Deadline Gallipoli

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Deadline Gallipoli
Country AUS.jpg Australia
Language English
Channel Foxtel
Genre War
Broadcast 2015
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 4
Main Cast
Character Actor
Phillip Schuler Sam Worthington
Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett Hugh Dancy
Keith Murdoch Ewen Leslie
Charles Bean Joel Jackson
General Hamilton Charles Dance
Lady Hamilton Rachel Griffiths
Lady Gwendoline Churchill Anna Torv
Lord Kitchener John Bell

Deadline Gallipoli is a 2015 Australian miniseries. The Entente occupy the Turkish peninsula Gallipoli to use as a base for the conquest of the Ottoman capital Constantinople and send a garrison of volunteer but inexperienced Australian and New Zealand soldiers. But the landing campaign will be a dramatic battle as the Turkish army fights more violently than expected. The four war correspondents Charles Bean (Joel Jackson), Ellis Ashmead Bartlett (Hugh Dancy), Phillip Schuler (Sam Worthington) and Keith Murdoch (Ewen Leslie) are soon faced with the moral dilemma of writing pathetic news to neither the soldiers in the homeland nor demoralize them at the front, or to make an honest report of a brutal slaughter against the will of the highest military.

The following weapons can be seen in the miniseries Deadline Gallipoli:



Webley Mk. VI

The Webley Mk. VI revolver is the standard sidearm of Australian and British officers.

Webley Mk. VI - .455 Webley
A British officer points his Webley on Phillip Schuler (Ep. 01).
Colonel White (Simon Lyndon) goes over the top with his revolver (Ep. 03).
An Australian officer aims his revolver at the soldiers who don't want to attack during the Battle of the Nek (Ep. 03).


Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III

ANZAC soldiers are seen with Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III rifles.

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III - .303 British
ANZAC soldier with the SMLE (Ep. 01).
An ANZAC squad posing for a photo (Ep. 02).
Jimmy Paradise (Laurence Boxhall) threatens Mehmet (Robert Rabiah) with his SMLE (Ep. 03).
ANZAC soldiers prepare to go over the top. The Pattern 1907 sword bayonets are early variants with the mounted hooked Quillon (Ep. 03).
Closer view of the bolt and the striker as Nigel Sutton (Benedict Hardie) prepares a drip rifle (Ep. 04).

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III*

Some Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III* are also used by ANZAC soldiers.

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III* - .303 British
ANZAC soldiers with the Mk.III* (Ep. 03).
An Mk.III* behind Terry Sutton (Mark Brady) (Ep. 04).

Gewehr 1888/05

An injured Turkish civilian holds a Gewehr 1888/05 rifle at Charles Bean (Joel Jackson) in Episode 2.

Gewehr 1888/05 - 7.92x57mm.
The Turk with the G88/05 rifle.

Mauser Model 1903/30

Turkish soldiers can be seen with postwar Mauser 1903/30 rifles. Many Turks can be seen fighting with the M1890 sword bayonets of their rifles during Hand-to-hand combat.

Turkish Mauser 1903/30 - 7.92x57mm
A photograph of Phillip Schuler shows two dead soldiers. The dead Turk on the left holds a Mauser rifle (Ep. 03).
A New Zealander with a captured Mauser on the right. The striking large stripper clip bridges are visible (Ep. 04).
Two Mauser rifles behind Nigel Sutton (Benedict Hardie). Note clearly the notch in the receiver (Ep. 04).

Berthier Fusil Modèle 1907-16

Regular French infantrymen and French West-African soldiers use anachronistic Berthier Mle 1907-16 instead of accurate Lebel 1886 rifles.

Berthier Mle 1907-16 Rifle - 8mm Lebel
A Frenchman holds his Berthier rifle while he is guarding Turkish PoWs (Ep. 02).
French West-African soldiers in trenches (Ep. 03).

Machine Guns

Maxim MG 08

Turkish soldiers can briefly seen with a Maxim MG08.

German Maxim MG 08 machine gun - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Turkish soliders fire the Maxim in the background (Ep. 02).

Vickers Mk1

ANZAC soldiers use Vickers MK1 Machine Guns. First seen in Episode 3 as Phillip Schuler (Sam Worthington) visits the trenches.

Vickers gun with ribbed water jacket - .303 Britishh
An ANZAC gunner fires the Vickers (Ep. 03).
An Australian gunner spotted advancing Turks (Ep. 04).


Jam Tin Grenade

ANZAC soldiers use Jam Tin Grenades.

Jam Tin Grenade
Some Jam Tin Grenades in a box (Ep. 03).
A booby trap prepared by Stan Phipps (Aaron Glenane) (Ep. 04).

No. 15 Hand Grenade "Ball"

Turkish soldiers throw No. 15 Hand Grenade "Ball" in Australian trenches in Episode 3.

No. 15 Hand Grenade "Ball".
The No. 15 Hand Grenade "Ball" on the ground.

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