this way (en masse) during WW2, but for production reasons this weapon replaced both the M1 Garand and the Thompson Submachine Gun, which are mentioned in the book but not carried or shown in the movie. In the novel, the Germans were also equipped with the Bren light machine gun but this did also not translate into the movie.

M2 Carbine
Colonel Pitts (Larry Hagman) prepares to load the anachronistic M2 Carbine.
Pitts with the M2 Carbine. This is the only time the rifle is loaded with the historically accurate straight 15 round magazine.
An Army Ranger takes cover and returns fire at the German Paratroopers. It is fitted with an anachronistic curved 30 round magazine.
On the left, the Ranger sergeant is seen holding his M2 Carbine.
Lt. Frazier (Jeff Conaway) seen with his M2 Carbine after the first failed attack on the church.
The Ranger to the left has tapped his magazines together "Jungle Style".
A Ranger fires his M2 Carbine on fully automatic upon entering the church.

Karabiner 98k

Some Karabiner 98ks are used by German soldiers at the train station.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A German soldier second from right marchs with his Kar98k.

FN Mauser Mle. 1930

Two German soldiers at the train station are seen carrying FN Model 1930 rifles.

FN Mauser Mle. 1930 short rifle - 7×57mm Mauser.
German soldiers carrying FN Mausers greet Steiner at the train station.
The soldiers holding their FN Mausers.
German soldiers aiming their FN Mauser at Steiners men during a confrontation. Note the straight bolts and the distinct "hump" of which the rear sight is mounted on.

FG 42

At least two of Steiner's men are armed with FG 42 rifles when they arrive at the train station. This is historically accurate as the FG 42 was designed for and used by paratroopers.

FG 42 with iron sights flipped up - 7.92x57mm Mauser‎
One of Steiner's Fallschirmjaeger is seen in backstepping off the train with his weapon.
Steiner's Fallschirmjaeger can be seen holding a FG42 on the left.
Sergeant Altmann (Richard Wren) of Steiner's Fallschirmjaeger can be seen holding a FG42 in the background. Note the magazine, which looks curved, as opposed to the straight magazines actually used by the FG 42.


Double Barrel Shotgun

Liam Devlin (Donald Sutherland) acquires a 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun along with a motorcycle when he takes up the post of gamekeeper at Studley Constable's stately home estate. The shotgun also is used by Molly Prior (Jenny Agutter).

Charles Parker 1878 Side by Side Shotgun - 12 Gauge.
Devlin holds up his shotgun while being challenged to a fight by Arthur.
Jenny Agutter as Molly Prior with a double-barreled shotgun poses in a studio production pic
Molly Prior (Jenny Agutter) threatens Arthur with the shotgun.
Molly Prior (Jenny Agutter) fires both barrels.
Molly holds the shotgun when she confronts Devlin.

Machine Guns

MG 34

MG 34s are seen mounted in the sidecars of German motorcycles parked at the train station.

MG 34 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
MG 34 machine guns seen mounted on the German sidecars.

M2 Browning

A Browning M2 machine gun is seen mounted on an M3 Half-track and later being used during the assault on the church.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
Browning M2 seen in the M3 Half-track armored vehicle.
Browning M2 being fired at the German Paratroopers.


M20B1 "Super Bazooka"

The Rangers use several anachronistic M20B1 "Super Bazookas" during their attempts to eliminate the Germans in the watermill and also take control of the church. The M20, and the lightened aluminum barreled M20B1 which appears here, was a substitute for the historically accurate M9 Bazooka and/or the M1A1Bazooka.

M20B1 "Super Bazooka" - 3.5"
M20 Bazooka seen in the jeep as Colonel Pitt and his men prepare to depart.
Ranger prepares to fire his M20 "Super Bazooka" from the jeep.
M20 "Bazooka" being fired at the German Paratroopers.
Frazier prepares to fire the M20 "Bazooka".
Closeup of the M20 "Bazooka" muzzle.

Mk 2 Hand Grenade

Colonel Pitts and several other Rangers are seen using Mk 2 hand grenade during their assault on the church.

Mk 2 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
Colonel Pitts seen with several Mk 2 hand grenades on his belt.

Oerlikon 20mm

Oerlikon 20mm Cannon seen mounted on a German boat.

Twin Mark 4 Oerlikon L70 cannons in a Mark 24 mounting with Mark 14 Gyro Gunsight - 20x110mm RB.
Oerlikon 20mm Cannon seen mounted on a German boat.

Bofors 40mm

A Bofors 40mm is briefly seen at the German naval base.

Bofors 40mm L/60 AA gun in a wheeled trailer mounting - 40x311mmR

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