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Current Collection (On the Go)

A collection of assorted replica guns - mostly some airsoft and toys. Filmmaking on no budget combined with interest in handguns makes me buy airsoft and toys if they are based on anything previously existing, especially since my first feature film Crudely Written Communal Fiction (in production since 2007) requires a scene in an arms dealer hideout, full of firearms. I repaint and modify some of those possessions to look more realistic. Sometimes I provide shots of them for no budget productions all over the world.

Prototype/Basis Item Type Notes Date of Purchase
A very similar variant.
Unnamed Airsoft Smaller then the real deal and the colors are a bit off, but overall quite nicely detailed. 2017
Benelli M3
Benelli M3 Super 90 Shorty.jpg
Unnamed Airsoft Rather great airsoft replica. December 30, 2017
Beretta Model 70
Beretta Model 70 - .32 ACP
Unnamed Suction Cup Dart Gun Cheap suction cup dart gun from a "Police" kit, which are widely available from supermarkets (you usually get something like badly made whistles etc.) which looks surprisingly similar to Model 70, safe for some minor details and ridiculous orange grips. In 2017 I've found additional one, which has less ridiculous brown grips 2015
Beretta 92F
Beretta 92F - 9x19mm.
Super Laser Gun Video game console light gun. A light gun from some chinese knock-off console. 2017
Beretta 92F
Beretta 92F - 9x19mm.
Lorcin Toy Gun A nicely sculpted toy gun version of Beretta which for some reason is named after notoriously bad manufacturer, which never produced a variant of 92F. Weird. Janary 2018
Beretta 93R
Beretta 93R - 9x19mm
Unnamed Toy gun A few details are off, but it has some nice likeness of the original, having a few key aspects done right. 2017
Beretta 93R "Auto 9"
Beretta 93R "Auto 9" - 9x19mm
XD.0304B Airsoft A really nice replica of a classic movie gun, also there is a tiny difference - additional railing which could be used to use a spare clip (there is one included, which is nice) as a foregrip (like in CZ 75 Automatic). 2015
Colt Junior
Colt Junior with magazine removed - .25 ACP
"Scale Model" Suction Cup Dart Gun Another cheap suction cup dart from a "Police" kit. By the way, springs in both of them are quite strong and if a suction cup removed from the dart that could be easily used for targeting practice. Or harm people. Or both. 2015
Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket
Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket - .25 ACP
No.FS-101 Airsoft
A really good metal replica bought quite cheaply (it was in a sale because supermarket staff managed to loose clip somewhere). Looks a bit like something from Saddam Hussein or Mexican cartels collection, because, well, it looks like 1908 Vest Pocket (or FN Model 1905) slightly modified to look like TT-33 and gold-plated. A bit flamboyant, but still nice. June 21, 2016
Colt Python
Colt Python with 6" Barrel - .357 Magnum
Dianhua 383 Cap Gun Two with slightly different designs. Looks rather good, but have some deviations (is break-open as usual) and is made rather cheaply and badly, feeling very light and easy-to-break. Still probably can make a great prop with some modifications, especially since some resemblance to Crossman 3357 Revolver it'll probably can make a decent basis for built from scratch prop replica of the revolver from Split Second (originally made out of Crossman). July 1, 2016
Colt Python
Colt Python with 4" Barrel and factory wood grips - .357 Magnum
Famous Firearms No.2086-9 Die-Cast Metal
Cap Gun
A very small model, which I used as a miniature while filming a few times. 2015
CZ 2075 Rami
CZ 2075 RAMI - 9mm.
CZ2075E Airsoft A really nice airsoft replica with fewer differences from real deal. 2017
Desert Eagle
[[Image:File:DesertEagle357Black.jpg|center|150px|IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII - .357 Magnum.
Lu Jun No. G220-1 Desert Eagle Water Bullet Gun Airsoft January 27, 2018.
Franchi PA3
Franchi PA3/215 with a vertical foregrip - 12 gauge
Toy gun. Lacks a lot of details, but is of very recognizable shape. Have two of those, with different paint jobs. 2017
Glock 33
Glock 33 with Pearce Grip +1 mag extension - .357 SIG
P698+ Airsoft A really nice replica with a few "tactical" differences. Came with an additional clip of larger size and a compensator. 2017
Ithaca 37 "Stakeout"
Ithaca 37 "Stakeout", blued finish with wooden forearm - 20 gauge
Police Super Material No. 512 Toy Gun Much smaller then the original. 2017
Mauser C96
Pre-War dated Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" Commercial Version - 7.63x25mm Mauser.
No:2013 Toy Gun A weird broken toy I've found in a sale in a local supermarket. The sculpt is really nice, but broken mechanism with red LED in the barrel somewhat spoils it, especially since the barrel is incomplete as well. If I'll buy some airsoft Mauser I'll probably use this one as a stunt casting of sorts. July 8, 2016
Mini Uzi
IMI Mini Uzi with stock folded - 9x19mm
M35 Airsoft In fact more like Mini Uzi mixed in a blender with Micro Uzi with elements of both and plain old regular Uzi thrown in. Still looks nice and there is also an extension grip (broken as of now) which makes it look more futuristic. 2015
MP40 submachine gun - 9x19mm
Hong Ma MP40S Airsoft A bit smaller then it should be, but overall a really nice replica. 2017
LAPD 2019 Blaster from Blade Runner
Original prop.
Super Sound Gun ZS.140
Toy Gun
Scratch-Built Replica
When I've stumbled upon this thing in the supermarket I was quite fascinated with how some details are identical to the original prop, especially the grip and the part under barrel. Still, it is a ridiculously looking Chinese toy so I'm trying a more decent replica out of it. Bought two of these, one was fully disassembled for spare parts for a possibility of scratch-built replica, while second one is in one piece, but I've modified it a bit, covering the most glaring issues. July 8-9, 2016
LAPD 2019 Blaster from Blade Runner
Original prop.
NO.06918 Toy Gun A wonderful "light and sound" weirdness which is based on snub nose variants fans designed over the years. 2018
Remington 1858 ("Cattleman's Carbine")
Remington 1858 "Cattleman's Carbine" - .44 caliber.
Unnamed Loosely based revolver rifle. 2017
Remington 1866 Derringer
Remington 1866 Derringer - .41 R.F. Caliber. 4th model - Blued with black grips.
Famous Firearms No.2086-9 Die-Cast Metal
Cap Gun
Imagine if classic Derringer was even smaller, fitting easily in two fingers and yet still looked like real deal. These die cast metal thingies are exactly that, they could be used as cap guns or key chains and I bought them in a local store ridiculously cheaply, currently having one unpacked and extensively used as a prop and one sealed. 2015
Remington 1866 Derringer
Remington 1866 Derringer - .41 R.F. Caliber. 4th model - Blued with black grips.
Song Lin A plastic keychain. A keychain with a red LED in the barrel which just happens to be exact same scale as Famous Firearms No.2086-9 - I definitely can put this to a good use as stunt casting and special effects prop, also it needs some paint job.
Ruger LCP
Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol) - .380 ACP
RP:600 Airsoft A nice looking replica - mechanism is broken due to extensive target practicing by me and my roommates (seemingly beyond repair), but still looks good as a non-firing replica. 2015
Smith & Wesson Model 14
Smith & Wesson Model 14 - .38 Special

+Colt Police Positive
Colt Police Positive Nickel - .32 S&W Long
Super Cap Gun No. 2090B Die-Cast Metal
Cap Gun
A small revolver loosely based on two models with trigger guards being similar to 1st model Colt Dragoon. 2016
SIG-Sauer P228
SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm
NO:361 Airsoft A really nice replica if not for the fact that plastic it was made of is atrociously bad: the slide shattered in a few places just from testing. 2017
Single Action Army
Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel aka "Artillery" model with wooden grips - .45 Long Colt (this is a Cimarron reproduction - and an actual movie gun)
NO:20888 A great replica apart from the fact that it's quite fragile. A few pieces fell off. 2017
Single Action Army
[[Image:ColtSAACustomQuick&Dead.jpg|thumb|center|150px|The Custom engraved Colt Single Action army used by "Ace Hanlon" (Lance Henriksen) in The Quick and the Dead (1995) - .45 LC.]]
"Western Cowboy" set Toy Gun That kind of toy gun which fires some sparks in the middle of construction. I liked the sculpt and currently making some kind of replica out of it. July 7, 2016
Steyr TMP
Steyr TMP - 9x19mm.
A-003 Airsoft A really good replica with some additional railing on top and interchangeable barrel extensions which include suppressor and muzzle hider. February 9, 2016
A rather surreal "futuristic" shotgun with a color scheme very similar to Taser X12 Unnamed Toy gun Pleasing to the eye, even if lacking real protorype. Utilizes large round "ammo", although spring can easily launch any object of approximately similar weight and size. 2016
Unknown Revolver, looks like an approximation of Iver Johnson Model 55 Police Super Material No. 512 Toy gun A "revolver" from yet another "police" set.
Walther PPK/S
Walther PPK/S blued - .380 ACP

Umarex Walther PPK/S
Umarex Walther PPK/S
No.0747 Airsoft Bought this cheaply in a toy store in Irpen, where it was somehow already broken. It is a replica of another replica, complete with re-created Umarex markings, but a fairly good one. It barely holds up now, being extensivley broken while filming, but is still there. 2014
Walther P99
Walther P99 - 9x19mm.
Airsoft A very cheap and a bit off-scale replica I have modified with correct markings. 2017


Here is the list of airsoft, toys and props I have excused due to them effectively becoming trash. I still filmed most of them, so they are preserved in some footage.

Prototype/Basis Item Type Notes Date of Purchase
Beretta 92F
Beretta 92F - 9x19mm.
High Accuracy P.728 Airsoft It was quite an okay replica when I bought it, but after me and my roommates used it for extensive target practicing it was broken to an amazing extent both visually and internally. Mechanism somehow partially worked, but only shot by racking the slide (which looks a little like shooting with bow and arrow). 2015
Desert Eagle Mark VII
+Beretta 92F trigger guard
IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII - .357 Magnum.
NO:8820 Airsoft A somewhat weird replica, which, while being quite faithful had some differences, including a trigger guard from Beretta 92F. Fits the hand nicely, though springer mechanism in this is quite weak and unimpressive. July 19, 2016

Collection Which Resides in Donetsk (Temporarily Unavailable)

You can check out some old photos from 2011 and 2014 here. Also, it was written chaotically over a few years and my English improved greatly over that time so I see the mistakes scattered all over the place, just too lazy by now to correct all that stuff. Sorry. I've started to collect cheap chinese budget springer airsoft (6mm BB bullet) guns (as well as other gun-shaped things) in my childhood and didn't stop even now, mostly using them as props in my productions.

Prototype/Basis Item Type Notes Date of Purchase
Beretta 92F VTO - P.206 Airsoft A really good replica painted in non-shining metal color. Of course, some details are not correct, as usual (and ironically, some even suspiciously resemble Taurus PT92), but still a cool thing. 2013
Beretta 92F/FS Xiongsheng M9-P.Beretta/Pietro Beretta Mod.22FS/M9-P Eretta Cigarette Lighter
Great cigarette lighter made of metal. Broken (I bought it in that state and it was cheaper because of it, anyways) but good as a non-firing replica of the gun (capable of being cocked) and looking nice and realistic. 2013
Beretta 93R XD.0304 Airsoft Though the grip looks more like Robocop Auto 9 variant, otherwise it's a very good replica in it's details (compensator is also slightly different to original). The foregrip is made out of metal and is removable. May 21, 2012
Browning Hi-Power
and/or CZ-75 Variant
 ??? Water Gun Old water gun pistol, looks pretty good and fits the hand. Mechanism is broken. Photos. 200?
Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Galaxy Automatic Calibre 6 mm 2009 M71 Airsoft This springer is a weird one. After a few shots I noticed that it's breaking with each shot near the trigger guard. Puzzled with this, I tried to repair it, which resulted in gun nearly exploding in my hands. After I found all of the details scattered through the room and put it together I was puzzled with another fact: it still works! Though, it's obvious that it's somewhat shattered when it fires, so I used duct tape to fix it. If not for these obstacles it's quite a decent replica with only a few minor differences. I've bought another one and it started shattering on the same place after a few shots, so now I'm using the duct taped one to shoot and a second one as a (mostly) non-broken non-firing prop. July 23, 2013
Colt Python  ??? Cigarette Lighter
Another great cigarette lighter. Forgot the specific model and currently can't access the lighter itself to look exactly. 2014
COP 357 Derringer Shuang Xiang P.05-1 Cap Gun Black cap gun. Functional parts are rusted and broken because of frequent use. Now mostly repaired using details from the other broken cap gun. Looks very good, but some details differ from original gun, especially trigger. There's a revolver-type cylinder hidden in the gun. Somewhat broken but still works. Photos. 200?
Heckler & Koch USP Ming Xiang P8 Airsoft Quite a good springer replica with most of the details being correct. April 30, 2012
Glock 18 Ultimate Arm M757 Airsoft Not a perfect replica, but a good-looking thing. It's clearly based on Glock 18 as it has a switch on the slide used to select semi-automatic or fully-automatic firing (albeit decorative one). Non-functional as of now (probably the trigger is broken) June, 2011)
Glock YangGuang Sunlight No:532 Toy Gun Bad, rough Glock thing, that makes me think of The Dark Knight Chinese Glock courtroom scene. Still can be useful, especially as a stunt prop for more valuable (and vulnerable) replicas. 200?
KWC M1911A1
Similar to M1911A1/AMT Hardballer
WondErful Game Novel Design Model 1911-A1 Airsoft Good replica of M1911A1 and/or AMT Hardballer (can stand for both), though by has grips, magazine and slide it can be easily and instantly recognized as a variant of KWC M1911A1. June 26, 2011
Omega NO:M649 Airsoft Has "Omega" logo similar to that of Springfield Armory Omega among with words "Gabilondo Y Cia, Vitoria -Espana-", though "Made in China" is written nearby. Broken badly. Photos. 2007
Manufrance Le Francais X-44 Suction Cup Dart Gun Notable for its amazing 90% similarity to Manufrance Le Francais and 80% similarity to Beretta 21 Bobcat, as well as being somewhat similar to Beretta 950 Jetfire May 22, 2012
Mauser C96 NO: 1801 Toy Gun The sculpt of the toy is good, but otherwise... Weird Chinese engravings, non-functioning mechanism (God knows what was it supposed to be), twice smaller then it should be and has weird pinkish-purple (!) grips. Still an adorable thing, but is of a guilty kind of pleasure... 2013
Mauser C96  ??? Airsoft A nice replica. 2014
Micro Uzi Air Sport Gun M-33/M-33C Hop Up Version Airsoft Beautiful replica which looks very close to real thing. M-33C has an additional great function - original dispenser can be replaced with a "long barrel" - a weird but interesting peace which makes gun look like a futuristic variant of an ordinary Uzi or a mix of both. November 14, 2013)
Walther PPK variant
YS:208 (by Yesheng Toys) Airsoft I was puzzled for years with this mix of Walther PPK and SIG-Sauer P230 (or SIG-Sauer P232), with magazine form reminiscent to Bersa Thunder 380. I had also thought it can be based on PSM pistol or FEG PA-63, but most likely it was based on unclear photo of P-64 and/or one of those, after all. It was frequently used and now looks terrible because it was scratched and broken in any possible way but somehow, for the most part it's still functioning. As said "what doesn't kills you makes you stronger". Springer that returns part of the gun when it's loaded is absent, though it can emulate being out of bullets that way; trigger guard is also mostly absent, though it can stand as a quick-draw modification of a gun (for example if hidden in the sleeve). Photos. 2005-2006 (?)
Remington 1866 Derringer Police Equip 005 Suction Cup Dart Gun A kit of two suction cup dart guns, which was unexpectedly found in a cheap housewares shop. Made of baby blue plastic, but quite well sculpted, so I've planned to repaint and modify it into something decent (leaving original color for a grip). As of 2014 when collection was left I've repainted one in a grey metal-like color. January 25, 2013
Ruger P89
+Colt Double Eagle
+Auto 9-like compensator
M39 Doubleeagle 301-94112 Airsoft Compensator was broken and I used superglue to attach it to gun itself. Photos. 2007
Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion Air Sport Gun M37 Hop Up Version Airsoft Another great replica which has a retractable suppressor April 18, 2014
Sawn-off (Sawed-Off) Double-Barelled Shotgun Model No. CH2016-81 Airsoft Bought this because I really like Mad Max movies and Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy, as well as some other films where such a type of gun were used and, of course, the gun itself. As the shotgun in Mad Max it's based possibly on Savage/Stevens 311A Shotgun, but more likely a VG Bentley. Good thing, fits the hand right and looks pretty well, though (of course) there are some inaccurate or just badly made details (for example guard was attached horrendously and broke out just in a few days; it's repaired now but only as a decoration). It's still good anyway and you can even load actual blank from real gun if you extract actual 6mm barrells (which is quite simple and good function). Due to some use was broken a few times, the most substantial being in 2014 after attempted filming of some shots for my short film Book of the Senseless. Photos. November 28, 2011
Sig SP 2340 Cyma P.168 Airsoft A great thing, despite I doubt that such a small variant of Sig Pro really exist. There was another one in my collection (long ago) but it was totally broken. I've found only polypropylene package from it in the attic and, perhaps, the trigger. 2005
Single Action Army  ??? Toy Gun Hilariously bad chinese take on single-action revolvers. Small, "engraved" and with a pathetic clicking mechanism. 201?
Smith & Wesson Model 19 NO:028 or NO:928 (there's a scratch) Airsoft Ridiculous, childish, but recognizable copy of Smith & Wesson Model 19 revolver with very simple mechanism. Obviously smaller then original revolver. Photos.  ????
Smith & Wesson Model 32  ??? Cigarette Lighter
Good cigarette lighter with a stand. Made of metal, detailed (has minor differences but still looks properly). Broken (re-fueling doesn't help). November 15, 2012
Smith & Wesson Model 66
Mixed with Smith & Wesson Model 624 Snub Nose
 ??? Suction Cup Dart Gun Hilariously badly made suction cup dart toy gun. When in my hands for a first time trigger totally broke out. When it fired for the first time all the trigger mechanism jumped out barrel. Anyway, for a 3 hryvnyas (38 cents!) it's quite a good-looking thing which, I was thinking on modifying it as a non-functional (or functional) prop that can stand for any of the two revolvers. I've totally broke the first one to scraps, so i bought another one, which had the trigger intact for a longer time but broke out anyway. February 21, 2011
Steyr TMP Star Modalairgun, series 98, M30 Airsoft Entrails are partially broken (it's non-functional when all details are on their place - don't ask me how - I don't know), but the gun still looks good. Some places were repaired with superglue by me. Photos. 2008
Walther PP JASG Walther P196 Airsoft A good replica with fewer minor differences (even has proper markings), the most obvious two being that, I think, it's slightly bigger then original and it has a weird trigger guard. Never the less a great thing, which fits the hand properly. July 26, 2013
- S.T.A.R.S R.P.D Special Team (Custom Kendo Shop No:203) Airsoft Colt-Browning type pistol with Colt logos similar to Colt Mustangs ones. With laser sight. I've fixed some broken details superglue). Broken badly but partially works. Photos. 2007
- MX Air Gun Series P195 Airsoft Pistol with sound suppressor (that have word "Silencer" in Walther-style logo) and multi-functional device consisting of laser sight, ultra-violet lighting device (to spot yellow BB bullet flight in the night) and a crude scope. Trigger mechanism was terribly broken on August 17, 2010, though some details could be used with another MX guns. Broken badly. Photos. 2007
- GYF 555-2008 Airsoft Pocket pistol. Looks like it based on real gun, but i don't know what exectly. Has similarities with Desert Eagle, Barak SP-21 and Beretta 9000S. Broken badly, but partially works. 200?
- MX Air Gun Series P201 (a version of airsoft Super Pistol M650 Omega Replica Air Soft Gun Mini) Airsoft Another unidentified pocket pistol. Recycles some details of broken MX Air Gun Series P195 (most cool ability is to change barrel - short (original) and long from P195, that could be used with supressor). Broken badly. Photos. 200?
- Xin Lian Fa Qiang TM (NO:668) Airsoft Childish pocket pistol. Believed to be based on SIG-Sauer P220 pistol series. From May 2, 2010 was slightly broken. Photos. 200?
- Python.357 (Okwanju No:357) Airsoft Pseudo-revolver (cylinder is only non-functional decorative element), loosley based on Colt Python (have some identical details, but shape is very different). Photos. April 29, 2010
- Okwanju No:108 Airsoft Another good-looking pseudo-revolver loosely based on Taurus Raging Bull, Ruger GP100 and/or Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 629, though looks good and due to identical details can be posed as a modification of Taurus, for example. Has minor problems with the grip. Photos. January 24, 2011
- Yuda M:206 Airsoft It was the biggest pseudo-revolver of those in my collection looks mostly like Remington 1875, Remington 1858 New Army and/or Colt 1860 Army or custom version of any mentioned. Now exists as a bunch of spare parts, broken badly June 29, 2011
- Omega NO:M650 Airsoft Pocket pistol, has "Omega" logo similar to that of Springfield Armory Omega from the same series, that also include NO:M649. Technical part done BADLY (China, of course), but it is painted nicely - looks like real metal in normal lighting. Photos. September 2010
- Aomai AM 128 Cigarette Lighter
Manufactured by Wenzhou Aomai Smoking Set Co. ltd. A cool cigarette lighter in the shape of not even sub-comact but super-small, golden gun. Never the less, reminds of some real weapons, as there are many examples of such small guns, including many customs. October 1, 2012
- Dianhua 383 8-shooters Cap Gun Very common Chinese cap revolvers, most of them without any real prototype. The main one was fitted with cylinder from another (broken) cap gun of the same system, because original was not only broken, but also blue with red glass-like details (horrible, I used it partially in fixing COP 357 Derringer, where such a mechanism is hidden). Looks idiosyncratic, but has some style and charm, especially because of some details like barrel were painted gold and beacause of blue plates (very unusual). Another interesting point is great amount of similarity to some notorious russian self-made revolver series, like the one, used in Brother (Brat). Photos. August 2010
-  ??? Toy Gun Boxing Glove Pistol. Nuff said. 201?
-  ??? Toy Gun "Flintlock Pistol" bought speciafically to film one thing (which was not filmed anyways). 2014
- Various Various Assorted details from cap, airsoft and another toy guns - triggers, barrels, magazines, etc. 200?-201?

Fired rounds ans shells

Some fired rounds from real firearms also in my collection:

  • 14.5×114 mm (.57 Cal) - looks good.
  • S&B 9mm A.Blanc (.380 ACP) - also looks very good.
  • 31 .22 Long Rifle (.22 LR) fired rounds, 30 of them marked "Rem" (Remington), while remaining one is marked differently with a sight image.
  • Six 4/6mm (.22 CB/Flobert) fired rounds (3 of one manufacturer, 3 of another).
  • Unknown 9mm round - old and broken.
  • Unknown shotgun shell.
  • A small plastic box for ammo/rounds for .22 LR which is filled by afore-mentioned rounds.

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