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Without a Paddle

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Without a Paddle

The following weapons were used in the film Without a Paddle:


Beretta 92SB

Elwood uses a blued Beretta 92SB as his sidearm, as noted by the rounded trigger guard. The county police are seen with 92SBs in their holsters as well. (They are assumed 92SBs because why buy another gun if you don't even see it?)

Beretta 92SB (note rounded trigger guard) - 9x19mm
Elwood's 92SB lay out of reach after being kicked away by Tom (Dax Shepard).
Elwood raises his 92SB, which in the next scene is replaced with his M16A1 in a continuity error. Note the Sheriff's Mossberg 500, see the safety location.
A sheriff's deputy with a 92SB holstered at his side.

Dennis uses a Beretta 92SB with a stainless finish as his sidearm.

Stainless Beretta 92SB - 9x19mm
Dennis cocks his stainless 92SB.
Dennis sticks a magazine in his 92SB. Note how the magazine isn't loaded, as no brass is seen through the witness holes.
A clear shot of the rounded trigger guard on the 92SB.

Browning Hi-Power

Elwood is seen briefly holstering a Browning Hi-Power with black grips, but it is never seen again.

Browning Hi-Power - 9x19mm
The Browning Hi-Power in its holster.

Colt Single Action Army

Del Knox (Burt Reynolds) keeps two Colt Single Action Armys in cross draw holsters. He uses them to blow up Dennis and Elwood's ATV, stopping the assault. He fans them from both the left and right hands, which fire five shots each, a well-know safety precaution with old six-shooter revolvers (load five cartridges and drop the hammer on an empty chamber). They are only briefly seen and could be Uberti, Cimmarron, or Ruger Vaquero copies, or perhaps genuine Colts.

Colt Single Action Army - .45 Long Colt.
Del readies his Colt Single Action Army.
Del fans his Colt SAA.


Mossberg 590

Elwood (Ethan Suplee) wields a Mossberg 590 in the scene where the boys stumble upon he and Dennis' pot field. He fires several shots, missing the fleeing boys.

Mossberg 590 - 12 gauge
Elwood searches for the boys with his Mossberg 590 in hand.
Elwood fires his 590 into the air.

Mossberg 500

Elwood (Ethan Suplee) trades his Mossberg 590 for the more traditional Mossberg 500 (which is seen again later in full, showing it has an extended magazine tube). Sheriff Briggs (Ray Baker) also uses a Mossberg 500 later, showing off its extended magazine tube, when he meets up with Elwood and Dennis at the end of the film.

Mossberg 500AT - 12 gauge
Elwood loads up his Mossberg 500.
Elwood pumps his Mossberg 500.
Briggs armed with the Mossberg 500. Note extended magazine tube.
Briggs with a Mossberg 500, and joint, in hand.

Double Barreled shotgun

Del Knox (Burt Reynolds) uses a 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun to force the boys from his house and keep them from running.

VG Bentley double barreled shotgun - 12 gauge
Del tends to the fireplace with his side by side in hand.
Del with his side by side.



Dennis (Abraham Benrubi) uses an L1A1 with a laser sight as his weapon of choice throughout the film. The inch pattern is evident by the front sight and the rear sight as well as details in the upper receiver and pattern of the foregrips. Rather than adapting the rifle for blanks (Hollywood style), an actual Australian military blank-Firing adaptor used in training is attached to the rifle. This milspec blank adapter is usually painted bright red when used with military blanks, however, the filmmakers painted it black, likely to blend in more with the rifle. This also means that they could only use military surplus 7.62x51mm blanks, and not the super hot Hollywood style blanks, as it would damage the blank adaptor.

Wood stocked L1A1 inch pattern FAL rifle - 7.62x51mm
Normally painted bright red for the Australian Army, this is the military (latch on) blank firing attachment to the L1A1 Rifle, used when one does not want to spend the money or time to blank adapt a rifle by tapping and threading the barrel interior. British and Canadian blank adapters are painted yellow.
Dennis aims his L1A1 at the boys as they flee in the pot field.
Dennis readies his L1A1 to hunt down the boys, the military blank firing adaptor (painted black) is clearly visible.
Dennis looks over the cliff with his L1A1 in hand. Note the extended 30 round magazine.

M16A1 w/ Cobray CM203 37mm Flare Launcher

Elwood later uses an M16A1 fitted with a Cobray 37mm Launcher. Towards the end of the film, Dan (Seth Green) picks up Elwood's M16A1 but shows his lack of experience as it fires wildly. In several shots it appears that the bolt carrier has actually been removed from the rifle. This is a quick and easy method to render the rifle completely safe when in the hands of an untrained actor. In several unfiring scenes (and some quick cuts when the rifle has stopped firing) the viewer can see the rifle, sans bolt and bolt carrier. However, this is not commonly done because sharp eyed viewers will wonder where the bolt went.

M16A1 with Cobray 37mm Launcher - 5.56x45mm/37mm
Elwood places the M16A1 down while loading up on guns.
"The hills have gone gay."
Dan accidentally fires the M16A1 as he picks it up.

Machine Guns


Elwood loads up an M60 machine gun and uses it with great effect to destroy most of Del Knox's (Burt Reynolds) house.

M60 - 7.62x51mm
Elwood pulls the charging handle on the M60.
Elwood dry fires the M60, showing its open bolt function.
Elwood fires the M60 at Del's house. If you look close you can see the belt is loaded with crimped blank rounds (which is to be expected since it is firing at the camera).


Fake Mk 2 Grenade (Cigarette Lighter)

In a very strange directorial decision, a pewter Mk 2 hand grenade cigarette lighter is used by Elwood (but presented as a REAL grenade), who drops it when Dan knocks him and Dennis into the mine shaft. Jerry (Matthew Lillard) picks it up and manages to luckily take out the three bad guys when the grenade blows up a tree, falling on them just in time. Dummy Mk 2 grenades are plentiful, so it is somewhat mysterious as to why they went out of their way to use a cigarette lighter novelty item.

Mk 2 "Pineapple" hand grenade
Elwood puts the fake Mk 2 grenade on his belt.
Elwood prepare the fake Mk 2 to blow up the boys in the mine shaft.
The fake Mk 2 sits on the ground, waiting for Jerry to pick it up.
Jerry pulls the pin on the fake Mk 2 behind his back.

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