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Specter Gear


Specter Gear was founded by experts in Close Quarters Battle tactics thus all of their products are designed to be tough and reliable.




While there are many companies that make lasers for guns, LaserMax sets themselves apart from the competition with their Guide Rod lasers that allow for lasers to be introduced right into the inner workings of the gun. Their CenterFire line is also ideal for the most common concealed carry pistols.


Battlefield Vegas


Located just over two miles from the heart of the strip, this five acre complex features an indoor shooting range and military vehicles scattered across the tarmac to create a modern military theme. Check them out for a chance to shoot a wide array of weapons ranging from Tommy Guns to MG42s.


Harris Publications, Inc


Known for their popular magazines, Harris Publications puts out over a dozen popular periodicals including Special Weapons for Military & Police, Combat Handguns and Tactical Weapons to name a few.




Founded in 1907, Leupold is known for their superior optics available for all types of applications from hunting to tactical.


Desert Tactical Arms


Founded in May of 2007, Desert Tactical Arms is known for the large caliber, long range and high precision rifles.


Facts About the Upgrade

<random> Through the use of gallery format, the galleries that are displayed on the gun category pages (such as the pistol page) will automatically be updated when a new gun is added. @@@ Custom templates for weapons like the M203 grenade launcher will allow you to specify what weapon the launcher is mounted on. This means you can search for all movies that have the M203 mounted specifically on an M16A2 @@@ The new imfdb platform will be based on Semantic MediaWiki, an extension for the standard MediaWiki platform that imfdb has used for the last 6 years. @@@ With the new semantic properties, much more advanced searches known as queries will be possible. Imagine being able to see a list of all movies filmed in 2003 that featured a Glock 17? Or all TV shows currently on air that use a Heckler & Koch HK416. @@@ As part of the new upgrade we will also be adding a support desk where users can post their questions and have them answered. @@@ To help with the understanding of the new software, we will be creating a number of tutorials that will guide users through the process of creating a page from scratch or updating an existing page. @@@ With the new infoboxes, categories will automatically be set for pages. We will no longer need to manually add [[Category:Some Category]] @@@ You will no longer need to write a summary regarding each weapon used. While you are still able to, if you choose not to the template will automatically generate one for you. @@@ You will be able to automatically insert a template by simply clicking on a button on the edit toolbar. @@@ The new software introduces a refresh button into the MediaWiki interface that allows you to update the page based on the back-end changes. No more waiting for images to change or being forced to adjust the image's size to get it to change. @@@ Pages will no longer need to have "The" placed at the end of the page title. The new infobox will keep it at the front of the page title but will omit it in page sorting. For example The Hurt Locker (instead of Hurt Locker, The will be listed with the "H"s, not with the "T"s. </random>

Status of the RocketHub project.

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