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Open Range

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Open Range
Open rangePOSTER.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Kevin Costner
Release Date August 11, 2003
Studio TIG Productions
Distributor Touchstone
Main Cast
Character Actor
Boss Spearman Robert Duvall
Charley Postelwaite Kevin Costner
Denton Baxter Michael Gambon
Sue Barlow Annette Benning
Marshal Poole James Russo
Percy Michael Jeter
Button Diego Luna
Butler Kim Coates
Wylie Julian Richings
Mose Abraham Benrubi

Open Range is a 2003 American western based on the novel The Open Range Men by Lauran Paine. The director, producer, and main actor is Kevin Costner. In the 1880s, landless cowboys Boss Spearman and Charley Waite graze their impressive herd of cattle and horses on the last remaining areas of free land with the help of foreman Mose and sixteen-year-old Button. These activities are a thorn in the side of the rich rancher Denton Baxter. With the help of corrupt police units and economic pressure, the village tyrant tries to get to grips with the wild ranchers.

Although the Western genre was considered to have run its course, the film proved to be a surprise success with box office takings of 58 million US dollars in the USA alone.

The following weapons were used in the film Open Range:


Colt Single Action Army "Artillery" Model

Charley Waite / Charles Travis Postelwaite (Kevin Costner), Marshal Poole (James Russo), Denton Baxter (Michael Gambon), and other characters are armed with Colt Single Action Army "Artillery" models. Based on certain aspects of the SAAs, they appear to be mainly Uberti and Cimmeron modern reproductions.

Colt Single Action Army "Artillery" model - .45 Long Colt
Charley cocks the hammer of his "Artillery" model in preparation to execute Baxter's men.
Charley brandishes his Colt while confronted by Boss what he did in his past.
The grips of the two holstered Colts of Charley are seen.
Before the showdown with Baxter and his men, Charley checks the cylinder of his revolver.
"You're the one who killed our friend?"
Charley Waite (Kevin Costner) uses his Cavalry model Single Action Army to put a .45 in the forehead of the man who murdered his friend.
Waite fans his SAA. He fires what seems like 16 shots from both his SAAs before reloading.
Waite inserts six .45 rounds into the cylinder.
Waite shoots one of Baxter's thugs with his SAA which knocks him to the ground, as movie myths claim any .45 can knock a man down.
Cory (Kurtis Sanheim) holds Waite's love, Sue Barlow (Annette Bening) hostage with his 5 1/2" Artillery SAA fixed on Waite, who dispatches him quick and efficiently for endangering her.
Denton Baxter points his Artillery SAA at Boss and Charley.
Marshal Poole returns fire with his SAA.
While Costner is clearly knowledgeable with guns, his ability to reload an SAA is somewhat questionable. Instead of using the ejector rod to push out the empty shells, he vigorously shakes it until they fall out.
Close up on Baxter's SAA after firing it at Boss. Note the distinct notch on the hammer, which is common on reproduction revolvers like Cimmeron copies.

Colt Single Action Army "Cavalry" Model

The "Cavalry" model of the Colt Single Action Army is carried by Button (Diego Luna). Another "Cavalry" model is used by Charley Postelwaite (Kevin Costner).

Colt Single Action Army "Cavalry" model- .45 Long Colt
A close up of a Colt during Charley's nightmare of Tom (Ian Tracey) sneaking up to him.
Button (Diego Luna) checks his Cavalry SAA while in the doctor's house.
He inspect the chambers of the cylinder.
Dazed Button fires his SAA at Baxter's men in the main street.
Waite fires a "Cavalry" and "Artillery" model akimbo style.

Colt Single Action Army "Quick-Draw" Model

Some of Baxter's henchmen including Wylie (Julian Richings), and Gus (Rod Wilson) have Colt Single Action Army "Quick-Draw" models.

Colt Single Action Army "Quick-Draw" model - .45 Long Colt
A henchmen with his "Quick-Draw" model slightly emerges from cover.
Having trapped Charley, Roy (Guy Bews) cocks the hammer of his Colt "Quick-Draw".
Cory and Roy fired through the wooden door where they suspect Charley to be.
Ralph, the candy shop owner, slowly approaches the standoff with his SAA "Quick-Draw" model.
After the shooting has started Ralph opens fire with his Colt.

Remington 1875

Boss Spearman / Bluebonnet Spearman (Robert Duvall) uses a Remington 1875 revolver as his sidearm throughout the film.

Remington 1875 - .45 Long Colt
Boss lifts his vest which offers a view of the holstered Remington.
"Always like me a sidearm with heft. Took this off a man couldn't pay all he owed for some cows. Damn fine weapon. I noticed you favor something light, don't you?"
Boss points his Remington 1875 at Baxter's men in the jailhouse.
Cocking the hammer during the climax.
Boss starts pointing his Remington 1875.
The empty 1875 after firing it.


J. Stevens & Company 1878 Coach Gun

Seen several times throughout the film is a J. Stevens & Company 1878 Coach Gun or "scatter gun", most notably used by Boss Spearman (Robert Duvall) during the final gunfight and by Charlie Waite (Kevin Costner) when he fires it in the town bar when denied service for being a "free grazer".

J. Stevens & Company 1878 coach gun - 12 Gauge
Mose (Abraham Benrubi) loads brass black powder shells into the Stevens 1878.
Mose with the "scatter gun" ready to go.
Boss holds his Coach Gun while looking at Charley.
Waite fires the shotgun into the bartenders wall mirror when he and boss are denied service for being "free grazers". The shotgun report is deafeningly loud and extremely realistic sound-wise.
When one of Baxter's thugs tries to take cover in a house during the final shootout he is greeted by the Cafe Man (Herbert Kohler Jr.) who simply claims "It's locked", and then fires his shotgun at him.
Boss cocks the hammers on his 1878 shotgun.
Boss aims his shotgun so he can fire it through the barn door.
Boss readies his shotgun.
When shot through the barn wall with the shotgun, this guy is sent flying through the air, which looks cool but just wouldn't happen.
It also leaves the classic but unrealistic "pizza pie" hole in the wall.
Mack Langley (Peter MacNeill) fires his shotgun at Baxter's men.
Boss charges Baxter, who is holed up in the jailhouse, with his shotgun blazing.


Winchester Model 1873 Carbine

The Winchester Model 1873 or "The Gun That Won the West" is seen several times in the film in the hands of both Boss Spearman (Robert Duvall) and notably Charley Waite (Kevin Costner) during the final shootout.

Winchester Model 1873 - .44-40 Winchester
When Boss and Waite leave to find Mose, they leave Button a Winchester 1873 carbine and tell him to stay close to it.
Boss and Charley entered the Marshal's office with their Winchesters.
During the night raid on Baxter's men, Boss sends one of them to the ground with his carbine.
Another view of Boss threatening Baxter's men around their campfire.
The rear sights are visible on Charley's carbine.
Chet (Alex Zahara) holds a '73 carbine at the ready.

Winchester Model 1873 "Long Range"

The "Long Range" variant of the Winchester Model 1873 is wielded by Charley Postelwaite (Kevin Costner) and Denton Baxter (Michael Gambon).

Winchester Model 1873 "Long Range" - .44-40 Winchester
Chet waits with his Model 1873 "Long Range" inside a house during the night.
"You should have run when you had the chance, Spearman!"
Denton Baxter (Michael Gambon) meets with Boss and Waite before the shootout.
Waite crouches with his captured '73 rifle during the shootout.
Waite racks the lever on his '73 rifle; a spent .44-40 casing is seen flying out.
Waite aiming down the sights like a proper shooter and accurately depicting recoil.
A town citizen wields a "Long Range" model.

Winchester Model 1866 Carbine

Percy (Michael Jeter) and some of the town citizens are seen with Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" carbines during the final shootout.

Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" - .44 Henry Rimfire
Percy lowers his 1866 Carbine when he joined up with Boss and Charley.
A town citizen is seen armed with a '66 rifle to the left.
The ejecting port pf Percy's carbine is seen.
Percy provides covering fire with his carbine. Michael Jeter also properly imitates recoil during the film.

Winchester Model 1866 Rifle

One of Baxter's men uses a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle. A town citizen is also briefly seen holding this rifle.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle - .44 Henry Rimfire
One of Baxter's thugs takes a flanking position with a Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" rifle.
The thug fires his '66 rifle at Percy in the barn.
The town citizen second from left holds a Winchester Model 1866 Rifle.

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