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Degtyaryov DP-28 (mockup)

At first I thought the DP-28 in the movie was a mockup, but the drum actually rotates when firing leading me to think its a (for me) unknown type MG. Anyone recognise it? The charging handle is on the left side. Dudester32 (talk) 08:33, 5 July 2015 (EDT)

Maybe a Lewis or a Japanese Type 92, based on Lewis? Greg-Z (talk) 08:50, 5 July 2015 (EDT)
The hump in front of the trigger seems to indicate Lewis. --Funkychinaman (talk) 09:04, 5 July 2015 (EDT)
It def looks like a Lewis type..Except the drum is smaller and lacks the typical cuts. The movie drum is smooth all around. Dudester32 (talk) 09:09, 5 July 2015 (EDT)
The drum in the movie looks more like this Dutch 1940 Lewis Gun. Dudester32 (talk) 09:12, 5 July 2015 (EDT)
It is probably a Lewis with a different type of drum. Check out this page and the photos of various drums. Thanks for the help! Dudester32 (talk) 09:21, 5 July 2015 (EDT)
This drum looks similar to the movie one, as it seems to me. Greg-Z (talk) 09:34, 5 July 2015 (EDT)
To me it looks like the smooth drum is a shell placed on top of the original drum. You can see the ridges of the original drum underneath in the closeups. --Maxman (talk) 21:51, 19 May 2016 (EDT)
Now even funny to see it. Well, the times were then. In Soviet films, everything was exactly the opposite. --Slon95 (talk) 20:03, 12 November 2016 (EST)

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