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Young, Violent, Dangerous (Liberi armati pericolosi)

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Young, Violent, Dangerous
(Liberi armati pericolosi)
Liberi armati pericolosi Poster.jpg
Original Italian Poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Romolo Guerrieri
Release Date 1976
Language Italian
Main Cast
Character Actor
Mario The Blond Stefano Patrizi
Joe Benjamin Lev
Luis Max Delys
Lea Eleonora Giorgi
The comissioneer Tomas Milian

Young, Violent, Dangerous (original title Liberi armati pericolosi ("Free, armed, dangerous")) is a 1976 Italian crime movie directed by Romolo Guerrieri. A company of three young men starts a havoc of armed robberies and senseless murders in Milan. Lea, Luis' girlfriend, tries to stop him from crimes but Luis is too heavily under the influence of Mario, the leader of the gang.

The following weapons were used in the film Young, Violent, Dangerous (Liberi armati pericolosi):


Mario's Unidentified revolver 1

In the opening scene Mario (Stefano Patrizi) is armed with an unknown revolver. Later it switches to another one.

Mario holds his revolver prior to the robbery of the gas station.

Mario's Unidentified revolver 2

During the heist of the gas station Mario's (Stefano Patrizi) revolver switches to another one. Mario uses this revolver until the end of the movie. The shape of the frame, cylinder latch and front sight looks similar to Röhm Revolvers though the exact model is still unknown. Maybe the revolver is visually modified by dressing a shroud on barrel and ejector rod.

Mario aims the revolver at the gas station manager.
During the bank robbery Mario holds two revolvers, his own and a blued one, taked from a security guard.
Mario threatens a driver.
A close view of the revolver.

Mario's Unidentified revolver 3

During the bank robbery Mario (Stefano Patrizi) disarms a security guard and uses his revolver.

During the bank robbery Mario holds two revolvers, his own and a blued one, taked from a security guard.
Another view of the guard's revolver in Mario's hand.

Mario's Unidentified revolver 4

While on Lucio's villa, Mario examines one of the revolvers of the firearms collection until Lucio orders him to put it back.

Mario opens the revolver.
Another view of the revolver.

Joe's Unidentified revolver

In several scenes Joe (Benjamin Lev) is seen with a nickel plated long barrelled revolver

"I'm Clint Eastwood!", happily cries half-witted Joe, swinging his revolver.
The muzzle is seen when Joe fires during the shootout on the gas station.
Joe threatens Lea (Eleonora Giorgi).

Various revolvers

In several scenes various characters carry revolvers that are seen very briefly.

A plainclothes police detective drops his revolver, being shot by Mario and Joe.
A criminal (Salvatore Billa) puts his revolver on the table during the scene on the junkyard.


Beretta M1934

The police comissioneer (Tomas Milian) is briefly seen holding a pistol that appears to be a Beretta M1934.

Beretta Model 1934 - .380 ACP
The comissioneer draws his pistol during the shootout on the gas station.

Beretta M1951

In one scene Mario (Stefano Patrizi) gives a Beretta M1951 to Luis (Max Delys). Beretta M1951 pistols are also seen in hands of police detectives.

Beretta M951 - 9x19mm
Inspector Conti (Antonio Guidi) fires his Beretta during the shootout on the gas station.
Luis holds a Beretta M1951.
Mario takes back the pistol.
A police detective (at the left) holds a Beretta in the final scene.
Conti holds a Beretta in the final scene.

Submachine Guns

Customised FNA-B 43

During the supermarket heist Mario (Stefano Patrizi), Joe (Benjamin Lev) and three of their accomplices are armed with FNA-B 43 submachine guns with removed barrel shrouds and shortened barrels.

FNA-B 43 - 9x19mm
Lucio (Diego Abatantuono) gives an SMG to Mario. Several more are seen in the locker.
Joe fires his SMG during the heist.
Another view of Joe's SMG.
A robber (Ruggero Diella) threatens customers and personnel of the supermarket.
The SMG in hands of a robber (Giorgio Loccuratolo) is seen from the left side.
The muzzle is seen.
Mario fires.

Beretta M12

In several scenes carabiniers carry Beretta M12 SMGs.

Beretta M12 - 9x19mm
An armed policeman on checkpoint on Milan street.
Policemen with Beretta M12s on checkpoint on the countryside road.
Policemen aim their SMGs in the final scene.


An MP40 is seen in Lucio's (Diego Abatantuono) collection of firearms.

MP40 - 9x19mm
An MP40 is seen at the right.


What appears to be the TZ-45 is seen in Lucio's (Diego Abatantuono) collection of firearms.

TZ-45 with extended stock - 9x19 mm
TZ-45 SMG at the left.

Unidentified SMG

Unidentified SMG is seen in Lucio's (Diego Abatantuono) collection of firearms.

Unidentified SMG in center, seen partially.


Carcano M91/38 Short Rifle

In one scene a forest ranger carries a Carcano M91/38 Short Rifle.

Carcano M91/38 - 6.5x52 mm
The barrel is seen.
The stock and bolt handle are seen.
The magazine is seen when the rifle lies on the ground next to the body of the ranger.

Machine Guns


A Chauchat machine gun is seen in Lucio's (Diego Abatantuono) collection of firearms.

Chauchat Light Machine Gun - 8x50mmR Lebel
A Chauchat machine gun without magazine is seen at the background.

Other Weapons

Lucio's collection

Numerous firearms are seen on Lucio's (Diego Abatantuono) villa.

Three SMGs, including one MP40, two pistols, two revolvers and Chauchat machine gun (without magazine) are seen on the wall. Several antient-looking long guns are seen on another wall.

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