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Unthinkable (2010)

The following weapons were used in the film Unthinkable:



Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is seen in the holster of U.S. Army personnel, including General Paulson (Holmes Osborne). Colonel Kerkmejian (Michael Rose) is also seen with one in the climax of the film.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
The 92FS visible in the shoulder holster of General Paulson (Holmes Osborne).
General Paulson points his Beretta at Henry.

SIG-Sauer P228

Henry Harold 'H' Humphries (Samuel L. Jackson) chambers a SIG-Sauer P228 when the first two FBI agents arrive to his home. Later his wife, Rina (Lora Kojovic), is seen with a P228 when the second wave of agents arrives.

SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm
Henry pulls the slide of his pistol.
Henry surrenders himself to the FBI.

Glock 17

Agent Vincent (Gil Bellows) pulls out a Glock 17 at Henry Harold 'H' Humphries' house when the FBI agents apprehend 'H'.

3rd Gen G17 - 9x19mm
At the right, Agent Vincent (Gil Bellows) holds his Glock 17 at the doorway.
Agent Vincent points his pistol at Henry's wife.

Glock 26

FBI Agent Helen Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss) uses a Glock 26 as her service weapon.

Glock 26 - 9x19mm
Agent Brody pulls out her Glock 26.

Taurus Model 85 (New Model)

In the climax, Mr. Bradley (Randy Oglesby) pulls out what appears to be a Taurus Model 85. Later, Steven Arthur Younger (Michael Sheen) obtains the revolver and threatens the interrogators with it.

Newest incarnation of the Taurus Model 85 (New Model) in Blued Finish and factory rubber grips - .38 Spl
Mr. Bradley pulls out his revolver when the interrogators refuse to follow his orders.
Younger with Mr. Bradley's revolver.
Younger aims at the agents.


Remington 870 Entry

Agent D.J. Jackson (Brandon Routh) carries a Remington 870 when the FBI tries to apprehend Henry Harold 'H' Humphries (Samuel L. Jackson). The shotgun is fitted with rifle sights and spare shell holder on the butt-stock.

Remington 870 Entry - 12 gauge
The Agents exit the car and heat to the door.
As the agent walks with the shotgun, the trigger guard and safety switch are visible.
Agent D.J. Jackson holds the 870 Entry.

Mossberg 500

MP Winston (Dayo Ade) fires a Mossberg 500 with heat shield and fiber-optic front sight several times at the steel door when Henry Harold 'H' Humphries locks himself into the interrogation room with Younger's kids. Later, another soldier is seen with the same shotgun.

Mossberg 500 with heat shield - 12 gauge
MP Winston tries to destroy the lock mechanism with his Mossberg 500.
The soldier aims his shotgun.
A better shot showing the mag tube cap and forestock.


Kalashnikov variant

In a photo, Steven Arthur Younger (Michael Sheen) holds a Kalashnikov rifle. It looks like an AKS-74 with the butt-stock folded (see plate on rear of receiver indicating it is a side folding AK variant. Since no other details are given, the default assumption is that it is an AK-74 or other side folding variant.

AKS-74 - 5.45x39mm
Younger holds an AK variant in a classified photo.

Colt M4A1

M4A1 rifles are used by various U.S. Army soldiers, during the evacuation as well as at the temporary Command Center set up in a school. The M4A1s are usually fitted with holographic sights, fore-grips, and weapon lights. The M4A1 of a Black Ops operative is fitted with a red dot sight in a photo.

Colt M4A1 - 5.56x45mm
A soldier with an M4A1 Carbine. Note that this M4A1 has a smaller gas block and is equipped with BUIS.
A soldier on the roof with an M4A1.
A soldier on the roof with an M4A1.

Colt M16A2

Soldiers at the first bomb site are seen with M16A2 rifles.

M16A2 - 5.56x45mm
Soldiers are being deployed at the bomb site.
Soldiers with M16A2 rifles.
U.S. Army soldiers with M16A2s waiting for further orders.

Heavy Machine Gun

Browning M2HB

Browning M2HBs are seen mounted on various U.S. Army vehicles.

Browning M2 Heavy Barrel - .50 BMG
When the FBI agent arrive to the bomb site, an M2 is visible in the background.

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