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The Walking Dead: Final Season (2018)



The following weapons appear in the video game Walking Dead: The Final Season, The:


Smith & Wesson Model 36

AJ regularly carries a Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolver in Episode 1 "Done Running".

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special
AJ counter-threatens Abel, a hostile survivor, with the revolver.
Marlon holds the Model 36, notice the S&W logo

Colt M1911A1 (Two-Tone)

A hostile survivor named Abel uses a Colt M1911A1 when threatening Clementine and AJ in Episode 1 "Done Running". Clementine also uses an M1911A1 during the flashback to McCaroll Ranch in Episode 4 "Take Us Back". Lilly in Episode 4 "Take Us Back" also uses an M1911A1 to intimidate a detained Clementine.

Pre-War Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Abel threatening Clementine and AJ.
Clementine holds her Colt M1911A1 during the McCarroll Ranch flashback.
Clementine kills Rodney with her Colt M1911A1. This also happens during the McCarroll Ranch flashback.
She also kills Eddie, who has been missing since "400 Days".
Depending on the player's choices, Clementine uses a Colt M1911A1 pistol to alleviate the suffering of Lloyd at his own request

SIG-Sauer P250 Compact

Tenn snatches a SIG-Sauer P250 Compact from Gina to kill Lily. After that, A.J. takes the gun. in Episode 4 "Take Us Back", Minerva uses the same gun to attack Clementine, A.J. and Louis/Violet on the bridge. After her death, A.J. uses Minerva's gun to kill Tenn (depending on the player's decisions). Later, he gives the gun to Clementine, who uses it for protection. After the time skip, the gun is never seen again.

SIG-Sauer P250 Compact - 9x19mm
Tenn couldn't kill Lily.
A.J. kills Lily.
Minerva uses her SIG-Sauer P250 Compact to attack Clementine and A.J.
A.J. gives the gun to Clementine.
Clementine with Minerva's SIG-Sauer P250 Compact.

Glock 19

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm


Double Barrel Shotgun

In Episode 2 "Suffer the Children" Abel can be seen using a Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun.

Steven 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun
Abel holding the shotgun while searching for Clementine and AJ.


M1 Carbine

In Episode 2 "Suffer the Children", Lilly can be seen using a post-war M1 Carbine identifiable by its adjustable rear sight (though it lacks a bayonet lug). Other Delta survivors use them as well.

M1 Carbine (Post-War) - .30 Carbine
Lilly eases up on threatening Clementine with the M1 carbine once she recognizes her.


One of Lilly's men has an AK-47 which he fires at some walkers.

AK-47 Type III - 7.62x39mm
The AK-47.


MK 2 Hand Grenade

Clementine and AJ nearly get killed by a trap rigged with an MK 2 Hand Grenade in Episode 1 "Done Running".

Mk 2 "Pineapple" World War II-made High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
The grenade about to go off in a matter of seconds.

Bowtech 101st Airborne

Marlon initially threatens Clementine with a Bowtech 101st Airborne bow when she threatens Tenn in "Done Running".

Bowtech 101st Airborne
Marlon in the background with the bow at the ready.

Handmade hunting bow

Horton Scout HD 125 Crossbow

Minerva keeps Clementine at odds with the crossbow.

Horton Scout HD 125
Horton Scout HD 125

Willy's makeshift bomb

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