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Dillinger (1945)

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The following firearms can be seen in the 1945 film Dillinger:

Dillinger (1945)

Dillinger (1945) Lobby card


Colt Detective Special

Dillinger (Lawrence Tierney) and Specs Green (Edmund Lowe) carry a Colt Detective Special. The newest gang member, Tony (Ralph Lewis), is also briefly seen with one.

Colt Detective Special - .38 Special
Specs Green counts the money from the latest bank job with a Detective Special on the table.

Colt New Service

Bank robbers John Dillinger (Lawrence Tierney), Marco Minelli (Eduardo Ciannelli), Doc Madison (Marc Lawrence), and Kirk Otto (Elisha Cook Jr.) all carry Colt New Service revolvers.

Colt M1917 - .45 ACP.
The bank robbers fire their New Services.
Dillinger, waking up in the middle of the night, grabs his New Service from under a pillow.
Dillinger, while in hiding during Christmas Eve 1933, has a New Service tucked into his rear pocket.


A bank guard during the gas-bombing can be seen with a M1911A1 in his holster. (Part of this sequence was "borrowed" from Fritz Lang's 1937 film You Only Live Once).

Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP.
A bank guard with a 1911 in his holster.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

Doc Madison (Marc Lawrence) tosses aside his Smith & Wesson Model 10 when he and Marco hear police outside of Otto's house.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver - .38 Special
Doc (Marc Lawrence) about to toss away his Smith & Wesson Model 10.


Winchester Model 1894

The prison guards carry Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifles.

Winchester '94 Saddle Ring Carbine.
A prison guard watches over Specs' gang with his Winchester.
A prison guard orders the gang to pick up a shovel they threw on the ground.
A prison guard oversees Specs' gang unloading the truck.

Submachine Guns

Thompson M1928

Many police officers carry Thompson M1928s. A gang member is also seen with one during a bank robbery.

M1928 "Tommy Gun" - .45 ACP.
A bank guard with a Thompson helps unload the armored car.
A gang member inside the car carries a Thompson during a bank robbery.
Policemen with Thompsons surround Otto's house.
Policemen and FBI agents with Thompsons arrive at the Biograph Theater.
Thompson-toting lawmen prepare to find Dillinger at the Biograph.


Winchester Model 1897

Several of the bank robbers, most notably John Dillinger (Lawrence Tierney) and Marco Minelli (Eduardo Ciannelli) carry Winchester Model 1897 shotguns, one of which was used during the prison break.

Winchester Model 1897 - 12 gauge riot gun
The gang finds a Winchester '97 smuggled into the prison.
Dillinger points his Winchester '97 into a bank.
Dillinger leads a bank robbery with his shotgun.
A bank guard carries a Winchester '97 in the robbery sequence lifted from You Only Live Once.
Marco runs through the train with his shotgun.
Marco and Doc use their shotguns during the train robbery.

Remington Model 10

Doc Madison (Marc Lawrence) carries a Remington Model 10 Riot Gun during the train robbery.

Remington Model 10 Riot Version - 12 gauge
Doc stands guard with his shotgun.
Marco and Doc use their shotguns during the train robbery.


"Wooden Gun"

While in prison, John Dillinger (Lawrence Tierney) whittles himself a "Wooden Gun", which he uses to break out. He also uses it to threaten Specs, who believes it's real, before actually killing him with a New Service.

The real "wooden gun". It looks much more crude than the one seen in the movie.
Dillinger scrapes a basic gun pattern from the wood.
Dillinger uses shoe shine to blacken the gun.
Dillinger pulls his wooden gun on the guard.
Dillinger threatens Specs with his harmless wooden gun.

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