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Trinity Blood

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The following weapons appear in the anime Trinity Blood:

Trinity Blood (2005)


Abel's Revolver (Colt SAA "Peacemaker")

The Colt Single Action Army Cavalry Model is used by Abel Nightroad (Krusnik-02) while in human form. In-universe the gun is referenced as Craft Albion Works Peacekeeper Model-51, and is said to be chambered for .38 caliber rounds.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model.
Abel lowers his Revolver (Ep 3).
A clear partial view of the revolver (Ep 3).
Abel attempt to fire at Tres (Ep 3).

Beretta 90TWO ("Jericho M13")

The character Tres "Gunslinger" Iqus carries a pair of customized Beretta 90twos as his main weapons, fitted with laser pointers integrated into the guide rods and loaded with silver bullets. The pistols are identified to be in universe as being "Jericho M13" pistols, which are claimed to be the "world largest personal handguns" firing the "13mm 512 Maxima Rounds". From the artwork looks to be single stack magazines. The muzzle flash emitted from these weapons takes the shape of a cross.

Beretta 90TWO - 9x19mm
Tres with his two pair of Beretta 90twos.
Tres carrying his twin Beretta 90twos.

Luger P08

Dietrich was armed with a Luger P08 pistol and Esther also use the Luger P08 against the Istavan's military police force, but Abel stopped her.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm.
Esther picks up the Luger P08.
Abel stop Esther from shooting at the Istavan's police.

Ruger P89

One of Count Carl's men uses a Ruger P89 on Sister Agnes.

Ruger P89 - 9x19mm
Count Carl's men points a Ruger P89 at Sister Agnes.

SIG-Sauer P220

Radu uses a SIG-Sauer P220, when Radu was fighting the inquisitorial department, he only fired 8 shot and he stop using his SIG-Sauer P220.

SIG-Sauer P220 Black - .45 ACP
Radu holding the SIG-Sauer P220

Large caliber pistol


Leon uses a pistol that resembles a Leuchtpistole flaregun.

Leuchtpistole - 26.65mm
Leon shooting his pistol in the air.

M203 grenade launcher

Esther uses a pistol that resembles a Cobray CM79LF 37mm Launcher that has been modified to have a telescoping stock and a short barrel.

Cobray M79LF stand alone launcher - 37mm
Esther's pistol lying on the table.

Assault Rifles

Bulgarian Arsenal AR

Arsenal AR assault rifles are used in flashback during the first episode being used by human soldiers fighting against vampires.

Arsenal AR - 7.62x39mm
Human soldiers firing at the vampires.
A raised up view of the Bulgarian Arsenal AR.


The AK-101 assault rifles are used by City of Ishtawaan's police.

AK-101 - 5.56x45mm
Ishtawaan's police are all armed with AK-101 assault rifles.
You can see the handgurd and the barrel.
A very clear view of the muzzle device on the rifle.
Ishtawaan's police armed with AK-101 assault rifles, while arresting Esther.


FN Model 1949

FN Model 1949 rifles are seen carried by Albion's royal guardsmen, who then fruitlessly use them against Cain Nightroad (Krusnik-01).

FN-49 7.62x51mm NATO
Albion's royal guardsmen carrying FN Model 1949 rifles, you can see the swivel and box magazine from the rifle.
Albion's royal guardsmen armed with a FN Model 1949 rifle with a boyonet.
Albion's royal guardsmen standby to fire at Cain Nightroad.
Albion's royal guardsmen prepare to fire with bayonets pointing forward.

Submachine gun


Vanessa uses a UZI, when attempting to kidnapping the Pope.

IMI Uzi with buttstock collapsed - 9x19mm
Vanessa holding a UZI.
A side view of the UZI.

Machine gun


In the first episode, Tres "Gunslinger" uses a MG42 on a air ship.

MG42 with bipod extended - 7.92mm Mauser
The MG42 has a flash hider on its muzzle.
Tres is seen with the MG42.

General Dynamics GAU-19/A

In the first episode, a person in a armored battle suit has a three barrel machine gun as it's weapon, which look like a General Dynamics GAU-19/A.

General Dynamics GAU-19/A - .50 BMG.
It does resemble to a General Dynamics GAU-19/A.

Rocket Launcher

RPO-A 'Shmel'

Leon uses a rocket launcher that resembles a RPO-A 'Shmel' rocket launcher.

RPO-A "Shmel" - 93mm
Leon ready to fire his rocket launcher.

M79 grenade launcher

One of the terrorist uses a M79 grenade launcher, when kidnapping the Pope.

M79 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
The terrorist holds the M79 grenade launcher after firing it.
The M79 grenade launcher is seen in a different angle when it's lowered, like seeing the trigger guard.



The Ishtawaan's police uses a flamethrower to burn down the church.

Trinity Blood Flamethrower 3-1.JPG
Trinity Blood Flamethrower 3-2.JPG
Trinity Blood Flamethrower 3-3.JPG

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