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NeoStead 2000 - 12 gauge
NeoStead 2000 - 12 gauge

The NeoStead 2000 (NS2000) Shotgun is a South African pump-action shotgun developed in the early 1990s. It uses an unusual layout with twin tube magazines located above the barrel, which is enclosed by the forend, and features a forward-back pump action rather than the usual back-forward. It is not unknown for people to believe it is some kind of pump-action double-barrel shotgun due to this layout.


Type: Pump-action using forward-back foregirp movement

Gauge: 12 ( 2 3/4" - 70 mm chamber / 3" Magnum)

Length: 27.2 in (69 cm)

Barrel length: 22.4 in (57 cm)

Weight: 3.9 kg (9 lbs) empty

Feed: dual tube magazine, 6+6 rounds; selector can be set to feed only from one or to alternate feeding from each

The NeoStead 2000 (NS2000) Shotgun appears in the following:


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Doomsday Rick Warren Chandler 2008
Doomsday Rhona Mitra Eden Sinclair 2008

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Battlefield: Bad Company NS2000 2008
Soldier of Fortune: Payback CQC. 729 2007
Fallout Tactics NeoStead Combat SG 2001
Söldner: Secret Wars NeoStead 2004
Mirror's Edge 2008
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Neostead 2000 Combat 2010
Ghost Recon: Phantoms NS2000 2014
Survarium 2015

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