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The Adventures of Pluto Nash

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The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

The following weapons were used in the film The Adventures of Pluto Nash:

Pluto Nash's Pulse Pistol

Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) uses a fictional Pulse Pistol that is actually a heavily modified Beretta 92F that is encased in a clever shell that disguises the general shape of the pistol. For the most part, the sci-fi elements are all attached to the slide and the pistol grip is unchanged, except for some modification to the trigger guard to make it more "unidentifiable".

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm.
Pluto interrogates one of Rex's thugs with his Pulse Pistol.
"You blew up my wood barstools! You know how hard it is to get wood on the moon?" Pluto with his Pulse Pistol.
A great side-profile view of Pluto's pistol.
Pluto Nash's Red Pulse pistol has an unusual ported tip to the barrel extension that has three equidistant holes that create this intriguing flash when the pistol is fired.

Bruno's Pistols

Pluto's android bodyguard Bruno (Randy Quaid) uses a pair of heavily modified Para-Ordnance P-13 pistols. Each has been modified with an extended slide and shell to cover the hammer, a compensator, an extended magazine foot, futuristic grips, and some sort of module to hide the triggerguard.

Para-Ordnance P-13 - .45 ACP
Bruno draws and fires his P-13 pistols.
A side view of the futurized P-13 pistols.
Bruno with his Para-Ordnance P-13s.
Bruno threatens James (John Cleese) with his P-13.
Bruno fires his P-13 pistols.

Turret Pistol

One of Rex Crater's goons uses a Pulse Pistol that is a heavily modified Beretta 92F. As with the Pluto's pistol, this weapon has been covered in a shell that obscures the slide and triggerguard in addition to a bright metallic blue finish on the frame and an extended magazine baseplate that conceals a tripod that turns the weapon into an automated turret.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm.
Rex's goon fires the Turret Pistol.
Pluto activates the pistol's turret function.
A side-profile shot of the deployed turret.

Vektor CP1

Roy (Bill Corday) uses an unmodified Vektor CP1.

Vektor CP1 - 9x19mm

43K Magnum

Most of Rex's henchmen use futurized Beretta 92F pistols encased in shells similar to Pluto's pistol. Bruno refers to these weapons as "43K Magnums" despite being several distinctly different models. Gino (Burt Young) is also seen using one of the props during the film's opening scene.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm.
Gino with his 43K Magnum.
Kelp (Victor Varnado) reaches for his weapon.
Kelp fires his 43K Magnum.
Dina Lake (Rosario Dawson) grabs a dead goon's pistol.
Two of Rex's henchmen with their 43K Magnums.
Kelp reloads his 43K Magnum. Note the red LED on the magazine.
Rex's thug prepare to storm Pluto's motel room. This model has a ventilated rib along the barre.
Another 43K Magnum with a ventilated rib.
Rex's bodyguards with 43K Magnums in a continuity error.

Bodyguard Pistol

All of Rex's android bodyguards use handguns built around an unidentified pistol.


Scorpion Rocket Launcher

One of Rex's henchmen uses a fictional rocket launcher (identified by Bruno as a Scorpion Rocket Launcher) to blow a hole in Pluto's hideout.


Flura Nash's Pistol

pluto's mother Flura (Pam Grier) uses a futurized Beretta 92F that has a slide encased in a shell that hides the weapon's signature cut-away slide and ejection port.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm.
Flura cleaning her handgun.
Flura with her futurized Beretta 92F.

Colt Official Police

William "Rocky" Sullivan (James Cagney) is seen with a Colt Official Police while Pluto and Dina Lake are watching Angels With Dirty Faces.

Colt Official Police 4" Barrel - .38 Special.

Futurized Ruger P89

Belcher (James Rebhorn) uses a DAO Ruger P89 (denoted by the lack of a safety switch) with a futuristic set of sights.

Ruger P89 - 9x19mm.

Rex Crater's Pistol

Rex Crater (also played by Eddie Murphy) uses a "Pre-B" CZ 75 encased in a futuristic gold shell that conceals the triggerguard, hammer, and slide.

"Pre-B" CZ 75 - 9x19mm
Rex explains his backstory.
Rex gloats with his futurized CZ 75.
Rex's pistol slides across the floor during the scuffle. Note the early style safety switch.

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