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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Country ESP.jpg Spain
Directed by Santiago Segura
Release Date 1998
Main Cast
Character Actor
Torrente Santiago Segura
Rafi Javier Cámara

Torrente is a Spanish cop comedy set in Madrid in the 1990’s that tells the story of former police inspector José Luis Torrente. His total lack of good manners, plus his fondness for seedy bars and adult magazines, assure that his despicable personality does more damage than the criminals he is supposed to chase.

In a desperate attempt to get back into service, he starts an investigation into a Chinese drug smuggling ring. He picks Rafi, a not-so-clever fishmonger, and his friends to help him. Underlying motivation for this unlikely choice of companions is Torrente’s attempt to make a romantic move on Rafi’s niece Amparito.

This movie (full title:Torrente, The Stupid Arm of the Law (Spanish: Torrente, El Brazo Tonto de la Ley) marks the starts of the Torrente franchise. Next to a video game, several movies were to follow; Torrente 2, Mission in Marbella in 2001, Torrente 3, The Protector in 2005 and Torrente 4, Lethal Crisis in 2011.

The following weapons were used in the film Torrente:


Llama Scorpio

Torrente (Santiago Segura) uses a Llama Scorpio revolver as his side-arm throughout the movie. Rafi (Javier Cámara) also uses it on several occasions. In the beginning of the movie, the gun accidentally drops from Torrentes holster and Rafi picks it up, before giving an elaborate description of the gun.

Llama Scorpio revolver - .38 Special
”A Llama .38 Special CGT! It can perforate 3mm of steel at a distance of 90 meters. Made in Spain, in Vitoria!”.
Torrente looking at the Llama Scorpio in his hand whilst deciding on his next move during the finale.
During the supermarket robbery scene, the robber on the left is seen holding a Llama Scorpio as well.

Llama Model 8

A local drug lord (actor unknown) carries a chromed Llama Model 8 pistol with pearl grips as his side-arm throughout the movie. Even though it strongly resembles a M1911A1 (both in design and dimensions), it can be identified by the large ventilated rib on top of the slide.

Llama Model 8 Pistol - 9x19mm
The drug lord threatening Raffi’s niece Amparito (Neus Asensi) with the Llama Model 8, note the ventilated rib on the barrel.
The drug lord threatening Torrente’s father Felipe (Tony Leblanc), giving a good view on the two openings in the rib on the barrel.

Beretta 92SB-C

Rodrigo (Antonio de la Torre), one of drug lord’s henchmen, carries a Beretta 92SB-C throughout the movie. It is identifiable by the round trigger guard and the barrel which has roughly the same length as the slide.

Beretta 92SB-C - 9x19mm
Rodrigo holding his Beretta 92SB-C as he and a fellow thug discuss their next move.
Rodrigo looks at his boss for advice after somebody has exited through a window of their office. Note the typical front part of the gun.

Submachine Guns

Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II

Torrente also uses a Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II in several scenes, most notably in the scene where he takes Rafi to a public park for shooting lessons. It is not, as might be expected, a Spanish copy but rather an original Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II, the difference being that the Spanish copy has a circular retracting handle whereas the one on the Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II is more shaped like a lever.

Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II Submachine Gun - 9x19mm
Torrente taking the Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II out of its case during the shooting lessons in a public park.
Torrente struggling with the Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II as Rafi watches in awe at the random destruction caused by the shooting.
During the final shoot-out, Rafi clings on to his Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II. Note the retracting handle identifying this gun as an original rather than a Spanish copy.


Most thugs from the drug smuggling ring carry the CETME C2, a Spanish version of the Sterling Mk. IV submachine gun that is recognizable by the straight magazine, rather than the curved one on the original version, and a more ergonomic handgrip.

CETME C2 - 9x19mm Parabellum
Sterling Mk. IV - 9x19mm
During the final shoot-out at the old warehouse, one of Rafi’s friends (actor unknown) carries a CETME C2, taken from a disarmed gang member a few moments earlier.
Torrente and Rafi being chased by several members of the drug smuggling ring, the two in the front carrying the CETME C2.
Rafi’s girlfriend (actor unknown) takes a CETME C2 off a thug in the final shoot-out and uses it to deadly effect.

Unidentified Submachine Gun

During the climatic shoot-out at the old warehouse, 4 thugs are firing the same unidentified submachine gun. The magazine well is located very much to the front and the overall design appears to be 1950-s and it bears some resemblance to the Madsen M50.



Remington 870 Slug Gun

During the supermarket robbery scene, one of the robbers is carrying a Remington 870 Slug Gun with a sawn-off stock and what appears to be some kind of custom-made pistol grip.

Remington 870 Slug Gun - 12 Gauge
A good view of the rifle sights and receiver of the Remington 870 Slug Gun from the business end.
This side-view shows the magazine tube plus what looks like a sharply angled custom-made pistol grip.


Behind the Scenes Images

From a ladder a member of the special effects team simulates bullet impacts from a submachine gun by shooting paint ball pellets into the dusty park grounds.
When shooting (…) is finished, one of the actors makes a fool of himself by accidentally firing his blank-loaded pistol before handing it over to one of the armorers.

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