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About Me

Live in Maine, have associates degree in criminal justice, and starting classes for EMT-Basic soon to get my certification. I want to enter a law enforcement field in the future. XBOX Live Gamertag is Diesel McBadass.

Views On Common Gun Models

coming soon:

SIG Sauer

Simply awesome, combine the best features of a handgun (most models.)These are duty guns, made to defend yourself. Availible in all major calibers, ranging in size from concealed carry to duty sized. They are solid feeling, made of metal. Confortable grip angle, break down nice and easy, have a nice DA/SA trigger, are accurate, almost 100% reliable and durable as hell, plus SIG has good customer service. Stock night sights are a great feature. In a sense, DA/SA sigs just fit me.

I think there is almost no difference in West German and modern SIGs, id take either but modern models most likely.

Now, not all SIGs are like this, first, stainless frames are hard to come by right now, so that is an issue. Second, the p250, DAK, and DAO models suck. I hate the 250 since its A. DAO. B. Ugly.

DAO triggers suck, bad, long heavy pull each time, its a crutch for lack of training by agencies too afraid of an accidental shooting that they dont care if their guns are easy to shoot on duty.

DAK sucks, being a DAO, its a little better, averaging 6.5 lbs, not 10-12, but then again it is still a long pull, and the intermediate reset is heavier than standard pull, resets should be same weight, and all DAOs are hard to shoot fast or accurately at range, especially under stress, and to add it to a very bad trigger, its catching on amongst law enforcement everywhere, many departments trading in DA/SA guns for this crap! Some say "the consistent trigger helps people shoot." I say a consistent trigge ronly helps if its consistently good......

H&K guns

Magazine relase is on trigger guard, Fail number one. Rail is proprietary, not standardized, and only takes HK accessories, since i guess their too good for standard gear. Thats another Epic Fail. enough to turn me away from the guns.

1911 series

Anything Colt

"We charge more or less features since theres a pony on it, and civilians, your a side market anyway."

Screw Colt.

No matter what, ar-15 or 1911, fans will say "because its the original its better." Funny, colt lost the m16 contract, because other not the original companies made better products. And it looks like they will lose the m4 contract when the times up. And there a company that refuses to innovate, bringing back discontinued models as a "special edition." Isn't innovating, and seriously colt, DAO 1911s? In what world would that ever be a good Idea? I hope you lose money on that. Colt fanboys are the worse. Any flaw theres an excuse. you say:

"slide to frame fit is sloppy." they say "tight 1911s are unreliable, colt did this cause its a combat handgun." Really? Ive seen bank-vault tight les baers eat up lead cast reloads time after time."

"trigger is heavier than competing models." They say "its a combat trigger, not a precision trigger." I say its an excuse for poor tuning.

They say "we have the least mim parts" First i've never seen MIM break before, and it seems they break the same as orged or cast parts. And as to the colt 1991, well, Your frigging trigger is made of plastic.

As to features, colt only recently made a railed 1911, way behind the curve. Second, they have no checkering on frontstraps. Shooters say "it raises price." Colt already costs a lot, a special combat government is 1500, a 1500 dollar springer TRP kicks its ass. Also, fanboys say "you dont need night sights, originals didnt have it." First night sights are an excellent option. Second, even if you dont need them, I wouldn't want to be charged like It has them.

So colt charges to much doesn't innovate, and rides on name alone.

Colt rant over.

Beretta 92 series

The Beretta 92 is an overrated pistol unfairly hyped due to military use and media exposure. Sure, its used by the military. Only becuase the U.S. wanted a base in Italy so gave the contract to an Italian company, and it was cheaper than SIG, which also passed the military trials. A lot of people have a "if the military uses it it must be good" mentality and like to say "im cool i have what the military has." Then you add in that its easy to convert to blanks so appears in every movie, people see it a lot and think its cool. In reality, Police departments that had issued it are now turning them in. The gun is very flawed. The safety is in a stupid place too, on the slide. I do not put safeties on on a DA/SA, no need. The gun will only go off if the trigger is pulled. But on the slide, when racking it, you may inadvertently turn the safety on. This is dangerous. So the fact that this pistol is as ergonomic as a brick, and overrated to the max, makes me just hate the damn thing. Also, beretta has a rep for awful customer service and their 1 year plus one year (max of 2) warranty bites hard.



AK Series


I love pump action shotguns for versatility and reliability, being able to shoot light trap loads to full out magnums. I need astock on it though.

Mossberg Vs. Remington:

I like the controls (safety, slide release) way better on a mossberg, however a remington feels more natural. Mostly the slide position, so in the end remington wins by a small margin, also, recoil pads suck on both and need replacing.

Pistol grip only shotguns are just a tacticool mall ninja thing, they offer no control or accuracy beyond contact range. If storage space is an issue get a folding stock, so you can fit it in a more compact package but can still unfold the stock and use it for control.

CZ 75

A very good and underrated pistol. Again, all metal, good ergonomics, and a DA/SA trigger that on some models allows cocked and locked carry, if thats what you prefer. The stock sights are nice 3 dot and night sights availible and plentiful. Its also very accurate. Inexpensive. Magazines widey avalibe and hold a ton of ammo. One of my favorites.


Trigger types

I will say views on:

Remember, not all guns are the same so this is generalized.


SAO offers some benefits and some flaws. Benefits being a consistent and good pull, which is great at the range, or in competition, and as a military sidearm to back up a primary. The problem is extra training is needed. You need to be able to draw and disengage safety, which takes a lot of practice to get muscle memory, but a good 1911 trigger makes it worth it. Not my first choice (DA/SA with exposed hammer is first) but easily takes second place.


I hate DAO, its a crutch for lack of training, people say "its safer less likely to go off by accident." Dont put the finger on the bang switch till you shoot! Simple! A DAO is long, heavy, and gives more room or error or to pull a shot if under stress. Some people claim consistency helps shoot better, this may be true for a 1911 or such when its consistently good, consistently bad triggers ake you shoot consistently bad. A shorter, lighter pull will give less time to overthink, flinch, etc. DAO triggers are forced on officers by departments avoiding lawsuits, some people may want DAO but i wont trust my life to one. Ever. Spend money on training, not shitty triggers.

"Safe Action"

Only experience is with Glock and XD. I believe this is an improvment over DAO since the precocked desighn allows shorter lighter pull, but it is generally heavier than a single action gun. Not very smooth either. Ive heard they can be improved, but only shot in stock form and was a little spongy with some stacking. Also, the trigger itself didnt feel great, i mean the actual face where the finger rides. I used to absolutely hate triggers like this, now ive changed a bit but still not choice number one.


Allows the pistol to be carried, hammer down, ready to shoot, no safety or anything. Always ready to rock, and safe. The DA pull would only be used on the draw, quick, close up and personal. After the initial hard pull, the trigger is in single action, my favorite. And if you have time to get ready to shoot, like you hear a bad guy breaking down your door or need to make a long range shot, you can thumb cock the hammer and make that precise shot right off. It offers safety and shootability, which I like.

Selective Double Action

It is hands down the best. Allows whatever is best for multiple users, some guns like the Fnp usg and the CZ75 have this. Condition one for competition or if thats your preffered carry/combat style, DASA for other folks, either way, it gives you options, and I like options.

Squared vs. rounded trigger guard

Some gunwriters decided it was cool to start hating squared guards, some saying its unnecessary and looks ugly, some claiming it will get caught on clothes during a draw, all kinds of crap. I prefer squared, neither type is a dealbreaker, but i like squared as a preference. First, i like to put my finger on the front of the trigger guard to keep it off the trigger, feels more secure and natural than along the frame. Second, it looks more flush when mounting a light on a rail, and not jacked up like a curved guard. Recently started shooting with support finger on trigger guard and shoot better, really loving squared guards.

Magazine Disconnect safety

Unnecessary. First, for some reason every gun with this has a heavier trigger pull than the same model without. Pretty much everybody who can removes it. Second, sometimes the round in the chamber is all you got. Id hate for a gun to not go bang in a fight if the magazine was loose due to a bent feed lip or inadvertently hitting the release. It should not be on any gun.

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