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Current Collection (On the Go)

Note: Photos coming soon

Collection As I Left It in Donetsk (2014)

A showcase of more recent additions to the main collection. These are actually shots taken by a video camera (and a Mini-DV one, not HD) so sorry for blurriness and other disadvantages. By the way, these very shots may likely be used in one of the scenes of my upcoming feature film.

Micro Uzi (Air Sport Gun M-33/M-33C Hop Up Version) and KWC M1911A1 (WondErful Game Novel Design Model 1911-A1). Airsoft.
Mauser C96 and Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion (Air Sport Gun M37 Hop Up Version). Airsoft.
Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion (Air Sport Gun M37 Hop Up Version). Airsoft. Also Manufrance Le Francais (X-44) - chinese sucker gun for kids but is notable because it has amazing 90% similarity to Manufrance Le Francais and 80% similarity to Beretta 21 Bobcat, as well as being somewhat similar to Beretta 950 Jetfire.
As in previous plus COP 357 Derringer (Shuang Xiang P.05-1) cap gun, Beretta 92F/FS (Xiongsheng M9-P.Beretta/Pietro Beretta Mod.22FS/M9-P Eretta) and Colt Python cigarette lighters.
Additional shot for Beretta 92F/FS (Xiongsheng M9-P.Beretta/Pietro Beretta Mod.22FS/M9-P Eretta) and Colt Python cigarette lighters.
Beretta 93R (XD.0304) airsoft replica and a Smith & Wesson Model 32 cigarette lighter.

Continuing Epic Fail in Toy Gun Collecting

Note: This section makes me very nostalgic, so I think I'll leave it fully intact, without inserting photos of latter purchases or correcting the text. So, I started collecting budget chinese airsoft guns and other toys (usually depicting real guns or just cool) in my childhood and don't stopped even now. Those resulted in a complete hilarious mess which you can enjoy above. I hope it's "so bad it's good". :) Here you can see all of those nightmares and I'm also very interested in identifying on which real weapons some of those based (if they're not based just on hallucinations by smoking something that groves only in China. :) ), so any suggestions invited. Sorry for bad quality - my camera is for video and photos are usually small and not so cool. :( So, here's the basic view of the collection:

My collection.
Instead big wall of guns I have big bed of guns. Even big bed of bad guns. Bad made guns. Anyway.

Steyr TMP

Steyr TMP (Star Modalairgun, series 98, M30) - intrails partially broken (it's non-functional when all details is on their place - don't ask me how - i don't know), but the gun still looks good. Some places were superglued by me.
Other side.

Sawn-off Double-Barelled Shotgun

Sawn-off Double-Barelled Shotgun - bought this because I really like Mad Max movies and Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead trilogy, as well as some other films where such a gun were used. As the shotgun in Mad Max it's based possibly on Savage/Stevens 311A Shotgun, but more likely a VG Bentley.
Good thing, fits the hand right and looks pretty well, though of course there are some inaccurate pr just bad made details (for example guard was very bad and broke out just in a few days. It's repaired now but only as a decoration). It's still good anyway and you can even load actual blanc from real gun if you extract actual 6mm barrells (which is quite simple and good function). (Bought on 28 of November 2011).
Also notice - original Doom videogame used the same incorrect depiction of loading mechanism.

M39 Doubleeagle

M39 Doubleeagle (301-94112) - mostly based on Ruger P89 (though have Colt Double Eagle marks on it) with compensator (now broken and superglued by me to gun itself) making it look like famous Robocop Auto 9.
Strange mix, but I like it.
Close-up on marks.

S.T.A.R.S R.P.D Special Team

S.T.A.R.S R.P.D Special Team (Custom Kendo Shop No:203) - Colt-Browning type pistol with Colt logos similar to Colt Mustangs ones. With laserlock sight. Was repaired by me (some broken details superglued).
Other side.
Close-up on marks.
Without laserlock sight.
Without laserlock sight. Other side.
Close-up on Colt Mustang Logo.

MX Air Gun Series P195

pistol with sound supressor (that have word "Silencer" in Walther-style logo) and multi-functional device consisting of laserlock sight, ultra-violet lighting device (to spot yellow BB bullet flight in the night) and aiming device. Trigger mechanism was terribly broken on 17 august of 2010, though some details can be used with another MX guns.
Other side.
Without laserlock sight.
Without laserlock sight. Other side.

Omega NO:M649

Omega NO:M649 - something like a mix of Llama-M82 and Llama-M87 with "Omega" logo similar to that of Springfield Armory Omega among with words "Gabilondo Y Cia, Vitoria -Espana-", though "Made in China" is written nearby. :)
Other side.
Close-up on marks.
Another one.


YS:208 (Yesheng Toys) - mix of Walther PPK and SIG-Sauer P230 (or SIG-Sauer P232) - was frequently used and now looks terrible because of scratches and brokes: springer that returns part of the gun when it's loaded is absent, though it has realistic effect of being out of bullets; trigger guard is also mostly absent, though it can stand as a quick-draw modification if gun,for example, is hidden in the sleeve, but mostly it's still functioning. As said "what don't kills us makes us stonger". Magazine form reminiscent to Bersa Thunder 380 but it's not Bersa and not Astra Constable. It's also can be based on PSM pistol or FEG PA-63, but most likely it was based on unclear photo of one of those pistols.
Other side.

GYF 555-2008

GYF 555-2008 - pocket pistol. Looks like it based on real gun, but i don't know what exectly. Has similarities with Desert Eagle and Beretta 9000S.
Other side.
Close-up on marks.

MX Air Gun Series P201

MX Air Gun Series P201 - yet another unidentified pocket pistol. Recycles some details of broken MX Air Gun Series P195 (most cool ability is to change barrel - short as original and long from P195, that can be used with supressor).
Other side.
Close-up on marks.
Close-up on marks on another side.

NO:028 or NO:928 (there's a scratch)

Smith & Wesson Model 19 NO:028 or NO:928 (there's a scratch) - ridiculous, childish, but recognizable copy of Smith & Wesson Model 19 revolver with very simple mechanism. Obviously smaller then original revolver.
Other side.

Xin Lian Fa Qiang TM (NO:668)

Xin Lian Fa Qiang TM (NO:668) - childish pocket pistol with the same mechanism as previous. Believed to be based on SIG-Sauer P220 pistol series. From 2nd of May of 2010 has some minor but obvious brokes.
Other side.
Close-up on markings.

Python.357 (Okwanju No:357)

Python.357 (Okwanju No:357) - pseudo-revolver (cylinder is only non-functional decorative element), loosley based on Colt Python (have some identical details, but shape is different). (bought on 29 of April in 2010)).
Other side.
Close-up on marks.
Close-up on marks on the other side.

Okwanju No:108

Okwanju No:108 - yet another good-looking pseudo-revolver loosely based on Taurus Raging Bull, Ruger GP100 and/or Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 629, though looks good and due to identical details can be posed as a modification of Taurus, for example. (Bought on 24th of January 2011).
Other side.
Close-up on marks.

Cyma Sig Sauer Pro SP 2340

There was also perfect-looking Cyma Sig Sauer Pro SP 2340 copy airsoft gun in my collection, but it's totally broken now. I've found only polypropylene package from it in the attic and, perhaps, trigger. :(.

Omega NO:M650

Omega NO:M650 - pocket pistol, has "Omega" logo similar to that of Springfield Armory Omega from the same series, that also include NO:M649. Technical part done very bad (China, of course), but painted very good - looks like real metal in normal lighting (Bought in September of 2010).
Other side.

COP 357 Derringer

COP 357 Derringer (Shuang Xiang P.05-1) - black cap (primitive pyrotechnic) gun. Functional parts rust and broken because of frequent using. Now mostly repaired using details from the other broken piston gun. Looks very good, but some details differ from original gun, most noticeable trigger. Though it can be considered as a customized COP 357 Derringer, when used (for example in the movies, as i'm also independent film-maker with some lack of expirience (thoudg, i was in a prop departament of one professional big budget movie). There are revolver-type cylinder, hidden in the gun, that fires with the help of 8 shot plastic disc cap (frequently nicknamed "piston" in post-soviet countries), each shot of which filled with pyrotechnic composition (potassium chlorate, red phosphorus, sand and glue). Those caps can be bought in 72 shots packages.
Other side. Rubber is fixing part which, due to broke, can jump when shot is fired. :)
Close-up on marks.
Close-up on marks on the other side.

Old Water Gun Pistol

Old Water Gun Pistol - looks pretty good, i think it's based on real firearm, but i still didn't find which one. Margolin?
Other side.

Dianhua 383

Dianhua 383 8-shooter - chinese cap revolver, without any real prototype. Was fitted with cylinder from another, broken cap gun, because original was not only broken, but also blue with red glass-like details (horrible, now partially used in COP 357 Derringer, where such a mechanism hidden). Aiming device is broken. Looks idiosyncratic, but has some style and charm, especially because of some details like barrel were painted gold and beacause of blue plates (very unusual).(bought in August of 2010).
Other side.
Close-up on marks.
Dianhua in my hands.

That's not all, more soon. Thanks for reading, watching, suggestions. --Kloga 21:08, 9 March 2011 (MSK)

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