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M*A*S*H (1970)M*A*S*H (TV Series)M*A*S*H (disambiguation)
M.C. GaineyM. Emmet Walsh
M102 Howitzer
M110 (disambiguation)
M116A1 training grenadeM11 (disambiguation)
M120 mortarM12 (disambiguation)
M134 Minigun
M14 (disambiguation)
M14 RifleM14 anti-personnel mine
M15 (disambiguation)
M15 White Phosphorous grenadeM15 anti-tank mine
M16 Gallery
M16 rifle series
M17 Rifle Grenade
M18A1 ClaymoreM18 (disambiguation)
M18 Recoilless RifleM18 smoke grenade
M1903 Springfield
M1911 pistol series
M1917 (Disambiguation)M1917 Chemical Hand Grenade
M1917 Revolver
M1938 MortarM1941 Johnson machine gunM1941 Johnson rifle
M1A1 stun grenadeM1 (disambiguation)
M1 CarbineM1 Flamethrower
M1 GarandM1 MineM1 Mortar
M1 Rifle Grenade LauncherM1 Rocket Launcher "Bazooka"
M203 grenade launcher
M20 (disambiguation)
M20 Recoilless Rifle
M224 MortarM230 Chain Gun
M23 Haanbombe
M240 (disambiguation)
M242 Bushmaster chaingun
M24 (disambiguation)
M252 Mortar
M25 (disambiguation)
M26 (disambiguation)
M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System
M26 hand grenadeM27 (disambiguation)
M29 (disambiguation)M29 Mortar
M2 (disambiguation)
M2 FlamethrowerM2 Mine
M2 Mortar
M30 (disambiguation)M30 Luftwaffe Drilling
M320 (disambiguation)
M32 (disambiguation)
M34 (disambiguation)M34 White Phosphorous grenade
M37 (disambiguation)
M38 (disambiguation)M39 (disambiguation)
M3 (disambiguation)
M3 / M3A1 "Grease Gun"
M40 (disambiguation)M40 Recoilless Rifle
M47 (disambiguation)M47 CS grenade
M47 Dragon
M4 (disambiguation)
M500 (disambiguation)M52 Hand Grenade
M60 (disambiguation)
M60 machine gunM61 Vulcan
M67 (disambiguation)
M67 hand grenadeM67 recoilless rifle
M70 (disambiguation)
M72 (disambiguation)M72 LAWM73 machine gun
M75 Hand GrenadeM76 (disambiguation)
M79 (disambiguation)
M79 OsaM79 grenade launcherM7 (disambiguation)
M7 CS gas grenadeM7 Rifle Grenade Launcher

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