African Queen, The

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The African Queen
Movie poster
Country UKD.jpg UK
Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by John Huston
Release Date 1951
Language English
Studio Romulus Films
Horizon Pictures
Distributor United Artists
Main Cast
Character Actor
Charlie Allnut Humphrey Bogart
Rose Sayer Katharine Hepburn
Second Officer of K├Ânigin Luise Walter Gotell
German officer Peter Swanwick

The following weapons were used in the film The African Queen:


Reichsrevolver M1879

A German officer at Kungdu (John von Kotze) (right) is briefly seen with a holstered revolver (probably a Reichsrevolver M1879).

Reichsrevolver M1879 Revolver - 10,6x25R
TAQ 02.jpg

Lee-Enfield Mk.I CLLE

German forces in East Africa are armed with Lee-Enfield Mk.I CLLE bolt-action rifles. The soldiers are seen holding them as they round up villagers. When German forces at Fort Shona open fire on The African Queen, the officer (Peter Swanwick) used rifle with a scope.

Lee-Enfield Mk.I CLLE (Charger Loading Lee Enfield) - .303 British. Note the bridge over the receiver level with the rear of the magazine which contains a charging clip guide.
TAQ 02.jpg
TAQ 04.jpg
TAQ 06.jpg
TAQ 08.jpg
TAQ 10.jpg

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