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Dutch service Beaumont-Vitali M1871/88 rifle - 11.3x50R mm

Dutch Army service rifle Beaumont-Vitali M1871/88 (official Dutch index Geweer M71/88) was a conversion of single-shot Beaumont M1871 into a magazine rifle by attaching 4-round box magazine system. This magazine was designed in Italy by Giuseppe Vitali, and previously used for similar convertion of Italian Vetterli Rifles. M71/88 was the main rifle of the Dutch army until it was replaced in 1895 with a 6.5-mm Mannlicher. In early 1910s a large number of former Dutch rifles, converted for .43 Egyptian Remington caliber, was sold in USA as hunting guns; this explains a large appearance of Beaumont-Vitali in 1918-1919 US war movies.


  • Cartridge: 11.3x50R
  • Weight: 9.66 lb (4.38 kg)
  • Length: 51.95 inches (1.320 m)
  • Barrel length: 32.7 inches (0.83 m)
  • Action: Bolt-action
  • Feed system: 4-round Vitali box magazine

The Beaumont-Vitali Rifle and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Hearts of the World French soldiers 1918
Shoulder Arms German Imperial soldiers 1918
The Lost Battalion German soldiers Beaumont M1871 1919
Chaplin German soldiers 1992

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