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Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (2004)

This 2004 title is an FPS/RPG hybrid in the style of Deus Ex, and throws the player into a story of intrigue, dark plots, and apocalyptic prophecies as a newly-embraced vampire treading the perilous path of his/her new unlife in a darker version of Los Angeles. The game takes several characters, plot lines, and mechanics from White Wolf's old World of Darkness tabletop game, in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe.

Unlike many other FPSes of its time, firearms in this game have damage values largely dependent on the player character's firearms skill. They also possess differing amounts of recoil and crosshair sway dependent on the character's firearms skill. Of particular note is the fact that vampires (including the player character) and some other supernatural beings take only half damage from firearms, and this damage can be reduced further depending on the stats or powers the character in question is using, making the use of firearms against such opponents a risky or suicidal proposition if the player character does not possess enough firearms skill.

The following firearms can be seen in the video game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines:


Сolt Anaconda

An enormous step up from the Colt Police Positive, the Colt Anaconda is chambered for .44 Magnum ammunition, has a 6 round cylinder capacity, and does respectable damage against both human and inhuman opponents. While a double-action revolver in real life, the player character is forced to use it in a single-action manner, manually pulling back the hammer with the firing hand's thumb for more accuracy, or "fanning" the hammer with the other hand for a faster rate of fire but less accurate shots. Bizarrely, this weapon is first purchasable from a college-aged convenience store clerk in Hollywood who sells it (among other firearms and melee weapons) in a strange "special deal," because "new amps and lap dances don't buy themselves, you know."

Colt Anaconda with 6" barrel - .44 Magnum
VTMB Colt Anaconda 1.jpg
Anaconda VMB.jpg
VTMB Colt Anaconda Cylinder.jpg

Colt Police Positive

Identified as "Thirty-Eight," the Colt Police Positive revolver is chambered for .38 Special ammunition, has a 6 round cylinder capacity, and has a snubnosed barrel in the game. It is one of the two firearms available to the player in the beginning of the game. While cheap and easy to obtain with very plentiful ammunition, this "purse gun" (referred to as such by the game itself) is only somewhat useful against human NPCs and next to useless against supernatural opponents given its low damage-per-bullet ratio, slow firing rate, and slow reload time. It is the weapon of choice of low-level thugs and cops in both the Santa Monica and Downtown hub levels, and is also the personal weapon of Therese Voerman (one of the main quest-giving characters in Santa Monica). She eventually threatens to use it in a hostage situation which the player can resolve in one of three ways.

Colt Police Positive - .38 Special
This picture shows the difference in barrel length from the real .38
Reloading the Colt Police Positive. As with the Colt Anaconda's reloading animations, the chambers are still full, there are no sockets for the bullets in the speedloader, the extraction rod is never operated, and the player character still swings it shut with the flick of a wrist.

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle, appearing under the moniker of "McLusky .50 Caliber," is the strongest pistol in the game. It is available for purchase to the player character after completing the Fu Syndicate quest, from Mercurio's armoury or Tseng's Herbal Remedies, a black market weapons depot masquerading as a herbal medicine store. The leader of the vampire Anarch faction, Nines Rodriguez, carries one as his personal sidearm. Even though it's the .50 caliber model, its magazine in the original game holds 12 shots(!) as opposed to the real-life version, which holds only 7 rounds.

On a side note, if the vampire using it is female, the world model turns into that of the Glock. According to the weapon's script, a world model for female vampires was never made, so the Glock is used as a placeholder.

Desert Eagle MK VII - .44 Magnum w/ nickel finish.
VTMB Desert Eagle 2.jpg
The most detailed gun in the game, the ingravings on the top slide read "Troika Games Pending, USA"
VTMB Desert Eagle.jpg

Glock 17C

Referred to as the "Brokk 17C" in the game, the Glock 17C is the first semi-automatic firearm the player can acquire in the game, is chambered for 9x19mm ammunition, has a magazine capacity of 18 rounds, and is the standard pistol of Sabbat vampires and Chinatown Tong gangsters. Romero the Ghoul (a firearms expert in the game) can be persuaded to teach the player character about proper firearms technique and to "keep the Glock to the side crap in the movies," but unfortunately he says nothing about the perils of swinging, rather than gently pushing, a revolver cylinder shut, which the player character does anytime s/he reloads a revolver.

Probably because of the ingame model's relatively small size and lack of compensator ports, this weapon is often referred to as a Glock 19 in the various fan-patches made for the game.

A Generation 3 Glock 17 - 9x19mm
This is a hybrid of three Glock's 17C, 19 and 18, the only pistol with a different face for the right side. and seems to have no trigger
The Glock's slide is further back than usual, and it also has the Glock 18's fire selector

Submachine Guns


The first fully automatic firearm available to the player, the MAC-10 is referred to as the "Braddock 9mm" and has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. It, like the Glock 17C, is purchased from Fat Larry, a black marketeer and the owner of a "truck o' mack" in the Los Angeles Downtown hub level. A rather weak firearm with a high degree of muzzle climb (regardless of firearm skill) given its lack of a buttstock or convenient place to grip the weapon with the off-hand, this weapon is best suited for very close-ranged combat. On a side note, the viewmodel and world model (the model seen in first person view, and the model seen in characters hands, respectively) lack both the front and rear sights.

Braddock, huh? Isn't it an easter egg related to Chuck Norris?

MAC-10 - .45 ACP
like the description lacks stock and sights, but also has no trigger!?.
VTMB MAC 10.jpg
No worries the trigger is visible here


A step up from the MAC-10 given to the player, the Uzi appears in the game as the "Lassiter Killmatic," is chambered for 9x19mm, has a magazine capacity of 33 rounds, and is the full-sized submachine gun variant. In the hands of a player character with maxed-out firearm skills, it is arguably one of the best firearms available to the player, as at that skill level its recoil is quite manageable and its damage is quite effective. It is first available from Tseng's "Herbal Remedies" store, and NPCs using it include Sabbat vampires and Tong gangsters in the Chinatown "Glaze" nightclub.

Uzi Submachine Gun - 9x19mm
The engravings on the top of the charging handle warn that modifications to the firearm are dangerous and to refer to the user manual.
note: how the uzi too has no buttstock or even a metal plate pin to hold it
VTMB Uzi 2.jpg


Ithaca Model 37

The Ithaca 37 pump-action shotgun appears as the ""Utica M37," is chambered for 12 Gauge shotgun ammunition, has a tube magazine capacity of six rounds, and can be acquired early in the game. Despite the fact that vampires and other supernatural NPCs in the game take only half damage from firearms, this shotgun is still surprisingly lethal against such foes. This makes it a favourite among the vampires of the hostile NPC Sabbat faction, and is the personal weapon of boss character Bishop Vick. The player character is apparently unacquainted with tube-magazine weapons, as s/he will load it very slowly, no matter the level of firearms skill s/he has acquired.

Ithaca M37 - 12 Gauge
Nice detail on the wood parts, the grip and pump
The player holds this from the hip
Shotgun VMG.jpg
Showing how the player manually loads each shell into the shotgun


The Franchi SPAS-15 appears in the game under the alias "Jaegerspas XV," is chambered for 12 gauge shotgun ammunition, and has a magazine capacity of 6 rounds. This weapon can be purchased from Mercurio's armoury after the player gains access to the Hollywood district of L.A. A step up from the the Ithaca, the box magazine allows for much faster reloading. The SPAS-15 in this game is both capable of fully-automatic fire or manual pump action shots for more accuracy and less muzzle climb. The latter firing mode is unrealistic since it is usually reserved for low-pressure ammunition that doesn't exert enough force to cycle the gun's mechanism by itself (such as less-lethal beanbag rounds), and no such ammunition is available in the original game. one note to add is that the 3rd person player holds and reloads the Spas 15 the same way he/she does with the Ithaca M37.

SPAS-15 - 12 Gauge
VTMB Spas 15.jpg
The front end of the gun seems to be made of wood or brass
VTMB Spas 15 reload.jpg


Remington M700

The Remington Model 700 is the second scoped weapon available to the player. This weapon (called the "Jaime Sue", the name of one of Troika's staff members) is given to the player by Romero the Ghoul in the Hollywood cemetery if the player agrees to watch the place and keep things from getting out for five minutes, while Romero buys a six-pack of beer (easier said than done, given that zombies start swarming towards the Cemetery's gates to break them down the instant Romero leaves). It is also available from other arms merchants later on, and is also the personal weapon of human Inquisitor Grunfeld Bach.

Although the weapon has a scope function, the rifle itself has no scope, just iron sights (fan patches later corrected this graphical oversight). When zoomed in, the weapon inflicts a massive amount of damage, enough to kill ordinary humans in one hit or most vampires in a few hits. However, just like the Steyr AUG, a low firearms skill will cause lots of crosshair sway.

Remington 700 BDL.jpg

The wood is different to that of Grunfeld's M 700
VTMB Remington m 700.jpg
The rail that connects the scope to the rifle is only visible on the left side
VTMB Bach's 700p reload.jpg
The player likes to mess with the adjustment knobs on the scope every few seconds. This is a very annoying habit.

Steyr Aug

The Steyr AUG is the first scoped weapon available to the player, available after the player completes the Fu Syndicate quest from Mercurio's Armoury or Tseng's Herbal Remedies. If the player has a low firearms skill, aiming through the scope is quite difficult, as the view sways quite a bit. Full firearms skill, however, holds it perfectly still, thanks in part to the fact that vampires (including the player character) don't need to breathe. This weapon is occasionally used by Sabbat vampires, and is the standard-issue firearm for the vampire Prince LaCroix's personal SWAT team.

Although chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the most damage it can do is 16 damage points per bullet, even with a headshot. This is odd, as the Uzi is, at some point, capable of causing 28 damage points, which is partly explained in the game by how vampires, not needing a metabolism or functioning internal organs other than their heart, are not fazed by yawing or tumbling bullets as much as straight-travelling high-caliber rounds. Another odd note is that the game's weapon description calls it a submachine gun, when in fact it is an assault rifle.

Steyr AUG - 5.56x45mm NATO
VTMB Steyr AUG 2.jpg
This picture was taken when the player normally messes with the front foregrip
Its unfortunate that this is the least detailed gun in the game, since the AUG is a great rifle



This weapon is mainly used by the temple guards in Ming Xiao's Golden Temple in Chinatown. Unlike virtually every other ranged weapon in the game, a vampire's damage reduction does NOT apply to the damage caused by a crossbow's bolts, making it an effective if slow-to-load single-shot weapon. Some temple guards will ignite their bolts for extra damage against the player character as well.

VTMB Crossbow 3.jpg
VTMB Crossbow.jpg
there's a metal handle at the front to hold the crossbow with the user's foot and then load the bolt since its hard to pull the wire back, but this ain't no person, this is a vampire.


This weapon is recovered from the Society of Leopold level. It is devastatingly effective against vampires and most other supernatural creatures given that they take extra damage from fire, but its napalm ammunition is rare and expensive.

VTMB Flamethrower.jpg
VTMB Flamethrower 2.jpg
VTMB Flamethrower Reload.jpg

Mk 2 Hand Grenade

The Mk 2 hand grenade is carried by Nines Rodriguez, who threatens to use it after a headshot from his .50 caliber Desert Eagle fails to dissuade some vampiric Sabbat thugs from attacking the player character, thanks to their damage reduction. Later he uses one to behead an attacking werewolf by stuffing it down the beast's throat, but the player will only learn this if s/he goes for the game's Anarch ending. While not normally available for the player's use in the original game (and no NPCs use it either), several fan patches do re-implement it back into the game for the player's use.

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